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Welcome to BBC Channel Islands. These are Friday's headlines:


Guernsey's population is growing, but not in the right directhon.


Bedding in for business - an industry once worth


multi-millions struggles to stay afloat.


Dawah ourselves and at least two other people in the market here


They have now stopped trainhng and it is only as left on the island. #


there were. California dreaming -


Jersey's cricketers get ready And with Halloween weekend fast


approaching, I will be letthng you know whether it will be dry if


you're out trick-or-treating. The full forecast later in the


programme. Guernsey's working


population has fallen. The latest figures from the States


show that there's been a drop in the number of people


aged between 16 and 64. It comes at a time when the number


of pensioners is increasing. Mike Wilkins reports


on the demographic time bomb. At the end of last year,


Guernsey's population was 62,50 , It is the largest


increase in five years. But it is not necessarily in the age


group that the Government is hoping. The number of pensioners


is increasing, but critically, the working age


population has fallen. It may sometimes feel like there's


a lot of people pounding the pavements in town,


but last year, the working `ge group And when you look back further,


almost 2000 people have been lost from this group over


the last five years. That's a lot of people who could be


paying income tax. So why is the working


population declining? Some feel there isn't enough


diversity in the economy for younger workers, while others feel


the island's restrictive This woman is responsible


for Employment and Social Sdcurity. She says it's unclear


if the population management regime will help when it comes


into force in April. I'm sort of getting mixed mdssages,


because I hear some negativhty about some of the population. I think


because we are not there yet and it will not come into force until next


April, people are starting to have some concerns about certain elements


of that policy. I think it hs one of those things that until we `ctually


enter the policy, it will bd work in progress.


It's long been forecast that Guernsey would have an ageing


population, but now, what were future forecasts


are playing out as problems in the present.


Jersey's mail order plant industry has shrunk by almost two thhrds


A recent farming statistic report showed revenue fell from ovdr


?23 million in 2012 to just over ?8 million last year.


It is the lasting effect of the loss of low value consignment relief


There is now only one business still trading,


Only a few years ago, businesses like this one in Jersey


were generating tens of millions of pounds.


But now that value has fallen by 70%.


That is pretty much entirelx down to the loss of low value consignment


relief. There were ourselves and at least two other people in the market


here, they have now stopped trading here, they have now stopped trading


and it is only us left. We had to cut costs and Ledson people go. I


just our prices, obviously when you just our prices, obviously when you


put prices up, sales go down. So that is the biggest change hn the


could have prevented this if they could have prevented this if they


had acted more quickly. I think if we dealt with it differentlx at the


time, we probably could havd got a better deal for locally grown


product. But by the time th`t had happened, the case had alre`dy


started and I think... That is despite acknowledging the v`lue this


industry brings to this isl`nd. Politicians say there is nothing


they can do to support its future. It is unfortunate, there is nothing


I would like more than to sde that industry continue. It emploxs lots


of people and brings money hnto the island. We have fought as h`rd as we


could to keep it going, we won't to the High Court, spent a lot of money


on top lawyers, we could not secure it, the judge made this dechsion and


we are left with the conseqtences. Although many have stopped trading


in the island, this one rem`ining company hopes to grow the industry


even without the help of Jersey s Government.


Alderney States will pay up to ?120,000


to provide an extra 150 flights to Guernsey


It says it's in a bid to boost economic activity


The Government's underwriting the flights and says that if


Aurigny puts on the flights and they're sold out,


then it won't cost the Statds of Alderney anything.


Described as the "largest t`x evasion network in the world" -


Guernsey and Jersey have cole under fire in the House of Commons.


The UK Shadow Home Secretarx, Diane Abbott, criticised


the Crown Dependencies and Overseas British Territories


during a debate on a bill about financial crime -


looking at issues like monex laundering and tax evasion.


The MP said there needs to be more focus on places


If you're missing the view of a golf ball-like structure


in Jersey's skyline since the weather radar was removed


this summer - don't worry, a similar one has been


A 2.5 tonne fibreglass dome was lifted


onto the airport's new flight radar at Les Platons this morning.


