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rain on Saturday. The national picture now from Nick Miller.


It looks like next week high pressure will become a player again


in our weather, settling things down for some of us for a time but until


then it is low-pressure, rain moving across the UK overnight but not wet


all the time. Many of us at a fine day today, this was at you from West


Yorkshire and Yorkshire and northern England and Northern Ireland will


farewell tomorrow, after this frontal system has pushed on through


the UK with rain. But as it does, it introduces milder air so for the


rest of the week we will have temperatures widely into double


figures. Back to the here and now and that rain which has been like an


patchy across the west of the UK during the day and is now gathering


strength and pace with heavy bursts as it pushes west to east and some


snow on top of the hills in northern England and especially in Scotland


for a time. A mild night across southern parts with the rain


lingering into the morning and colder feel in Scotland later in the


night with a stronger wind, strong to gale force tomorrow pushing


through plenty of showers especially northern Scotland. Not many in the


central belt, or southern Scotland and for Northern Ireland and


northern England it should be dry for both is -- most of us with some


sunny spells. Dry in North Wales and North Midlands but elsewhere in the


Midlands and South world of East Anglia and the southern part of


Ingleby deep cloud around and we will have outbreaks of rain


occasionally -- part of England. Still those very blustery showers


throughout the day in northern Scotland with some gusts of 60 mph


but in southern Scotland, Northern Ireland, northern England, North


Midlands and North Wales, mainly dry and in the sun trap it will feel


mild and quite pleasant. Tomorrow evening, still in the southern


England and South Wales outbreaks of Wales and in Scotland through the


night these blustery showers. They will still be there first thing


Thursday but they will ease off. Still stump cloud in the far south,


maybe some patchy cloud in the far south-west but you can see the fine


weather on Thursday, bright or sunny for many of us but on Friday there


will be a band of cloud and rain spreading north and keeping plenty


of cloud across the UK so still mild for most but it will look very


different. The picture at the start of the weekend, still low-pressure


and weather front moving through, spells of wet weather, dry brighter


Let's Sing And Dance exploded onto our screens,


setting the stage alight...literally.


Stars were a-swinging... Could somebody help me?


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