18/06/2013 BBC Weather


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24 degrees in Manchester, even hotter than that in the near


Continent. It is a humid air coming towards us. Generating clouds and


the potential for thundery showers. Overnight, there is an increasing


chance of us importing some of the showers into South East England.


Roughly in line from Sussex to Norwich. We could see some flashes


of lightning. But most of us will stay dry. A mild and humid night in


the south. Certainly a humid day to come tomorrow. Dry for many of us,


hazy Sunshine around. It could be a showery start in the eastern


counties. We could keep some cloud lingering across eastern areas. But,


for the rest of us, broken cloud and hazy Sunshine. There could be


showers across the North West of Scotland. Under the cloud cover we


will get into the mid- teens and feel pleasant with light winds.


Further south, with hazy Sunshine, in England and Wales, we will get


into the low, possibly mid-20s. If you are heading to the cricket, I


am hopeful we will see some dry weather with a hazy Sunshine. There


is a chance of one or two showers. But more likely, as we go into


tomorrow night, we will see a chance of a thundery breakdown


coming up from the south. Eddie, possibly torrential rain developing


and pushing into many parts of England and Wales as we get into


Thursday. Scotland and Northern Ireland is not immune from showers.


We are back into the mid- to high teens in most places and it sets


the scene for business as usual. Weather fronts coming in from the


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