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The latest weather forecast.

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the outlook, as you'll see, we are looking at the risk of showdrs for


Friday though. Good evening. Autumn, August. It's


an easy slip of the tongue to make, but the two do seem mixed up at the


moment. Tomorrow morning, you could be forgiven for thinking it's


October, as you step out the door. It's going to be cold. Why so


chilly, well, because we are drawing the air down from the north and the


brisk breeze dies down. The showers disappear and the temperatures


tumble. Towns and cities nine or ten. In rural areas widely down to


four or five degrees and some places just two or three above freezing. A


cold start in the morning. Don't be fooled by the sun. It will be


chilly, as you step out the door. There will be a sprinkling of


showers over Wales and through the day, we'll see a few more scattered


showers developing. For many of us, much of the day will be dry and


bright. And in the south, temperatures a degree or so higher


than today. Still generally about 17 or 18 C, but one or two places may


get up to 20. Yes, it will feel fresh, but for many sun shines. The


beaches of Wales and northern England, will be dry. Dry and fine


across Northern Ireland. But in the far north-west, a weather feature


driving south. That pushing south for Thursday. The cloud will be


there on Thursday. Further south, sunny spells. A few showers. It


looks as if the winds have changed direction, but follow them round and


you can see that they are coming down from the north, so again it's


going to feel chilly. Most places only in the mid-teens. A bit of


sunshine across the south-east. The cool theme continues even for the


end of the week. We are continuing to draw the air down from the north.


We are in the pool of cooler weather. However, we will see some


changes. The low pressure starts to pull away and although Friday will


be chilly can sunshine and showers, the little bump and ridge of high


pressure edges across the country as we go to the weekend. At the moment


much The stars of the summer


are back on UK soil Who will produce


their golden moment?


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