06/11/2013 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Today's grey skies should be replaced by blue in most areas


tomorrow. It will be a welcome change for the short, N days. The


reason for the cloud and the weather is this weather front which is


allowing some warm air to creep into southern areas in England. It was 17


degrees in Devon, but in the North it was only 80 degrees in the rain


and feeling miserable. It is narrowing into a band of heavy rain


as it pushes southwards. Some squally winds ahead of it. They will


abate later on in the night. Still breezy in north-western parts. It is


a fairly widespread frost across central and eastern parts of


Scotland. Watch out for icy patches first thing tomorrow morning. It


will be bright for many of us to start the day. The cloud and the


rain is slow to ease the way in the south-east corner. Much lighter


winds than today along the south coast. The temperature is not as


high. In Northern Ireland there is quite a brisk wind. It blows the


showers through, but it will feel quite chilly. Snowfalls on the top


of the hills in the Highlands. On into Friday it is a mix of sunny


spells and showers with brisk winds once again. Temperatures range from


eight in the north to 12 in the south, which is about right for this


time of November. It is a tricky forecast for the weekend and the


detail might change between now and then. Saturday is probably a mix of


sunny spells and showers and feeling a bit colder if anything. Watch that


area of rain pushing in from west on Sunday. The timings on this could


well change. A cold and a sunny start and the


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