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the weekend outlook and Jay has more details. Good night.


Good evening, mixed fortunes this weekend. Today we saw a fair share


of rain. This is the view one of our weather watchers in Doncaster. Not


particularly inspiring. This weekend there will be some rain, but some of


us will get away with a dry start. This is the satellite and a lovely


day in northern Scotland. But cloud and rain and thunder and lightning


in this area. Our main area of rain is stuck across Northern Ireland and


Scotland. Some snow over higher ground. And windy. Four or five


degrees in Glasgow and Belfast. Seven or eight for Cardiff and


London. In the morning a miserable start in the east of Scotland with a


cold wind. A lot of cloud and rain. And there will be some snow over


higher ground. Some rain at least for a time in the central Lowlands


and rain in Northern Ireland. Any rain in eastern England doesn't last


long and will be out of the way quickly and many areas will do well


in central and eastern England. Further west and more of a breeze


and some showers in Pembrokeshire and Cornwall and they will work


their way inland. Many central and eastern areas dries. The rain in


Scotland edges north. Northern Scotland stays bleak, cold wet and


windy. Seven or eight in the afternoon in Glasgow and Belfast.


The ten to 12 in Cardiff and London. In the evening the rain in Scotland


drifts further north with showers in Northern Ireland and Wales and the


Midlands. The second part of weekend sees a band of rain move across


England and Wales with a blustery breeze. Some sunshine fools, but


showers follow on that spell. And the tail end of weather front into


southern Scotland. Northern Scotland should have a reasonable day and we


will see temperatures seven to eleven degrees. Next week sees


scattered showers in the north and west and largely dry further south.


Tuesday starts on reasonable note, but it will cloud over from the


Ten different noses, ten different selfies. How cool is that?


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