18/06/2014 BBC Weather


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Is today, warm nest the north. Normally Perth Australia is renowned


for its heat, but today Perth in Scotland, 27 degrees. Tomorrow not


as warm, but still pleasant enough. High teens, low 20s. That cooler


fresher air behind a cold front. Fresh breeze from the north-west.


That the will push the front southwards. A band of cloud and the


odd spot of rain into parts of north-east England later. Otherwise


most places dry. Not desperately cold. Temperatures holding in double


figures. Tomorrow the front will move south.


The odd shower in parts of the Midlands, eastern England and the


south-east later. Plenty of fine weather with increasing amounts of


sunshine. The best of that around coastal areas. The fresher breeze


means its won't be as warm in northern and central areas, but it


will feel pleasant. Some of the highest temperatures will be further


south. It will be warmer than today in southern parts of England and


Wales. Through the afternoon up into the mid 20s for the likes of east


Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Hampshire, with plenty of sunshine on the South


Coast. We've got the racing. Royal Ascot continues. Ladies' Day. 22


degrees, very nice with sunshine and light winds. Tomorrow evening, all


eyes are South America for the big one. We've got a weather front


moving through. A cold front. It will be cool in Sao Paolo, with a


fair bit of cloud around and showers, too. The England players


should be used to these conditions. That's good news.


Back home on Friday, a similar sort of day really, with a lot of dry


weather, coolest across the far north. More breeze here. Drier the


further south you go. The far north prone to breezier conditions. Cooler


air and the odd spot of rain at times. Drier and warmer the further


south you go. Most places will have a dry weekend.


Mostly dry, with sunshine. The highest temperatures across southern


parts of the UK.


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