15/10/2013 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Good evening. It looks as though a lot of us are going to need the


umbrellas first thing tomorrow. Particularly across southwestern


England. But also, there is going to be some foggy weather around across


eastern parts of the country. Let us see what happens into Wednesday


morning. Here is the rain across Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire


and Wales. Across the east of the country, we would have had a dry


night that it is going to be 40 across at least in England and the


East Midlands. Some of that fog could be quite thick. Later on, the


rain will arrive and it should wash away that fog. It will not linger


for long. Across the south-west, a brisk wind is developing. Gale force


on the coasts. Notice that it is dry but dull and dank across these


eastern districts. Certainly, at this stage, there is a good chance


of foggy patches. The north and west of Scotland, waking up to bright


weather. Temperatures hovering around six or seven degrees. That


band of rain will sweep towards the north-east, washing away all of that


fog. At the same time, the weather will improve. The south of Wales and


the Midlands, you might end up with a fine afternoon. Temperatures may


reach 16 or 17 degrees. For the north of the country, it will remain


wet and cold. The rain will continue to make its journey into Thursday


and by Thursday, we will have a brisk wind coming in from the


south-west. Quite a mild wind. Temperatures will be in the high


teens in some spots. But remember, there will also be wet weather


dotted around the country. The mild weather will not be reaching the


North of Scotland. Here, just about into double figures. The low


pressure is very close to us through Friday. Still pumping in mild air.


Lots of cloud and outbreaks of rain. In the East, the driest of the


weather held onto for one test. In


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