31/10/2013 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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We have had some thunder and lightning this Halloween. The


thunderstorms Maesbrook overnight but there is more wet and windy


weather to come. Areas of cloud gathering in the Atlantic, more low


pressure systems, coming for the UK. Overnight tonight, we will keep


outbreaks of rain across the south. But further north, under clear


skies, it will be quite chilly tonight. Across the south,


temperatures will generally stay in double digits. A rather grey start


tomorrow morning for Wales and the south-west of England. But the


overnight rain should have cleared from East Anglia and the east


Midlands. There could be some sunshine tomorrow morning across


north-east England as well. Elsewhere, the winds will be a bit


lighter than today. For England and Wales, out breaks of rain getting


further north, but there will be stung dry spells, and we may see


temperatures in the teens, but it will feel cooler in the rain. The


rain will pick up during the afternoon and evening across the


southern counties. That rain could cause some issues, falling onto


saturated ground. The wind will also be getting lively along the south


coast. That area of low pressure clears on Friday night, to be


followed by another one close behind. These low pressures are


strangely close, and they are interacting with each other, which


is why there is so much uncertainty about the weekend forecast. The


winds will be lively through the day but they will get stronger in the


afternoon, and could be causing some issues on Saturday evening. There


will be gusty winds to take note of on Saturday night, with some rain


around as well, and it could feel chilly. And it is far from warm on


Sunday, with continued lively winds. More wet weather waiting


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