14/02/2014 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Celsius. Sunday is looking quite dry and bright after a chilly night I


will leave and bright after a chilly night I


will leave you with the weekend summary for London. Let's go to the


weather centre to get the national forecast.


Our love hate relationship with the weather has become unbalanced this


winter, I suspect there is not a lot of love left. Today's storm has not


helped. It gave us 20 to 30 millimetres of rain. Snow in the


past few hours at lower levels in eastern Scotland. That should turn


to rain again but the blizzards in the Scottish mountains will


continue. This evening, it has been the wind which has been most


disruptive in southern England. Met Office amber warning remains in


force with gusts up to 80 miles an hour along the south coast producing


big waves crashing into the shoreline. Dangerous conditions and


more coastal flooding. Inland, winds 50 to 60 miles an hour up the


Bristol Channel and other southern counties. Trees have come down and


plenty of disruption. This weather continues for a few more hours.


There are weather warnings. The number of flood warnings has risen


through the day and more detail about that online. There are plenty


of squall E, thundery showers around and that adds to the rain totals.


Wet weather for North Wales North West England through the night.


Tomorrow, bands of will work southwards with something drier and


brighter following on behind. 3pm tomorrow afternoon, very windy in


north-east Scotland, showers to north-west Scotland and wintry on


the hills and one or two in Northern Ireland. Hill snow will move away


from northern England and turned drier in south-west England as well.


Outbreaks of rain in the West Midlands and heavy showers across


south-east England accompanied by gusty winds. Windy along the south


coast. Sunday will be a better day. A chilly start and some ice around


but most of us will be bright. A few more showers come back to western


areas. It is ahead of the next weather system coming in from the


Atlantic. And that will introduce rain where it is not needed. But


this is not severe as we have seen. The weather losing the extremes of


recent months, that means when it rains, the rainfall is not as high


and the wind will not be as severe. There will be drier days. The


weather getting closer to normal


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