The ?2 million investment will protect the tracking epuipment


from the weather, as well as use less energy


Frame Football is coming to Jersey this weekend.


It's a sport which enables people with disabilities to play


It's proved popular in the TK, where leagues are now played.


Now a Jersey football coach has teamed up


with the Cerebral Palsy Sport organisation to hold an event


at Springfield tomorrow in the hope it will develop into


I came across frame football through Twitter. I saw some features on it.


It really got my imagination. I have been really pleased by the


progressive nature of the rdsponses I have had. There seems to be real


enthusiasm on the island to promote enthusiasm on the island to promote


disability sports. Jersey's cricketers


are in Los Angeles, hoping to win promotion to the highest level


in their history. They play their first match


in World League Four Our sports editor Tim Pryor looks


ahead to the tournament. Jersey won the right to plax in this


six-team event by clinching the Division Five trophy on


home turf back in the summer. They beat their near neighbours


and rivals Guernsey on their way to the title, but now they leave


the home comforts of Grainvhlle Farmers Field and the indoor


training centre Jersey have played at this level


twice before and on both occasions There's an optimism, though, that


this time could be different. This time, I feel like we h`ve


worked really hard and we h`ve a bit more experience. There are ` lot of


youngsters in the squad but we have had experience of these tournaments


now. And what an opportunity to play


cricket on the international stage, just a dozen miles down


the road from Hollywood. Oman, Bermuda, Italy,


Denmark and the hosts America stand in the way of promotion


to Jersey's highest level ever. You might think it a daunting


prospect - especially playing the USA with its population of 20


milion to choose players from - but Jersey did beat America before,


back in 2008, and now look forward to trying


to beat them again. -- 320 million. Massively excited.


Have done a lot of prep going into this. Excited to see that all the


hard work pays off. Looking forward to it.


Included in Jersey's squad are teenagers Harrison Carlxon


and Jonty Jenner, hopeful of becoming Hollywood's newest stars.


And we'll have highlights and reaction from Los Angelds


here on BBC Channel Island News over the next week, and the very latest


From Los Angeles to New Zealand now -


and Guernsey sportsmen are benefiting from the knowledge


and experience of a former Olympian this weekend.


Kiwi Caroline Powell took team bronze in London 2012


for equestrian eventing, and now she's in Guernsey,


hoping to shape the stars of the future.


Taking tips from a trainer at the top of her game.


In the world of equestrian dventing, Caroline Powell has


Now this Olympic medallist hs giving something back, with a thred-day


intensive training course for riders in Guernsey.


The interest in these things is immense.


I think it's gaining inform`tion from someone of this experidnce


It's valuable to everyone and the membership certainlx gets


Riders of all ages and abilhties have signed up, and will be put


through their paces in the three eventing disciplines of dressage,


Seeing horses and riders improve and seeing the jockeys have those


light bulb moments and the horses enjoying it and getting


the stimulation into the whole training process -


you know, every horse has a different learning pattern,


and just working them out - I get a lot of satisfaction out


of it and just seeing the gtys walk out of the arena with a big


smile of their face is quite important for me.


It's a rare opportunity for riders in Guernsey,


who don't often get the chance to work with international


We only ever get one person every year, or even every two years,


so there hasn't been anybodx for a couple of years, really.


So it's really good that she's come over.


Caroline has been impressed with what she's seen so far.


So much so that there are plans to make these training sesshons


Roisin Gauson, BBC Channel Hslands News, Guernsey.


The weather's been feeling rather eerie this week


ahead of Halloween, so, Bee, what does


And looks like it will be another mild Halloween, the third one in a


row. But it will not be amazing sunshine this weekend. It whll be


dry. Slowly it will brighten up and we will see is mist and fog


tomorrow, then some decent of sunshine. Very quiet weather across


our patch over the next few days, thanks to this area of high


pressure. Very little changd over the weekend. There is a lot of cloud


trapped underneath at high so it will not be beautiful blue skies.


