29/01/2014 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Hello. The next dose of wet and windy weather is due to arrive on


Friday from the Atlantic. Today we have had an easterly wind bringing


the chill as the threat of icy patches comes to the north where the


cloud breaks. More cloud further south. Maybe some sleet and snow in


parts of East Wales as we engage the cold air. Temperatures in the


south-east are not changing much because the rain keeps going. It


will be colder further north, though. Icy patches are possible.


More wintry showers in the north-east. Quite a few flood


warnings in Tayside. Write to the west of the Pennines. -- brighter.


Figure clad -- thicker cloud further south. We see some dampness in parts


of the West Country, possibly into East Wales. In the north-west of


Wales is the cloud breaks, temperatures will be close to. Not


as cold as that in Northern Ireland. -- close to freezing. Tomorrow is a


cold day. Temperatures struggling to three, four or five degrees. It is


not going to be dry everywhere, either. A gloomy day in East


Anglia. Turning wetter over Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. Some


heavy showers in the south-east if it does brighten up. The best of the


sunshine is in Scotland, around the Murray Firth. There is the extent of


the temperatures. It is going to be cold day. They need all changes as


we head into Friday. Look to the Atlantic. This next deep area of low


pressure is steaming our way. It will strengthen the winds by the


time we get to Friday. Soviet jails are possible over the western coast.


-- severe gales. Temperatures are slowly rising but it is the rain


that is going to have the bigger impact. Possibly an inch of rain in


places. The weather front takes the rain away overnight but then


low-pressure sits close to the north-west so it is going to be a


windy start to the weekend. Combined with some high tides and big waves,


it could seek coastal flooding to the South West and Wales.


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