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it stays dry I will be surprised. Here is Nick with the national


headlines. For large parts of Wales and England


there was blue sky and warmth. Warmest day of the year, a clumsy


way of saying the UK had the highest temperature of the year so far.


There have been big contrasts. Some of that misty, murky weather to the


south-west is advancing across other parts of England and Wales through


the night. Ahead of that, where we have clear spells, central and


eastern England there could be fog patches developing, outbreaks of


rain to north-west Scotland feeding into Northern Ireland later in the


night. The high pressure that kept us fine for a few days is being


squeezed southwards on Thursday. That will for Scotland and Northern


Ireland bring outbreaks of rain southwards during the day. Clearing


into the afternoon to sunshine and showers. Some rain feeding into


parts of north-west England, Cumbria and north and west of Wales.


Increasing cloud to Wales, western England and the south of England


too. A few breaks for the Midlands and eastern England to begin the


day. Watch out for early fog patches. Any sunshine down the


eastern side of England may not last too long as cloud increases and it


will be cooler compared with today. Some heavier rain for a time in


Scotland and Northern Ireland, but clearing to sunshine and showers as


the afternoon goes on. Those most frequent in northern Scotland on a


strengthening wind. Rain will lift in northern England and Wales. There


will be spits and spots heading south-east, not into the far


south-east until after dark as the weather front moves through,


weakening as it does so. Thursday night into Friday morning there will


be cooler air. Lower rural temperatures, a touch of frost


around especially to Scotland. Sleet and snow showers to low levels


especially to the north. Northern Scotland not fairing badly on


Friday. Elsewhere, cloud and rain will push south-eastwards leading to


an unsettled weekend. Windier on Sunday, it will feel cooler in the


wind. There will be rain at times, not all the time. More about the


weekend over the next couple of nights. What is for sure this


weekend, after the weather contrast of today


Hunger on a massive scale is looming across East Africa.


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