31/12/2015 BBC Weather


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Good evening. We are likely to bring in the New Year on a chilly note


with some early-morning frost and fog but only those of you up early


enough are likely to see it, as cloud will spill in quickly from the


south and west, heralding the arrival of this rain. It brings with


it some wet weather across the south-west, through the south coast,


and some gusty winds in excess of 40 mph on the coasts. With cloud


developing and the strength of the wind, gusting to around 25-30 mph


for many, it will feel chilly. At least it will be dry. Some patchy


rain for Northern Ireland and western Scotland. North-east


Scotland should be dry with a few glimpses of sunshine. Temperatures


struggling, four or 5 degrees. Perhaps just into double figures


with the cloud, wind and rain. Moving into the weekend, weather


conditions go downhill, windy with more rain in the forecast. Saturday


is likely to be sunny spells and scattered showers but pretty


blustery winds along exposed north sea coasts, making it cold, and


relentless rain in the far north-east of Scotland. On Sunday,


more of a significant area of low pressure gathering strength out to


the west, bringing gale force gusts of wind and persistent rain


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