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showers and cooler fresher weather through this weekend. With lore


showers and cooler fresher weather through this weekend. With more on


that here's Louise. Temperatures up to 25 degrees, 7


Fahrenheit. A different story north and west. Particularly in western


Scotland. Only 17 degrees. But the winds were a feature here, gusting


to 50 mph from time to time. And there was rain as well. That weather


front continues to meander south and east through northern England


overnight. Not bringing much rain. Weakening all the time. We start off


in the extreme south-east with lots of blue sky and sunshine. There s


our dying weather front. To the north and west, rather breezy with


showers piling in. Those showers will be in western Scotland and


Northern Ireland into the afternoon. Sheltered eastern areas should be


drier and brighter. Hopefully as the weather front slips south into the


north of England we might see breaks in the cloud.


A band of nuisance cloud, the ot spot of rain, maybe a little drizzle


in the north Devonshire and Cornish coast. From Exeter and Somerset


east of, that beautiful sunshine and heat. 26, possibly 27 degrees.


Hottest day of the year so far. The Wimbledon, hardly a cloud in the


sky, but high UV if you are going to be there watching the tennis.


For Friday, we cling on to the sunshine and the warmth in the


south-east. That's the exception rather than the rule. Another


frontal system, another area of low pressure pushes in, bringing


particularly heavy rain across sheltered western areas and breezy.


Cool and dispinting under the cloud and rain. 16-17 degrees. Highest


values of 25, maybe 26 in the south-east corner.


The start of the weekend looks frightening particularly if you are


out and about in England and Wales. But this frontal system hopefully


clearing to allow brighter weather. Maybe a disappointing start but


hopefully things will improve. We should see some sunny spells coming


in, a scattering of showers. A fresher feel across the country.


It looks as though the showery theme will continue into Sunday. Breezy as


well. Hopefully the South East escaping the worst of the showers


with highest values of 22 degrees. As we move towards the weekend,


fresher for all, breezy and at times showers.


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