31/07/2013 BBC Weather


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Good evening. All week we have been building up to a hot and humid day


across England and Wales on Thursday. No surprises if we look


where it is coming from today across Spain, some places hit 40


degrees. The heat and humidity is spreading north tonight, and when


it reaches our shores, in south- east England we could see


temperatures in the low 30s. It is not spreading across the country.


Whether funds will bring more rain through the night to night. The


rain has eased off across Northern Ireland, we will see it returning


in the early hours and is pushing north across much of Scotland and


holding on to Cumbria. Further south, misty. Maybe some breaks in


the cloud early on her for northern Scotland, but it or not last too


long. Potential for heavier rain across south-west Scotland tomorrow


morning, along with Northern Ireland and parts of Cumbria. We


have thicker cloud to begin the day. Over cast through northern England,


Wales with mist and hill fog. Sunshine from the word go from East


Anglia and south-east England. Sunshine breaks through for


northern England, Wales and the south-west. We are sticking with


thicker cloud. Rain at times for Northern Ireland and the rain


moving north of Scotland. Perhaps dryer through parts of the borders


in the afternoons. Temperatures climbing, but for Scotland and


Northern Ireland, it is cooler, 18 or 19 degrees. Ten degrees higher


across parts of England and Wales. By Friday even heat and humidity is


just about holding on to the South East. Temperatures back on their


way down elsewhere. Friday We have a mixture of Sunshine and showers.


A few of them could be heavy and potentially thundery. Temperatures


around 20 to 23 degrees. Those temperatures are what we can expect


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