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going to start on a pretty chilly note. If that's not your sort of


thing, Sunday will be cloudier and milder.


thing, Sunday will be cloudier and milder.


Good evening. It was such a mild December, wasn't it, but winter has


arrived. Tomorrow morning, again, could be prising the wipers off the


frozen windscreen. Yes, it's going to be cold tonight, whether it is


liquid,/ or snow, it will freeze solid late at night with


temperatures close to or below zero in many places. This was the early


snow which pushed across the south-east, a few centimetres over


the high ground. Now we concentrate on the showers, which feed in over


the north and west of the UK. Some getting into the Midlands, giving a


further coding in places. Ice will be widespread, warnings in force.


Blizzards raging across Northern Highland Scotland as we head into


the night and through the early hours we will see a band of sleet


and snow heading down out of Scotland and Eastern counties of


England. A narrow band, but inland it could give two or three


centimetres of snow, heading all the way down to the London area.


Hopefully not causing too many problems as it arrives mid-morning.


This could be the scene near you first thing in the morning. Take it


steady on the roads and pavements. There will be a lot of ice around.


Gayle raging down the North Sea, as you may have heard on the news eight


risk of a storm surge and coastal flooding. A blustery, cold day but


bright for many others. There will be further wintry showers towards


exposed northern and western coastal areas in particular. Some will work


inland. A cold feeling day, 3-4 is typical. Lower than that where you


have snow on the ground. A hard frost again on Saturday morning. A


cold, bright day for many. There will be further wintry showers,


particularly near exposed coasts. Something a bit milder pushing in


from the West. For many, a chilly day, 4-5. Let's put it in context.


Cast your minds back 30 years ago today, these were the highs across


the UK is. -8 in some places and blizzards raised across parts of


East Anglia and the south-east, causing paralysis. This cold snap


will not be anything like as bad. But another chilly day across


eastern areas on Sunday. Fronts trying to push on from the West.


It's going to be a slow process. They will introduce milder air, but


also more cloud, without breaks of rain which will probably stall


across eastern areas. A pretty raw data come on Sunday, something


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