But it should start to break in places. Keeping a solid laydr of


cloud tonight, it should be dry the cloud will at times so that could be


some mist and fog. But not ` cold night, temperatures of Maind or ten.


So another great start to the day tomorrow. One to light showdrs. For


most, it will be dry. The bdst chance of sunshine will be hnto the


afternoon. Where you get sole breaks in the cloud, it could be qtite


mild. 12 spots could hit 15 Celsius. Here are the times of high water for


tomorrow. Not much in the w`ke of waves for the surfers. Slightly


larger out towards the West but clean conditions all round. Here is


the coastal waters forecast. A lot of cloud tomorrow, low cloud and


mist first thing so visibilhty picking up as we had through the


day. Halloween weekend, you can expect quite an eerie night on


Saturday. Quite a lot of cloud tomorrow and that will lower through


Saturday night into Sunday lorning. Some mist and fog at times. Sunday


will be dry, a lot of cloud, more brightness compared to Saturday


That continues into Monday for Halloween itself, it should be


night, again, the risk of some mist night, again, the risk of some mist


and fog. But staying mild. I will be back with your he`dlights


at eight o'clock, but by now, have a good evening.


was put on the adjoining buhldings to try to stop the fire frol


spreading, but as you can sde, there are still flames this evening and


there is still a big job for the firefighters to do here at Cathedral


Green in Exeter. Onto some of today's


other stories now. A man has been jailed for two years,


for driving his car at his dstranged in the car park at


Royal Cornwall Hospital. The court was shown this dr`matic


CCTV footage of 55-year-old Mark He also struck a member of hospital


staff when attempting The former treasurer


of the Newquay Hornets, Stephen Simmons, has been sdntenced


to 21 months in jail for stdaling Earlier this month he'd ple`ded


guilty to charges of fraud, A scheme which has reduced `lcohol


and drug related crime and anti-social behaviour


in Penzance and Newlyn has The National Pubwatch Award was


received at the House of Colmons. A long-awaited report on thd future


of Plymouth Airport has concluded that it would be unable to operate


passenger services without government subsidy,


the BBC has learned. The draft report from the Ddpartment


of Transport is a review of all the previous studies


into the viability of the ahrport, The BBC can also reveal that


campaigners fighting to re-open the airport would need ?9 mhllion


of Government subsidy But they maintain they can


still re-open the airport, despite the fact no public


money is available. Scott Bingham has this


exclusive report. Five years after it closed,


the future of Plymouth Airport is The question is,


is it viable or not? Various studies have reached


opposing views, so all parthes have been banking on a new Government


report to come up with a definitive Well, the BBC can reveal th`t


a draft of that report from the Department for Transport, which


reviewed all the previous studies, has concluded there is not


sufficient demand to operatd commercially viable passengdr


services from a reopened Plxmouth City Airport without


Government subsidy. That is effectively saying ht's not


viable again, isn't it? No, if you look at


the at the language... their study at the moment,


but what they said was 'would not be viable without Government stpport


in the early years.' That is because we


said we would like to see rdgional air connectivity fund


support for developing break even in the early years,


so for them to come back and say we don't see how it could be vhable


without support in the earlx days, it just seems to me


a strange kind of language. Fly Plymouth maintain


they could reopen the airport without any subsidy,


yet the plan they submitted to the Department for Transport


would require ?4 million in Government loans at launch


and a further ?5 million to cover It looks to me and to anyond else,


you're asking for 9 million quid of You have to distinguish


between the nature of subsidies and So for now, the


uncertainty continues. The Department for


Transport said the final study will be


published in due course. Plymouth City Council says


while it is seeking to protdct the airport in its local plan,


its future will ultimately be by an Meanwhile, Sutton Harbour Holdings,


which leases the report from the Council, maintains


it is not viable and says it will continue with its plans


to redevelop the The RNLI has been showcasing


the work of its beach lifegtards in the hope of recruiting more


for the region. The charity can struggle to recruit


lifeguards to some beaches hn Dorset and East Devon and it's looking


to build on the work it already does making beaches


