31/03/2014 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Some rain will clear the atmosphere on Thursday. More information on all


of that. Hello, talk of the day-to-day has been the Saharan


dust. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, here is an


explanation for you. Essentially, in the last 24-hour is, there has been


wind from the Saharan desert, you can get an idea of where it has been


coming from, by the motion of the cloud on a satellite picture. Low


pressure. The wind in the atmosphere picking up some of the dust from the


Sahara desert, shunted across western parts of Europe, and all of


it on Sunday night into Monday felt the ground for the some us were


waiting to find some grubby cars, but that's the closest to desert


whether we're going to get, apart from the dust. We've also had other


pollutants in the atmosphere. In London and Manchester, pollution is


high. You can get our environmental summary online. The skies have been


washed out by the rain across western parts of the UK this


evening. Heavy rain across parts of Wales, thunderstorms, and by the


early hours of Tuesday morning, heavy rain transferring to parts of


Northern Ireland, northern England and Scotland, too. To the south


however, misty and murky. See fog in some places. Lots of us waking up to


a layer of grey in the sky. Through the morning, skies brightening up


across the south of the country However, the contrasts on Tuesday.


In the East of Scotland, temperatures barely into double


figures. Six Celsius layer in Aberdeen. For London, around about


20 or 21 degrees, giving sunshine. Low pressure in charge of our


weather right now. It is within our general neighbourhood on Wednesday,


so the basic messages, with a cloud in the rain flowing around, still


some rain in the West. The further south east you are, the warmer the


weather will be. 20 degrees in London but still on the cold side on


the North Sea coast. On Thursday, again, with the low pressure in the


Atlantic, more rain around, particularly in the South West and


Wales. All of us will get a few spots of rain. Only nine degrees


they are on the North Sea coast Now, the outlook for the end of the


week, as a guide, just to give you an idea. Temperatures hovering


around 12-13.


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