22/07/2014 BBC Weather


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Good evening. I know some of us could do with a drop of rain for the


gardens, and the hot weather doesn't suit us all, but it's within a warm


one today. 20 degrees in many parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland,


the warmest day of the year so far. It's been a hot one further south


too. 30 degrees along the south coast of England. There's plenty


more warmth to come through the rest of this week. A balmy night. Most of


us dry. Low cloud and mist off the North Sea into central and eastern


parts of the UK. The odd shower possible across the west of Northern


Ireland, otherwise dry and humid. Temperatures in the midteens to


start the day. Whoa might see the odd shower across eastern England


early on. Most of us is dry. By the afternoon, we could see an isolated


downpour. Further west, I must stress they will be isolated. Mauve


of us will avoid them entirely. They could be heavy and slow moving as


well. The vast majority will be fine. Every bit as warm as today. Up


into the mid-to high 20s. There will be a refreshing breeze across


southern areas. It should stay dry here as across Scotland. A bit of


mist across the far north-east and into the Northern Isles. We have the


Commonwealth Games starting in the evening. I'm optimist thanking it


will be dry. There's a very small risk of a shower. It should be dry


and warm and temperatures in the low 20s at 8pm in the evening with


fairly light winds. The warmth keeps with us through Thursday as well.


Every bit as warm as it will be on Wednesday. Again mid-to high 20s.


Once more across north-eastern coastal areas, it will be cooler


with low cloud and mist. Weather-wise, the chance of an


isolated shower, particularly across south-western parts of England and


Wales. They will be isolated. Mauve places -- most places will be


completely dry. That's how we end the week. A lot of warmth around,


many places will be dry. There will be a few showers around. Towards the


weekend, well southern areas stay dry and warm. But keep your eye on


this front. That introduces showery rain into the northern areas. As


that heads southwards, into the early part of next week, it looks as


if it will turn cooler with the winds coming down from the north.


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