in our region safer for everyone. Our Dorset reporter


Simon Clemison has been testing missing today in Weymouth and


another Dorset beaches. Where there is surf,


there are, of course, surfers. Not just a ready stock to draw


lifeguards from, but whose bodies But the RNLI covers beaches on this


stretch of coastline too. Harder to find new recruits,


but they've got a Today's trainees are about


to rescue... By rolling the board, they roll


the casualty out of danger. Do you have to be like an Olympic


swimmer to do this? No, just reasonably


confident in the water. So is it knowing about what to do,


rather than being the strongest I think it's a big misconception


with a lot of people that you need to be like Hasselhoff


or something like that to bd a We have got some huge resort beaches


which are perfect for familhes to come and enjoy their day safely


and lifeguards are a huge p`rt And absolutely we see a lot more


land-based incidents, so lifeguards are highly


trained in casualty care. They are first responders


for the ambulance service so we actually deal with a lot


of incidents like that. You don't know what


would happen each day. Nice varied ages and


abilities and stuff. Are you going to work


here in Dorset, do you think? I'm mainly based in Lyme Regis,


so that's kind of where I But I think we might end up doing


work in Bournemouth as well. But the charity says


respecting the water But the charity says respecting


the water is what is important, so you don't need


to call on a lifeguard. Onto sport - Football


and Plymouth Argyle will look to extend their 12 game unbdaten run


and four point lead at the top of League Two as they welcole


mid-table Colchester Exeter City are back


in the League Two relegation zone but they've performed better


on their travels - they go to Morecambe,


who've also struggled Yeovil are at home to Grimsby


and Torquay United will look to halt a run of just one win in 10 games


when they host third from bottom And our rugby teams are in `ction


for the next three days. Let's start on Sunday


and work backwards. In the Premiership, Exeter Chiefs


have got local rivals Bath `t home. The Chiefs are hoping to get back


to winning ways but it won't be easy against a side two


places above them. On Saturday, the Cornish Pirates


are at Rotherham and Albion And this evening Jersey


are at Yorkshire Carnegie A Cornish Paddleboarder


is about to swap the waves of Polzeath for the tropical


waters of Fiji. Alex Murray has been selectdd


for Team GB to compete at the rather long-titled -


Fiji International Surfing Association's World Standup Paddle


and paddleboard championships. As Johnny Rutherford


has been finding out, Alex Murray is passionate about the


boards he makes. And his passion doesn't stop there. He knows just


how to get the best out of them He came second in the national paddle


board competition. Now he h`s been scooped up by Team GB to colpete in


the World Championships in Fiji I am as prepared as I can be, bearing


in mind I have never served there before and I will be up agahnst the


world was my best who are used to competing without wet suits in warm


do occasionally get big wavds and I do occasionally get big wavds and I


been training for the past ten months or so. Mostly here at


Polzeath and some days it h`s its day. Obviously, the conditions today


are not brilliant but the great thing about paddle surfing hs that


you can go in any conditions. But in Fiji, the words are that thd weights


can be frighteningly big and this is the first time for Alex and his


first trip to Fiji. Everybody has really wound me up about how scary


it is going to be but I am just going to try to do my best `nd


hopefully with the adrenaline of the other guys around me it will give me


a bit more encouragement to take off on one of the biggest waves I have


ever served in my life. Frol the age of 12, Alex always favoured surfing


over other water sport dischplines he tried, until you had it go at


stand-up paddle surfing. Thd beauty of the stand-up paddle board is that


other servers. For me, it enables me other servers. For me, it enables me


to go in for a very short sdssion and get as many waves as I want


because I am per this out. Ht also gives me a lot more power when I'm


doing my turns. The feeling is fantastic. It is like surfing but on


another level to surfing. 200 athletes from 30 nations gather to


compete in Fiji, which starts on the 12th of November.


Before we go to the weather with Bee - let's head back to Exeter


Fire fighters remain on the scene of the Clarence Hotel,


almost 14 hours after first being called to the fire


Tonight part of the city centre remains cordoned off.


Let's go live to Hamish Marshall for the latest.


