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Good evening. Exciting comebacks aren't just reserved for Centre


Court. High pressure is about to make its own comeback over the next


few days. It's still out in the adores. It just has to fight this


area of low pressure. Tonight it brings increasing breeze and


outbreaks of rain. The heaviest in Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Breezy further south. Patchier rain or drizzle here. Turning misty with


extensive clo cloud. Further east, it's dry with grey skies. It's a


muggy night, 12 to 16 Celsius are the temperatures to take us into the


morning. For Northern Ireland, the overnight rain should have cleared.


One or two showers to come through the day. Heavy rain for the morning


commute in Scotland, particularly in the west. They'll push eastwards.


Occasional rain across northern England with heavy bursts mixed in.


There are drier moments too. A general dampness across Wales and


the south-west with patchy light rain or drizzle. Foggy over the


hills an the coasts. Patchy drizzle towards southern counties too. The


Midlands and eastern England starting out dry. In East Anglia and


the south-east corner largely dry through the day. Couldn't rule out


an isolated shower. But dry is the general story. Elsewhere it's a


drying out process. Showers continue across parts of western Scotland.


The breeze remains as well. Even where the sunshine develops, it's


going to feel pleasant. Muggy towards the south-east corner, 23 to


25. Hay fever sufferers, pollen levels set to soar again not just


tomorrow but through the rest of the week. Sunshine helping those along.


Lots of it to come on Friday. Still a bit of a breeze and some outbreaks


of rain across western Scotland, but most dry and pleasant at 18 to 24


Celsius. The reason for the change and the shift is the jet stream at


last assuming the default summer position just to the north of us.


Close enough into this weekend to allow some weather fronts to creep


in on Saturday. Parts of western Scotland, northern Scotland, maybe


Northern Ireland as well seeing a bit of rain for a time. High


pressure continues to blossom into Sunday, the activity in those


melting away. Cloud around, but long spells of sunshine. That's revealed


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