30/04/2013 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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with the clear skies, temperatures dropping away. For Scotland and


Ireland, the cloud is thickening and there is rain. The breeze will pick


up as the rain holds on across the north-west corner. For Scotland and


Northern Ireland, temperatures not too much of a concern. For England


and Wales, in the countryside we could see temperatures dipping below


freezing. The chilly start to the day with the risk of a touch of


frost. The potential for mist and bog down to the south-east and East


Anglia, but that shouldn't last too long. We have got a band of cloud


drifting south with maybe a couple of showers in it. After a great


start for Scotland and Northern Ireland, things brightening up for


the afternoon. There's the risk of a couple of showers across the


northern western isles. We might see some showers across North Wales, the


afternoon, with some hazy sunshine in Cardiff. A bit more cloud


developing for South West England come the afternoon. Some of the best


sunshine down across the south-east and East Anglia, where yet again we


could get temperatures 16 or 17 or 18 degrees through the afternoon.


Thicker cloud for Northern England and an overcast afternoon. Most


places will be dry. Don't be surprised if you see the odd shower.


As the weather front moves south, just beginning to introduce a bit


more cloud. Overall for tomorrow night, it is a generally dry night


with some clear spells. Temperatures dropping away again. We will stick


with the theme of fairly chilly nights for the end of the week.


Always the risk of some cloud and rain at times in the North. Keeping


the best of the brightness in the South. Thursday, bright spells


across England and Wales. A couple of showers developing for the


afternoon. Cloudier for Scotland and Northern Ireland. Later in the day


there is a weather front moving in which could produce some hill snow


across the mountains of Scotland. In the south we are looking at the


midteens. For the end of the week, high-pressure holds on in the


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