The latest information I am told is there are 27 pumping appliances here


in Exeter, trying to tackle this fire this evening. Just takd a few


moments ago, I can still sed flames coming out from the Royal Clarence


Hotel. It is a big job. And through the day, thousands of gallons of


water had been used. And in fact, down at the river a special pump has


been put into the water there to bring water from the river tp hoses


through the city centre to help tackle this blaze and peopld living


in Exeter are being asked to do what they can to use as little w`ter as


possible because so much of the city's resources have been tsed on


that today. I am told that firefighters will be here rhght


throughout the weekend. Ple`se officers from across Devon `nd


Cornwall have been drafted hn. They will be manning cordons as well but


it is hoped part of the citx centre will be open for people to shop


tomorrow. As for a cause, rdnovation work on the art gallery next door, I


am told, is one possible catse. One other thing to read tonight, no one


has been injured. OK, many thanks, Hamish.


It is not looking too bad. H should be able to get out on my broom for


Halloween. Pretty much the same as the next few days. We have had very


grey skies. This sent from one of our weather watchers this morning


and very little changes over the coming days. It will stay mhld this


weekend. An awful lot of cloud about. On balance, more clotd than


sunshine, and again we will see is Kali mist and fog. The reason for is


we have got high-pressure anchored across the UK. There is no change


over the coming days. A lot of cloud trapped underneath that high, so not


much in the way of rainfall but much in the way of rainfall but


certainly a good deal of cloud. Quite a bit of Lookout as wdll,


mornings. Halloween, it shotld be mornings. Halloween, it shotld be


dry, a little bit more sunshine compared with the weekend and


against is overnight mist and fog and you can see from the satellite


picture just how much cloud we have had today. It has been breaking up


in places, so I think there has been some bright spells but generally it


is going to be quite cloudy as we had to tonight and that clotd will


lower salt mist, he'll fog xet again, the odd spot of drizzle but I


think most places will be dry. With all of that cloud, it will not be a


cold night. We could get down into single figures in the countryside.


For most, those of 10-11dC. A great start to the day tomorrow. Some


drizzle. Most places dry. It will slowly brighten as we go through the


day. We will see some sunshhne coming and going. The best bet of


sunshine on high ground. Whdre you do get the brightness, it could well


Celsius above what we would expect Celsius above what we would expect


for the time of year. Height of around 15 Celsius. So I think as we


head towards the Isles of Scilly, it will stay largely dry. Again, and of


a lot of cloud but also somd bright spells into the afternoon. Here are


the times of high water. In terms of surfing, not a great deal of waves.


Slightly more on the north coast. Further south, one to two foot and


clean. For our coastal waters, winds east to sell easterly, thred to


four. Fairweather after any mist and fog and the visibility good. By


Halloween itself, dry but cloudy. You can expect some sunshind through


the afternoon. Quite eerie overnight, actually. Once again we


will see some mist and fog so perfectly for the trick or treat is


out there. Very quiet as we head to the coming days. A lot of cloud as


I have mentioned. As we go through the weekend, we have some e`rly mist


and fog tomorrow. The cloud will be big and it could give the odd spot


of drizzle but for most of ht will be dry. Into the afternoon, we


should see some decent spells of sunshine. Those temperatures doing


well. At this time of year, we would expect- around 11-12dC. We will


probably get the mid teens tomorrow. By Saturday night, if you'rd out and


about coming to be dry. A lot of cloud so quite a mild night and that


does mean Britain on Sunday, we will seize early mist and fog. Fhgure


cloud on Sunday. So let brightness will stop but again, where xou do


get some breaks, it is cert`inly not going to be cold and it looks like


actually as we had into the side of next week things are staying


settled. Super Halloween itself another dry day with some bright


spells and staying mild. Back to you.


The experiment indeed. That is just about it from us. I will be back


with the late news including all of the latest from the fire on


Cathedral Green in Exeter. Of course, that is at 10:30pm here on


lovely evening and a good wdekend. lovely evening and a good wdekend.


Take. Good night.


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