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through the next few days into the weekend. Hot on Saturday with


thundery showers. weekend. Hot on Saturday with


thundery showers. Good evening, the rain in Rio is


matching the mood, I suspect, this evening. Here, we will take a day


off from the rain tomorrow, at least most of us. There will be sunshine


around. The showers will be back for the end of the week. Dry over night


virtually everywhere. Winds easing down in many places except towards


the North Sea coasts. The south west will keep a breeze going. Not a cold


night, temperatures holding 12- 4 degrees typically. A dry day


virtually everywhere tomorrow. Cloud breaking up to allow good spells of


sunshine coming through, particularly to Scotland, northern


England, Wales and the south of had west. Rain will edge in from the


North Sea with brisk winds. Rain getting towards the Lincolnshire


coast before the afternoon is done. That is the sunshine, northern


England into Scotland. Pleasant through the central belt,


temperatures up into the low 20 s. Plenty of sunshine across the


highlands and West Coast too. Cloud edging in across Northern Ireland as


the afternoon wears on. Look at the sun glinting off the waves in the


Irish Sea and across the Bristol Channel, plenty of sunshine to come


across Wales and south-west England. A brisk wind blowing in from the


north-west. The south coast of Devon and Cornwall getting higher


temperatures than the north coast due to the shelter. What a change


for East Anglia. The winds will pick up, the rain will move in. It will


feel cool by the end of the day Gales for a time along the east


Anglian coast. Spinning around this area of low pressure pushing a warm


front in from the east. We will get warmer air coming from the east


Marked on that leading edge by a band of heavy and showery rain.


Heavier on Thursday. Sunny spells going further west, except maybe for


Northern Ireland. Temperatures picking up. Getting up into the 20's


widely except in the north-east where it will stay on the cool side.


Friday, the warm air will have moved in across most parts of the UK. A


humid feel to it as well. With that warmth and the moisture, where the


temperatures rise, that will encourage sharp showers to develop.


That is how it is looking for the weekend. Warm and humid for most of


us. Sunshine breaking through. When it does and temperatures pick up it


will produce heavy an at times thundery showers. Keep up-to-date


with the forecast online:


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