12/08/2014 BBC Weather


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few days, you can see we have a bit of a messy couple of days whth some


of a messy couple of days with some heavy rain and


of a messy couple of days with some heavy rain and showers but here'sing


Matt with the national weather. Good evening. Given the recent


change in weather conditions I am esure a few of you have mentioned


"autumn" who would blame new western Scotland today a mid-August day,


driving wind, strong winds, temperatures at one po incompetent


were just 13. A better day tomorrow, here, though. The cloud we have had


today will work southwards. You will notice still unstable air across


England and Wales. Lively thunderstorms through today. They


are fading away by in large. One or two showers in the West but longer,


clearer periods here. We still have that cloud, pushing through to the


Scotland, Northern Ireland, north Wales and the north Midlands by the


end of the night. But rather than persistent rain, away from the hills


it'll be occasional bursts. Temperatures, like last night,


around 12 or 13. We are into the cooler conditions now. That process


is also taking place in France. A stormy one. The storms and risk of


flash floods push through to Alpine regions. The big culprit - the area


of low pressure, still school. Bertha producing galeforce winds in


Scotland it begin A weather front in central areas, the cloud will drift


southwards, taking e away some of the morning sunshine. Anyone could


see a shower, most chiefly through the north-east of Scotland but hit


and miss. Less showers than we have had. Even if you do catch a shower,


perhaps a longer spell of dry than wet. With lighter compared to what


they have h temperatures will be back up to where they should be, 18


to 23. We go into the night dry but by Thursday, the showers get going


again and we are back to heavy and thundery ones across Wales,


south-west England and spreading across other parts of the Midlands.


A few showers further north. Some dry and sun quli but temperatures


down. Showers fading into the west into Friday. The ridge of high


pressure building in. Not enough to stop showers in eastern England.


Again some could be heavy and thundery. Further west drier and


Britter. Not especially warm. Night that follow will be one of the


coolest nights for sometime with quite widely, temperatures in single


figures so. A chilly start to the weekend but the ridge of pressure


with us in the south. Most will have a repre-dominantly dry day but more


wind and rain skreepg from the east. And we will be back


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