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Good evening, I'm Charlie McArdle, welcome to BBC Channel Islands.


Maternity misconduct - Tribunal hears the death of a baby


at Guernsey's hospital may have been prevented.


Substantial increase, a call for tighter control


The numbers we have seen are all concern to us. We want to ensure


that we are able to support people at the right level but also ensure


we do not have too many people coming to the island.


And you may have heard the mention of snow in the forecast because of


this area of low pressure on Thursday. Well the Channel Islands


see find out later. The death of a baby born


on Guernsey's maternity ward 'may have been prevented' had a previous


incident been properly investigated, Three midwives are facing


charges of misconduct Mike Wilkins has been following this


case and joins us now from our Guernsey newsroom,


so Mike just remind us how we got Well, the sad starting point


of this story is the death It happened in 2014


at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital. Following the death,


all members of the then Health and It was and continues to be


a very shocking moment A major review was then carried out


by the nursing watchdog the Nursing This highlighted a series


of problems throughout But up until today we still didn't


know why that baby died and the circumstances


surrounding its death. So what happened


at the hearing today? Three Guernsey midwives


are charged with misconduct. Adult nurse Lisa Granville,


Antonia Manousaki, They were working on the


Loveridge Ward when a child, referred to only as Baby A,


was born just after midnight This desperately ill baby required


resuscitation and died An internal investigation


conducted by Granville, who was then head of risk


management, found 'no significant difficulties in care delivery'


and no further action was taken. But an investigation by the local


authority found that the baby's heartbeat hadn't been properly


monitored and its condition should've been reported


to a consultant. The NMC said the midwives


administered medication And there were claims


that the baby's death Yes it emerged today that another


Baby, referred to as Baby B, The NMC says that had


the death of Baby B been adequately investigated,


then the death of baby A may I have to stress that all three


midwives accept some of the charges against them but also deny


some of them. The hearing's expected


to last four weeks. New measures are being brought


in to cut the number of migrants Big companies with lots of non-local


staff could have some Ministers say it's needed to control


the island's population, Migrant workers fill


many of the posts in this hotel, as they do in much


of Jersey's hospitality sector. But now, there's to be


a cut-down on work licences. In Jersey you need a licence


to hire a migrant worker. After 5 years, they can work


anywhere, and the licence can be used to bring another worker


into the island. But the States are going to review


all big businesses to see if some of their licences can be


gradually taken away. We've got to work carefully


with them to encourage them to employ as many local people


as possible and not to automatically think they need a new licence


to bring additional people We've got to do something to control


the population and we believe this mechanism will do a good


job in achieving that. And the population's grown well


beyond the States' predictions. Despite plans for 325


new workers a year, in 2015 there were around 1,500,


with final figures for 2016 But the Chamber of Commerce fears


the impact on businesses that can't find the skills or staff they need


within the island. assurances to businesses that


if a company can prove they've absolutely tried to source


an employee locally and they can't do that there is flexibility


in the system in terms of bringing We need to try and sort jobs for the


local workforce before we put -- look elsewhere. We have got to look


after our people that are already resident on the island.


Whatever the public appetite for them, the question


is will the new measures actually work in controlling the island's


A man has been arrested on suspicion of armed robbery.


The arrest follows the incident at Temple Stores


in St Helier last week, where a shop owner was held


at knife point as cash and phones were stolen.


Jersey Police say they have a thirty one year old man in custody.


Loss of business and loss of staff - that's the concerns of employers


in a Jersey trading estate following a Government


The Rue des Pres estate was littered with rusty, abandoned cars


Most have been removed but replaced with huge charges


Rusty, unloved, and bad for business.


The government told the owners of these abandoned vehicles


to remove them or they'd be towed from this trading estate.


Most of them have now gone, but they've been replaced


with a hefty parking charge that business owners say


I think going from nothing for our staff who've been here -


some of them have been here 20-30 years,


they've never had to pay for the parking and now they'll have


to pay or face paying up to ?123 a month, it's just not affordable


so some of them will consider seeking alternative


employment which will be detrimental to the business.


Richard's also worried he'll have to find staff to replace the ones


I'm really happy here, I like my job, I like what I'm doing


but I can't afford to pay more than ?100 a month.


These concerns have been put to the minister in charge of roads


and parking who says the money will pay for upkeep.


We have to recoup the costs of maintaining the estate


and policing it and there are some quite lumpy capital sums that


are involved in that to maintain the roads,


to resurface the roads etc it's got to be self financing.


