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north`east. More sunshine than we had today. That is the way the


weather looks. Now the had today. That is the way the


weather looks. Now the latest on the pesky pollution.


Good evening. They say a change of air is good for you and that is what


we have on the way. The brush that will sweep away all of the air


pollution is a weather system developing in the Atlantic. The


Atlantic implements very much across the UK from the next few days --


over the next few days. Cleaner air from the Atlantic. Ringing rain as


well. That is also good because it tends to wash the particles out of


the air. We have seen that happening today with fairly heavy rain at


times across parts of Wales and south-west England. It will continue


north through tonight. Quite wet and mystique across northern England. --


quite misty. Pretty mild. Maybe staying in double figures in the


South. A fairly great start for most of us tomorrow. Damp and dismal


across eastern Scotland -- a fairly grey start. Otherwise, many places


will manage to brighten up. Northern Ireland is looking better for the


afternoon. A bit of C -- Sea mist. Winds turning offshore, pushing away


and picking temperatures up. Further south, the key thing tomorrow, look


at the wind direction, coming in from the south-west. It will start


to push the pollution out into the North Sea. Fairly slow process


because the winds light. The winners will pick up into Saturday a little


and rather unsettled. Outbreaks of rain moving in. That sets the theme


for the weekend. Fairly fresh breeze, coming from the South or


south-west, bringing outbreaks of rain at times for most of us.


Saturday, the further east, the better the chance of staying dry


with brightness and turning a bit milder. Full eastern Scotland as


well. -- for eastern Scotland. The next weather system looking more


active. More isobars on the chart. Outbreaks of rain, possibly heavy


across parts of England and Wales and Scotland. Drier and brighter


conditions pushing in from the west. Still miles.


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