01/03/2017 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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outlook. A whole load of 11 is. What does that mean? Maybe John Hammond


will tell you. We're in for a bumpy ride. The


weather chopping and changing keeping us on our toes. Rain never


too far away from our crystal ball. There has been rain around today


across southern areas. This band of wet weather pushing through Wales


and the Midlands. A little bit of the white stuff mixed in over the


high ground Snowdonia, some snow for an trans-Pennine routes as well.


Snow at low levels through the night. Further south the main story


is the strength of the wind. Blustery. Gales on the western coast


and through the English Channel. Even in land, gusty winds through


the night. For the night. Further northerly winds are lighter,


particularly for Scotland. A frost developing. Further wintry showers


into the north-west Highlands. Temperatures here close to freezing.


Not as cold further south but you have to factor in that very strong


wind. A wild start of the day. Still rain and hill snow through the


central zone which will tend to fade away. For many of us the weather


will settle down. A bright and breezy afternoon for a few. Showers


knocking about but many will avoid these and see sunshine. Warmer than


today across southern counties. Temperatures a few degrees higher


and sunshine makes the difference. If you showers out west. A chance


you will avoid them. After the wintry start, across northern


England, things will perk up. Cloud beginning to invade the sky across


the west of Northern Ireland. Sunshine ahead of that. For Scotland


wintry showers out west, but mountains will them out. Some rain


crossing into northern areas through tomorrow evening. The main event


riding overnight and into Friday, low-pressure bringing grain into


England and Wales to Friday. Wet and windy weather. Drying up for a time


in the south-east. It could turn my own. You'll see the rest of the


sunshine. It'll be a chilly feeling day. That low-pressure set to


dominate our weather through the weekend. It has plonked more or less


slap bang on top of us, which means rain. Joined by yet another one


later in the weekend. The bottom line. We can expect some might


weather. There will be sunshine around but for most of us do


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