25/06/2013 BBC Weather


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fine weather across the UK today. The weather has been playing ball as


far as the play at Wimbledon goes. Sunny across the country first thing


in the morning. You can see how beautiful the weather wasn't but the


cloud has bubbled up and a similar thing is going to happen tomorrow.


The difference will be some of us will catch a view showers


particularly across eastern parts of the country but first of all, let's


get on with the rest of this evening and overnight. Much as last night,


plenty of clear spells across the country. Once again, turning quite


chilly. Rural spots, 4-5. In towns and city centres, with all the


warmth, temperatures around about 12-13. First thing in the morning,


eastern Scotland, plenty of brightness around from Aberdeenshire


through the Borders, and then into northern England, a bit more cloud.


This will be where the cloud will be bubbling up very quickly through the


course of the day and there will be some showers. The rest of us first


thing in the morning, this is the rush hour, lots of brightness


around. In the very far south-west of the country, Cornwall and the


Isles of Scilly, a little bit more cloudy. A few spots of drizzle.


Maybe affecting western Wales. The same as yesterday. Northern Ireland,


brightness first thing in the morning. Belfast and Enniskillen, 12


degrees. Let's pick up on those showers tomorrow. The eastern areas


and they will occur. By 3pm, they will be a caring across eastern


parts of England and then later in the day, they might actually filter


down into the London area but, as far as Wimbledon goes, just like


today, the weather is looking absolutely fine. Sunny spells and,


later in the evening, there could be a couple of showers. Let me show you


what's happening to the south-west across the Atlantic. High-pressure,


settled weather, to an extent, but a flow of moist air coming all the way


from the subtropics. Moisture heading in our direction so, by


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