11/11/2013 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Good evening. The remnants of the terrible weather in China now bring


rain. Potentially a risk of yet more heavy rainfall across the southern


half of the country. Nothing like the scale of the typhoon but more


severe weather in an already very vulnerable area. Closer to home


poor visibility is a problem for England and Wales overnight tonight


and into tomorrow morning's rush-hour. A weather front of


producing outbreaks of rain but accompanied by low cloud and missed


and murk. Slowly making its way eastwards. Clear skies following


behind and a patch of frost developing in eastern Scotland and


for a few sheltered areas in Northern Ireland. Western Scotland


protected from the frost by a strong wind feeding in a fair number of


showers. Heavy hail and thunder and snow for the highest ground. To the


south and east, sunny spells across Northern Ireland and for Northern


England. There could be some fault in the Vale of York. Still very grey


and gloomy as we had further south once and eastwards the closer we get


to the weather front. It's the biggest question in the weather for


tomorrow. Just how quickly it will fall, we don't know. They could


linger into the afternoon. Low cloud with some outbreaks of rain.


Generally, talking about it becoming drier and bright as a day goes on.


12-13. High pressure will build to the south into Wednesday. To the


north, alone trying to close in. England and Wales, it could be one


of the first widespread frosts of the autumn, so time to bring out the


can of de-icer. The wind will be strengthening courtesy of the low


pressure. Wednesday daytime, will squeeze into Northern Ireland, bring


thickening cloud and wind. Sunny spells, though, for England and


Wales and temperatures of 11. Not too bad. Thursday, summer


temperatures and quite a change to the day. The north-westerly wind.


There will be some sunny spells around and temperatures will be


around 10-11 Celsius.


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