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The latest weather forecast.

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a look at the National forecast over the course of tomorrow and through


the weekend as well. The evening. Hello there. Fancy escaping the rain


this weekend? We will be looking at the weather further afield in a


moment. Another area of low pressure out here is lined up to the weekend.


There will be some sunshine in between. Overnight tonight, most of


the wet weather is across the North and the West, but later on in the


night, showers will spread right the way across the country. Another cold


night, temperatures are staying in double figures. Tomorrow, some


places fare better, others worse. An improving story from the south


across the country. Snapshot mid-afternoon, some showers across


the Highlands. More prolonged bursts of rain across the North, and sharp


showers across eastern counties, but further west, plenty of grey and


breezy weather. The odd rogue shower, but fairly pleasant. The


blustery wind will die down. But tomorrow night, further wet and


windy weather spills right the way across the country, with a wet start


to Saturday, and that rain will get hooked up across the heart of


Scotland, so a Crewe day here. -- a cool day here. The low pressure


responsible is going to linger across the North Sea on Sunday, and


areas closest to that will see the showers. It will be cloudy and


Shari, with the best of the sunshine away from that low pressure. Nowhere


will it be warm. If you want higher temperatures, you have to head


further south, into the Mediterranean. Plenty of sunshine


across Spain and Portugal, the odd shower for the Spanish Grand Prix on


Sunday. But further east across the Mediterranean and into parts of


Greece and Turkey, very disturbed with some heavy showers. Just 18


Celsius across the heart of Turkey. Back home, wet weather, we will all


see somewhere weather,


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