02/05/2013 BBC Weather


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Good night. Good evening. We have seen some


contrast and weather conditions today across the country. Almost


contrast and weather seasons because for most of England and Wales,


glorious blue sky, sunshine and warmth. It was lovely across the


south coast. Further north, under the cloud in northern Ireland and


Scotland, disappointing. A further inch to come of rain. For central


and eastern areas, perhaps a touch on the chilly side but some frost in


the south-east corner. A beautiful start but I suspect for Friday there


will be more cloud developing and the sunshine turning hazy. The cloud


thickener for Wales and the north-east of England. At four


o'clock in the afternoon the rain is still there for Northern Ireland and


Scotland. It is starting to slip south. More snow to come for the


Grampians. It is worth bearing in mind. The showers continue into the


north-west of England and for West Wales as well. There should be some


brightness as well. The sunshine turning hazy across the Midlands. I


would not be surprised if we see 17 or 18 degrees. We could get 1920 in


the south-east. Friday into Saturday the weather front continues to sink


South and East. It will be weakening all the time. A dull start hopefully


brightening up to the north-west. Generally fresher. On Sunday, we


keep the breezy, showery scene but more sunshine coming through and


hopefully a bit warmer. That is how the bank holiday weekend is shaping


up. Scotland and Northern Ireland looks likely to stay cool, breezy


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