10/06/2014 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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the highest temperature of the year so far on Friday. We will have to


wait and see for that. wait and see for that. Now the


National forecast. Hello. The thunderstorms and bumbling around at


the end of the day and the most intense in north-west England. In


Lancashire, Preston about 15 metres of rain nationally metres. That s


going summer. Today has been another in a long line of days. Of course,


these big showers and storms. But we are about to get a break. High


pressure is about to build into the UK, settling the weather down. That


means an end for now to the downpours. Not only will it be warm


but I think we will have dry weather for time, too. There are some heavy


showers around at the moment, though. Northern Scotland,


north-west England and Wales. Some of these will continue well into the


night. Elsewhere, variable cloud and clear spells and a little less


muddy. It makes it easier for sleeping. Tomorrow, most of us will


start the day dry. And the bit in the middle will be dry, too. One or


two early showers in north-west Scotland but elsewhere, variable


cloud. Some sunny spells. If you start with cloud, bear with it. It


will break and we will seize on sunny spells coming through. Blue


skies in East Anglia. There will be some cloud blocking the sun at times


during the day and there will be sunny spells. Variable cloud and


sunshine but the big difference is, after recent days, heavy showers,


harder to see tomorrow. One or two light showers across the northern


half of the UK. North-east Scotland will see the odd isolated heavy


shower but very few and far between. The low 20s. A pleasant day. The


high pressure keeps England and Wales in the warm sunshine on


Thursday but the weather front will brush the far north-west of the UK.


A bit more cloud. Patchy rain, persistent in western Scotland but


again, not heavy downpours. Warmer on Friday. The hottest day of the


year so far. 27 Celsius possible. Cloud in Scotland and Northern


Ireland. Patchy rain or showers. Ireland. Patchy rain or showers


Into the weekend with lots of dry weather. Eastern areas, buy them,


could turn cooler. A first look at the weekend forecast this time


tomorrow. Until then, good night. I saw you before and I thought


you were so beautiful. I wish that love could


come into my life.


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