13/11/2013 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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We are finding lots of showers, heavy frequent showers in western


Scotland for a while. Those will later transfer down to the


north-west of England. It will be a windy night, particularly in the


north-west. Gales, possibly severe gales, because of the wind and rain


around as well it is nowhere near as cold as it was last night. We are


not expecting any frost. It will feel chilly in that wind tomorrow.


There will be sunshine around. There will be showers too. Any over night


cloud and rain soon clears from the south-east and east agendas Anglia.


We are left with frequent showers coming in off the Irish Sea into


north Wales, north-west England running through the Midlands.


Sunshine and showers to Northern Ireland, showers in northern


Scotland and there may be wintriness as well. Sunshine around, but


showers. The main zone of showers feeding in off the Irish Sea. We


will lose the showers from the Midlands. A shift in the wind


direction will keep the showers going in north and mid-Wales. The


showers ease off in Scotland and Northern Ireland and many places in


the afternoon will be dry and sunny. We will still have that nagging


north-westerly wind. Temperatures 8-10 degrees, like today. It will


feel colder. Tomorrow night, if the wind drops, there is a risk of


frost, maybe eastern Scotland, later northern and central parts of


England. The cloud distribution rather complicated over night into


Friday. We have high pressure killing off the showers, we are


drawing around the top of that high a lot of cloud from the Atlantic.


For the western side of the UK Friday could be cloudy. The best of


the sunshine after the chilly start will be for more eastern areas.


Temperatures up to 9 or 10 degrees. We will keep the temperatures


through the weekend. A lot of cloud around. Patchy rain and drizzle into


Scotland and Northern Ireland on Saturday and syncing southwards on


Sunday. The weekend is a chance to draw breath, coming early next week


we will find more Arctic winds. It will turn colder, there will be snow


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