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and as we head towards Friday temperatures will pick up


and as we head towards Friday temperatures will pick up towards 21


degrees. Good evening. Across the whole


country today the showers have been losing intensity, but still a


cluster across North Kent, stretching from Lincolnshire and


also into western Scotland and we will keep a few showers as we go


through the night which are moving their way into northern England.


Another potential areas developing through Wales and the South West but


in between there will be dry weather, clearer skies and the


northern Scotland the clear skies could lead to a touch of Frost the


temperatures dipping away. A chilly thing first thing on Tuesday morning


and already we have a few showers are here and they will develop as


the day goes on with the possibility of locally heavy downpours. Although


some subtle change in the frequency of the showers, and really where we


are most likely to see them is on balance, a bit more sunshine in


Scotland than it should be fine and dry. A bit warmer through the low


lands. The greatest risk in Northern Ireland is in the south-east, and we


don't expect too many through the afternoon for parts of West Wales


and south-west England but the risk will increase as we had further


inland. Away from the showers, with light winds it should not feel too


bad at 14 or 15 degrees. The showers will clear away on Tuesday evening


and throughout the night it becomes dry and we could see patchy mist and


fog but underneath the clear skies temperatures will drop away. A cold


night to come, and the risk of a touch of Frost, so as we start


Wednesday morning it will be quite chilly, but any mist and fog should


lift to give most places a fine, dry and bright day. A bit more cloud


moving into the north-west where the breeze will pick up with patchy


light rain and drizzle arriving through the afternoon, and there is


the very small chance of an isolated shower and you will be unlucky to


catch one in the bright skies. Temperatures beginning to rise


between 15 and 20 degrees. There is a change happening in the end of the


weather week courtesy of high pressure building in. The weather


front is flirting with the North at times and will introduce a bit more


cloud, but most places should be dry. Brighter skies further south


and those temperatures starting to rise by the end of the week, where


we could be into the low 20s. Dry weather with sunny spells, worn by


the day but still the potential for things to be fairly chilly night --


at the European elections on May the 22nd.


UKIP wants to take Britain out of the European Union,


even though that would wreck the recovery and destroy jobs.


The Conservatives are now openly flirting with exit.


And the Labour Party? Well, they just don't have


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