17/03/2017 BBC Weather


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times. It should be largely mild if it is rather breezy. Now for the


national outlook. it is rather breezy. Now for the


national outlook. It was quite a wet day across many


northern and western parts of the UK. This was the view in Lancashire


not so long ago. For the weekend we are looking to see further rain, all


coming from the west, so the further east you are, it should be drier. It


will be quite a windy weekend for all parts. The radar from earlier


today showing quite a bit of rain across the North and west. The only


rain across the East has been light and patchy, but heavy bursts further


west. The satellite sequence shows cloud over the UK at the moment.


Plenty more cloud over the Atlantic, and it's heading our way, most of it


rain bearing. Tomorrow night, still wet for most areas. Snow over the


hills of Scotland, not much rain in the east, but still some. With the


crowd and breeze, temperatures kept up at eight or nine foremost, but


northern Scotland will be cold enough for icy patches in the far


north. The morning looks pretty wet much of Wales, south-west of England


and breezy. Not much rain getting further inland. Some pockets of


light rain and drizzle here and there. For the most part, cloudy and


breezy but dry, the air is mild, eight or 9 degrees in the morning.


Breaks in the cloud east of the Pennines but cloudy in Northern


Ireland and rain through the morning. Showers dotted around in


Scotland through the morning, but dry weather to hand as well. When


the showers go, the north-east of Scotland should get good spells of


sunshine. Cloudy for the West with outbreaks of rain, some trying to


get across the Pennines. Anything that does will be light and patchy.


The rain weakening in the West through the afternoon. It's a big


day for the six Nations rugby matches. I think there will be a lot


of cloud and breeze for all three venues. Second part of the weekend,


another area of rain affecting North Ireland and northern England,


sinking south through the day. Scattered showers for Scotland and


Northern Ireland. Looking ahead to the early part of next week, Monday


looks fairly unsettled, particularly across England and Wales. From


Tuesday onwards, cooler air coming to


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