25/12/2015 BBC Weather


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Hello, it has been a wet rather than white Christmas across the UK and


that is causing concern across parts of north-west England. Spring was in


the air for some of us. This is cherry blossom in Suffolk today.


However, there was some snow around and this was taken over the tops of


the Pennines. The Scottish hills had a bit of a covering during the day.


There will be more mountain snow tonight in Scotland, but it is rain


further south, easing off now, but it will set in as the night wears on


across those areas that really do not need it. It is a south-westerly


winds bringing very mild air in across England and Wales and the


temperatures are in the low teens. It is colder in Scotland and this is


where we will see that snow. Above 100 metres it will keep going all


day. There is an amber warning in force in parts of Cumbria,


Lancashire and Yorkshire and they could see and of the lot of rain on


Boxing Day. It just keeps on coming, but it is an narrowband. The


position is really crucial as to who gets the worst of the impact. It is


a miserable feeling under the rain, but it is exceptionally mild in the


South. It should clear across Northern Ireland. Eventually that


rain will ease, but even going through Boxing Day and onto Sunday


it is still there or thereabouts. It is going to take some time to leave,


and things begin to improve on Sunday. A little on the chilly side,


temperatures near normal, but further south the temperatures are


two inches taller and be deadly to women?


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