13/06/2013 BBC Weather


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from 6:30am tomorrow morning. From now, have a great night.


Another blustery day. Things coming down overnight. All of this is


gathering, heading our way. That is Friday's weather. It will be a


breezy day in the cloud will be bringing persistent rain and a


scattering of heavy showers to some. Quite overnight. Clear spells


developing. Out West, we have seen the cloud rolling in overnight. By


the end of the night, patchy rain propping up in Northern Ireland with


a freshening breeze. By dawn, the temperatures dropping. Clear skies


overnight and East of Scotland will start off decently. Workloads


towards the West. The cloud in the north-west of England bringing rain.


Across the Pennines, the sunshine will be around but it will not last


long. Cloud in the south-east, through the morning at least. And


maybe some rain through the Midlands. Sharp showers developing


early in the morning in the south-west. And a similar idea in


Wales. The more persistent rain across the Irish Sea through the


morning. In Northern Ireland, a lot of cloud around. Rain turning


heavier through the morning. Temperatures of 11 or 12. There will


be no sunshine and a lot of cloud. The wind will be picking up all the


while. The rain turning heavier persistent. Elsewhere, some heavy


showers breaking out anywhere from Wales through England up to


Scotland. There is sunshine to be found in the south-east and away


from the coast, 2021d. Friday night into Saturday, the wet weather in


Northern Ireland working across all parts of the UK. Blustery night and


a blustery day on Saturday, particularly in the South. The winds


could get to 40 mph or higher. Maybe even higher. It will be a showery


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