11/04/2017 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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On Sunday, on the cool side for East itself.


Good evening. Grace of all it -- it is greatest of all in Scotland. A


weather front is on the move. The rain edging down into south-western


parts of Scotland and northern Ireland. Much of England and Wales


will have a dry note but not quite as Chile to start tomorrow. Let's


deal with the wet weather first thing tomorrow. It will be a damp


start for Scotland and Northern Ireland. Heaviest rain on the hills


towards the coast and east of the Pennines, not too much rain at all.


Southern parts of England and Wales, some more cloud with sunny spells.


Most places dry with an isolated shower or two. The weather front


edges into the Midlands and Wales and East Anglia. Foremost, a breezy


day, brighter towards the north. Some showers towards Scotland.


Across southernmost counties, it stays largely dry with some sunny


spells. The shower in the evening. Introducing chilly air to take us


into Thursday. There could be a touch of frost around. Cloud amounts


increase from the West. One or two showers. Most places will stay


largely dry. We are into the Easter weekend. Good Friday, the brightest


conditions across Scotland and parts of the south-east. Lots of cloud in


between producing the odd shower. That is the story of the weekend. A


few showers to come. Not as much rain as you need in the south but


with the Easter weekend you will like the dry weather and with the


sun out it will feel pleasantly warm. On Saturday there could be a


few showers. A lot of dry weather. The greatest chance of some rain


probably comes on Sunday. That is through into Monday. A ridge of high


pressure builds. Most places will be fine. Temperatures were they should


be for the time of year. Not as warm as it was


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