12/05/2017 BBC Weather


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A bit of a mixed bag earlier on today, some of us were cloudy with


rain. This is the view from one of our weather watchers in Cornwall.


But in the Highlands of Scotland, it was completely different, find,


sunny and warm. The satellite and radar picture shows the variety of


weather we have had. It brightened up into the afternoon, early


evening. The north-east of Scotland and England have extensive low


cloud, missed, fog. If you showers getting into the south coast by the


end of the night. It is not a cold night. Into the morning, many


Southern counties will do quite well. There is the chance of a


shower or two, most of them are gone by 9am. A lot of dry weather.


Variable cloud, some sunshine. More cloud for North Wales and other


England. Not too much rain east of the Pennines. Pretty cloudy in


Northern Ireland, rain not too far away. The grey weather into the


morning. Scattered showers for the Western and Northern Isles. It will


always be the western side that sees the strongest wind and more rain and


showers. Head further south and east, the wind is lighter and it is


mostly dry. It will be pleasantly warm. Through the evening, another


band of rain comes in from the West. This will move further leet swiftly


from West to East. Most of it should be out into the North Sea by dawn,


although it will linger for a time in the north-east of Scotland. It


will move out of the way, then we have plenty of sunshine. There will


be some showers developing, most will be in the Northwest. A lot of


dry and bright weather across the bulk of England and Wales. Sunday


night into Monday, we start to see a fairly significant area of low


pressure heading our way. It will turn increasingly wet and windy as


we get on into Monday. Some of the rain in the Northwest could be quite




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