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really. Broken cloud, mostly dry and it's going to be feeling warm again.


Louise has this evening's national forecast.


Good evening. Not quite flaming June today, but there are signs something


just more impressive through the middle of the week. Today it was a


bright and breezy affair. A lot of cloud around. It started to break up


down to the south and temperatures responded. In fact, we had some


beautiful spells of sunshine here by the end of the day. Where we saw the


12, it was cloudy, it was disappointing, and there were a few


scattered showers. Those showers will continue through the night


across Northern Ireland and into western Scotland. Some of them quite


heavy. We will see lighter bits and pieces of showers perhaps across


north-west England and North Wales. Further south and east clearer


skies, a touch of mist and fog and temperatures in rural spots perhaps


into single figures. The rain will be heavy across western Scotland


first thing tomorrow morning. It will start to ease off as we go


through the day. We keep the showers into Northern Ireland, north-west


England and also North Wales. Despite that chilly start, with


light winds and lots of sunshine temperatures early on will respond


quickly. It will be pleasant enough at 8am. It looks likely that we will


keep the sunshine for much of England and Wales throughout the


day. Just a slim chance of a shower maybe across the East Midlands and


East Anglia. The heavy persistent rain into western Scotland will


start to fragment and become showery into the afternoon so with sunny


spells temperatures will respond. 23 is possible in the south-east


corner. The high pressure may well drift over to Europe as we move into


Wednesday. That's going to eventually allow this low to move in


but ahead of it we could drag up some warm humid air from the Azores


so Wednesday could get interesting. If you like it quite hot we could


see decent weather across much of England and Wales. Despite some


showers into the north-west, even some of that heat and humidity will


drift into Scotland. High teens likely, maybe 21 closer to the


Borders. 26, possibly 27, that's 80 Fahrenheit in the south-east. But


that could trigger off thundery downpours overnight Wednesday into


Thursday. Eventually the low pressure drifts in from the west and


we will start to see signs of something fresher behind that cold


front. But it looks as though towards the end of the week it will


be still be reasonable, a few scattered showers to the north and


west, decent spells Hang on, you haven't even told me


what it is yet. It's all anyone could talk about.


Give it up!


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