So we said that the maximum will be ?123 if the costs were more


than that then we'll have to cut our cloth to fit


but if it's less than that then we'll charge less.


While efforts to clean up the estate are appreciated,


until a cheap solution is found - Workers here will have


Jersey airport has reached a 16 year high in passenger numbers, just


under 16 million passengers passed -- passed through last year, an


increase of 20,000 from last year. The highest number recorded since


the year 2000. Musicians in Jersey are calling


for more places to perform. The Songwriters Society was formed


last year to help songwriters It's latest event was a sell out,


showing there's a real thirst for original local music


as Elisa Da Silva found out. Local talent, playing to a local


audience in a uniquely local venue. The Lido at Harve des Pas was home


to a swell of sound waves as singer songwriters


strummed their original music. The Songwriters Society


is a collaboration project The event is being praised by Jersey


musicians working in the UK. I think local musicians


themselves are doing a lot, I think that i'd always drum


about the venues, more and more venues even smaller venues


but decent venues with decent stage and decent sound system


like you've got here tonight we just need more of that -


it will encourage young I think we need to support


local artists a lot more, so actually I think these kind


of events are fantastic because actually we get to see


what Jersey has to offer. It struggles a bit with venues


etcetera but there's so much talent of the songwriters society hosted


by local musician David Keenan. He hopes to continue it


onto 2017 and inspire local I think there aren't any venues


where you can share a heartfelt song that's taken you time to write maybe


when it's in a band it's got energy you can take it back


there and you can play with it at festivals and stuff but I think


they're happy to have It seems the success


of the night has re-ignited the spark in both


listener and performer. With the songwriters


society lighting the way, the 2017 music scene


is looking brighter. Elisa Da Silva, BBC


Channel Islands News, Jersey. Many people have written


songs about the weather We'll with David Braine it's


bound to be a number one. I have been tempting you, I think


the only white thing we are likely to see is perhaps a few high


showers, perhaps some frost but snow will be elusive. It is finely


balanced at the moment, I come to Thursdays forecast in just a moment.


Tomorrow will be windy, winds increasing overnight. There will be


rain around. It will be brighter by the afternoon because this weather


front is one -- the first of two. This moves into another advance the


foot of the afternoon and introduces cold air. There is another weather


system that will drop down from the north and development into an area


of low pressure on Thursday. That is the one that is giving us a really


big headache because the risk of call the northern edge that area of


low pressure as it develops and it is capable of producing some sleet


or snow. How much, we will see. Showers possible overnight, it will


be generally quite a mild night and we could get into single figures at


eight or 9 degrees. He windy day tomorrow, the winds from the West


and north-west and a scattering of showers in the morning and then


brighter and drier conditions into the afternoon but it does remain


quite breezy and it will feel quite cold by the end of the day. Seven or


8 degrees. This is Thursdays forecast, the front coming in from


the North develops an area of low pressure for us, it could be a windy


affair free time on Thursday and just as the band of cloud and


predominantly rain moves away and up towards Belgium, there are a few


wintry showers that will follow perhaps even the odd hail shower


across the island as we move into the evening on Thursday evening.


That is when the call the arrives. These are times of high water for


tomorrow. Choppy conditions for our surfers, the biggest waves will be


along the northern shores of Guernsey. The Windsor


north-westerly, Force five or 46, the visibility good to occasionally


moderate. Thursday is mainly rain but a big drop in temperatures for


Friday and Saturday. Thank you. Tantalisingly close but


no need for the snow shoes. I will see you at eight.


this is the stage of the programme we usually get very hungry,


which is fortuitous as in a moment we'll be meeting a woman


who could be an award-winning dinner lady.


Expressing yourself in Exeter - the poetry project which


And the Green Army on the march as the first batch of tickets


go on sale the FA Cup replay against Liverpool.


A dinner lady from South Devon is about to go head-to-head with six


others in the hope of being crowned the best School Chef


The challenge is to make a main meal and dessert and the winner


will go on to compete for the national title.


Catherine Deane makes dinners each day for the children


at Yealmpton Primary School, and has enlisted the help of some


This is going to make me feel hungry.


Spotlight's John Ayres has been to see her cooking up a storm.


A lot has been made in recent years about the importance of school food.


Nutritious and healthy meals help children to concentrate,


and hopefully they will lead healthier lives in the future.


So school chefs like Catherine Deane are putting


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