23/05/2017 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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the heat going to last over the Bank Holiday Weekend? It might do. This


is the National forecast. Double. Hello, cloud topping and tailoring


the country today and that eased away with the sunshine through the


country. Cloud in the North West big enough for showery rain. That


continues overnight, a lot of low cloud and drizzle here. And we keep


the low cloud across Wales and the south-west of England. It is not a


cold night, 9-15d. First thing across the West Country, and parts


of South Wales, we will continue to see coastal fog and quite a lot of


cloud first thing. We will be testing cloud around. If we get


sunshine, temperatures respond, 17, 18 degrees by the morning. A quiet


start in Northern England and for Northern Ireland, keeping some cloud


and drizzle across the far North West and shoulders continued


drifting eastern and becoming isolated through the day. We could


pick up more persistent showers across the Northern isles as well.


Elsewhere, a predominantly dry day with cloud around and despite that,


a warm day with sunshine. Top temperatures around the 25 degrees.


The dry theme continues with for the rest of the week. We will see more


sunshine and it is going to turn very warm and perhaps hot. It does


look as though we can see the first signs of that on Thursday with a lot


of sunshine and temperatures responding with light winds. 25


again in the South East and 23 in sheltered Western areas of Scotland.


The high pressure that is really the talking point this week is just


potentially drifting eastern and that could drag in hot air across


the near continent. As we move towards the weekend, we could get


the hottest day of the year so far up and a weather front is also


pushing from the far south-west and that could brink thunder into the


start of the weekend. Hot ahead of it and the potential for thunder as


we move into Step in the arena,


Arsenal, Chelsea. We've scrapped, scored,


hurt, humbled. Never back down.


Never look back. Two out of two


or return from the brink. Dream season,


put a stamp on history.


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