27/01/2014 BBC Weather


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It's going to get colder than it's been all winter. Ahead of that,


though, the showers keep going and going through tonight and into


tomorrow. Some of them heavy, possibly thundery too. Here's the


satellite. We can pick out the swirl of cloud here. The bands of shower


clouds that have been streaming into the UK. All driven and wrapped


around an area of low. That is the driving force for the showers that


we have at the moment. The centre close to Northern Ireland, which is


why it's been so wet earlier in the evening. As the low drifts south, it


takes more showers into England and Wales. With fewer breaks in the


cloud overnight, it won't be as cold as last night. The ice risk


restricted to northern Scotland. Most of the showers will be of rain,


but we could have showers over the Highlands. Mostly rain and across


the easten side of the country. Still some showers in Northern


Ireland. Beginning to ease way from all but eastern counties. Across


England and Wales, a lot of cloud for the rush hour in the morning. A


lot of showers this time not just in the south-east, but across the south


and into Wales. The reason we are getting more showers across the


south is that the wind direction is changing and we are drawing in the


showers from the warmer Channel. Around the north of that low, we are


the rain going. A bit dryer across the west of Scotland. With the low


pressure pulling away from Northern Ireland, it should be less wet here,


but a lot of showers for England and Wales. Temperatures six to nine. On


a par with today. We start then with a lot of showers. The risk of


localised flooding. Mid-week, temperatures take a tumble and we'll


have more widespread frosts and icy conditions, but briefly it will be


dryer. The really cold air is in the north-east of Europe and


Scandinavia, below freezing all day. We'll not be as cold as that, but as


the low pressure that's bringing the showers drifts south into Europe, we


start to draw in an easterly wind and drag in the cold air and we have


the conflict with the fronts off the Atlantic.


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