17/07/2013 BBC Weather


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today. Hottest day of the year so far. That place is above the likes


of Paris and Rome. But unlike our European neighbours, we are in the


middle of an area of high pressure. Further south, showers on the way


for France and Italy later this week. At the UK has the story of


more dry weather and sunshine. Some subtle changes in the next few


days. Overnight tonight, it is still a story of very warm weather for the


majority. Sheltered areas in the northern half of the British Isles


could see temperatures drop to single figures during the night. But


the concrete and buildings in London will hold the heat and keep


temperatures up nearly 20 Celsius overnight. Widespread sunshine


through tomorrow morning, but come the afternoon, a change for the


south west and south Wales. Don't set your heart on a thunderstorm,


but there is the probability of some isolated showers that could be


heavy. There could be actually quite a decent those of rain. -- dose of


rain. Temperatures across Scotland and Northern Ireland will be, on the


whole, higher than today. Notice the amber spot here towards the West on


the temperature profile. A hot day across South Wales. Our hotspots on


Thursday, likely sunny towards the West. A similar story for Friday, as


well. Eastern counties of England could perhaps see temperatures just


a couple of degrees down, but Glasgow up at 26 Celsius. Don't be


too alarmed if you see this headline if you are a lover of the hot


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