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tricky at the moment. The main themes are cloudy and breezy, some


rain but also some sunshine. That is part of the problem. The sun is


almost at its strongest that this time of year and can do remarkable


things. In Suffolk, for example, close to freezing this morning. By


this afternoon, the warmest part of the UK with temperatures up to 21


degrees. East Anglia did see some sun, along with north-east Scotland.


Later on it brightened up across Wales and south-west England but the


most it has been a cloudy day. The cloud is providing wet conditions


across Northern Ireland and much of Scotland. A wet night here but for


England and Wales a damp night. The rain light and patchy. It will be a


mild night. It's not a cold start tomorrow but it is a rather great


start. Northern Ireland should see some sunshine, it will brighten up


through the central belt and more eastern parts of Scotland, and again


across more Eastern counties of England we should see some sunshine


by the afternoon. After a wet start, northern Scotland will turn a


bit drier and brighter. Sunny spells through the central belt until quite


late in the day. A bright, fine day for much of Northern Ireland,


although Wood could cloud over later. Cloudy across north west


England. Down the eastern side, after a great start, someone


sunshine again. Temperatures getting into the low 20s. But for the bulk


of England and Wales and will be cloudy, with more persistent rain


spreading across the South. The rain spreading back to Northern Ireland


and southern Scotland also Crewe tomorrow evening. And then the wind


starts to pick up. Getting unusually windy across the South during


Wednesday night and into Thursday. Wet and windy usually means low


pressure, and that's what we have sitting across us tomorrow night.


This will try and head away but the weather front still dangles down on


Thursday and the isobars still pinch together. These winds could get very


lively on Thursday morning across South Wales and south-west England.


Showery rain across northern England, Scotland and Northern


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