30/06/2014 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Thursday. We will cling on to that fine weather for Friday, before it


turns unsettled to tr weekend. There were a few aspects to the


forecast today which did not go to plan.


There were more showers than expected. The ones which did develop


were heavy. They moved through Wimbledon and west London. They have


fizzled out now. We have some showers over parts of Scotland.


Most places will miss showers tomorrow and stay dry. We have


plenty of sunshine around, with temperatures in the low 20s.


Tonight, those showers continuing for a while across Scotland. We


might see a shower across the far south-west. For many, through the


night, it will be dry, with some clear spells. Temperatures in towns


and cities down to 10-12 Celsius. A touch cooler in the countryside The


sunshine will get to work to warm things up. You can see warm spells


for many areas. There'll be areas picking up a little bit more cloud


once again. I mention those showers. The risk moving further north. A few


showers possible across parts of Scotland. Most places will miss them


and stay dry. 20 across the Scottish low lands.


The risk of seeing a shower for the south-east tomorrow is much lower,


with more sunshine and light winds, we could see temperatures reaching


23 Celsius. For much of the day at Wimbledon, temperatures will be in


the high teens. A low risk of a shower. More sunshine to come on


Wednesday across England and Wales. Signs of a change in the north-west,


with the winds picking up. There'll be rain moving through north-west


Scotland. Hazy sunshine further south. Temperatures here still at


around 20 Celsius for Scotland and Northern Ireland. The real warmth in


the south-east, where we are looking at the mid-20s. High pressure is


moving east. It is allowing this cold front to move south. It is


weakening. Not introducing much rain on Thursday.


More cloud further north and west. The best of the sunshine will be for


East Anglia and the south-east, where we are looking at the highest


temperature of the week at around 26 This is wrong. I'm not going to


carry on as if nothing has happened. If your friend was taken away..


# Not giving in... # I'm afraid


there's not much we can do. ..how would you fight


to get her back? This is wrong. I'm not going to


carry on as if nothing has happened. You think anyone should be allowed


to live here? We're under attack


and we can't defend ourselves alone. She's a Glasgow girl.


We all are. The true story


of the Glasgow Girls.


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