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It is the ultimate boy's toy. It is a classic vehicle, comes in a


fashionable yellow. And we can see from the temperatures


over the next four days that they are on their way down. Perhaps a


subtle change as we move into Sunday. Some wintry showers in the


forecast as well. People trying to save a Jersey woman


who drowned last summer have told an inquest the sea conditions that


night were some of Joy Godfray was swept out to sea


on the eve of her 32nd birthday. Today's inquest heard that joy was a


fairly good summer who also swam in the sea with her friend and


housemate Austin. On that night there was an orange tide warning


with large waves recorded. It is not clear whether joy and her friend


Austin were aware of the warnings. They got the bus here and went for a


swim. But they quickly got into difficulty. In video footage played


to the inquest, a terrorist who was filming the storm from a roundabout


here captured the moments before joy was swept out to sea. In it, we see


joy and Austin in the water down here, struggling to stay on their


feet as the waves bashed the sea wall next to them. Witnesses say Joy


was thrown a lifeline, but it slipped from her grasp.


It was an August weekend that claimed six lives in the seas


around the British Isles, including one here in Jersey.


This was when the rescue boat launched to find Joy.


The man in the black T-shirt, who'd already saved a man


from the water at Green Island, was telling crews where to find her.


High tides and strong winds meant the sea was deceptively dangerous.


They were odd conditions because it was a lovely summer's


evening, but at the same time the sea was extraordinary


At the seaside next to the beach, I'm sure it looked inviting.


If you went out to any kind of depth it was devastating.


One of the crew was tipped overboard as the fire rescue


When they and the lifeboat crew found Joy, it was so rough,


the coxswain made the decision not to try to land, but to take Joy


Joy's family say they're devastated at the tragic loss,


and repeatedly during the inquest made a point to thank those


The inquest heard today how serious conditions were that night.


Dr David Howell, an RNLI medic who was onboard one of the lifeboats


and had tried to resuscitate Joy, described them as some of the worst


While coxswain Andrew Hibbs described how, on two occasions,


the all-weather lifeboat nearly rolled onto the inshore boat.


He said, "The public don't realise, on high tide,


Joy's friend Austin, who'd been with her in the sea,


told the inquest they hadn't discussed the conditions


when they arrived at the beach, they just went straight in.


The coroner, Mark Harris, concluded by saying Joy's death was "tragic",


and praised the courage and professionalism of all those


He recorded her death as death by drowning.


A prolific paedophile who used to live in Guernsey has been jailed


for life after admitting a catalogue of child abuse.


70-year-old Mark Frost, formerly known as Andrew Tracey,


pleaded guilty to 45 offences against young boys in


This afternoon a judge at the Old Bailey described his


actions as "horrific and deeply disturbing" and gave him 13


concurrent life sentences, with a minimum term of 16 years.


There are fears the full scale of Frost's crimes have yet


to emerge, and police in the UK and Guernsey, where he lived


in the 1960s and again in the late 1990s, are urging other victims


One of the biggest annual occasions in women's sport


in the Channel Islands has been cancelled.


is off because the Greens can't find enough players.


Our sports editor Tim Pryor joined me earlier to explain more.


The basic answer to why Jersey SER not putting up players -- Guernsey


FC, is a lack of players. To play in the women's Muratti you have to be


registered to a club in Guernsey or Jersey. A lot of the top Guernsey


players play in Hampshire in the UK. They are affiliated to the Hampshire


Football Association, and not the Guernsey football Association. They


say it is not right to blame the Hampshire FA and that there is 20 of


enthusiasm amongst Guernsey players. In recent years it has become


one-sided to jersey. Yes, last year 89-0 wind, so really one-sided. In


fact, Jersey have won 14 out of the last 15 games. It is a shame because


jersey would have been hoping to use this Muratti. What is the Jersey


Football Association saying about it? They say they are disappointed,


but they are hopeful this can be reinstated maybe as soon as next


season. I understand they are also trying to work to understand this


women's Muratti with another game, and bring a high profile site to the


island as part of those preparations for the Island games this side.


Dash-macro summer. Have you ever run out


of ideas for things to do The lack of attractions for families


on wet weather days has been one of the criticisms of the island


from tourists and locals alike. But that could be set to change


after planners approved major changes to one


popular visitor centre. Mark Inchley's been


finding out more. He's the little yellow plane


with a big heart that captured the hearts of islanders,


and even spawned a series But, since flying his last ever


flight two years ago, the next chapter for Joey has been


far from clear with But that's all set to change


with new plans for Oatlands Village, which include a permanent


home for Joey. Part of that is a 2000 square metre


play barn, a play area for children from 0- 12. Contained within that


would be the resting home for Joey. There have to be places for people


to go when it is wet and rainy, and if they can see that there is


somewhere for their children to play, even if the weather turns


nasty, then it will attract them here.


So good news for Joey and his fans but, with a drop in the number


of people visiting Guernsey last year, will the new-look Oatlands be


enough to plug the gap when it comes to what some perceive to be the lack


of rainy-day and tourist attractions for families in the island?


I think it is a very good idea. There is not very much for visitors


or children to go to. It is a lot more for children to do, and it


would be a lot more appealing for families to come to jersey,


definitely. So, some way to go before


the work here is finished, but also some excitement


about what's to come. And, it seems, Joey's


story is far from over. A new children's centre to help


support Guernsey families If it gets planning permission,


the project will see a community caf created in this space


at the old St Sampsons' Various services will also be run


from here such as speech therapy, antenatal classes


and health visitor sessions. We all have times in our parenting


where we think it is not so easy, and maybe we are looking for a bit


of extra help and somebody who is a listening ear can give us some


support and maybe some guidance, and help us on our way.


You're watching the BBC in the Channel Islands.


Later in Spotlight with Justin and Victoria: Children


with life-limiting illnesses have released their very own CD


to mark the anniversary of Children's Hospice South West.


Are you in the market for a second hand car?


Some "unique" vehicles have come up for sale in Guernsey.


One thing's for sure, they'd certainly make


Penny Elderfield went to take a look.


The answer to a mid-life crisis perhaps for others.


It is the ultimate boy's toy. It comes in fashionable yellow. It is


eighth 1988 road roller. But if that one's not for you,


perhaps an old sewage cart States Worsk is auctioning off


a collection of its old vehicles. They are taking sealed


bids from anyone who'd We are probably focusing mainly at


the martial sector, although we are open to all offers. It may provide


spares to an existing fleet. There is quite a unique variety of


vehicles that we are trying to dispose of here, so it probably is


quite a limited market. If you're interested you can get


in touch with States Works and come Although I wouldn't rate your


chances of being allowed to take one One thing I noticed which is not up


for sale is a gritter or snow plow. I'm hearing that snow


could be on its way. Well, it is sort of true because I


think we will see some wintry showers, but I don't think there


will be anything that the children are going to appreciate. The risk of


a wintry shower sums it up. There has been some rain today. This is a


rainbow from earlier today from one of our weather watchers. Thank you


for all the photographs you have sent in. Tomorrow, more clout and it


will definitely feel cold. More of a breeze tomorrow, and there will be


some showers around, most of which will be rain, but as we move through


tomorrow night and into Friday, there is a risk of some sleet or the


odd flurry of snow. We are getting in easterly winds, and those are


cold. They are coming from southern Scandinavia, where temperatures


right now are well below freezing. This is Friday, this area of low


pressure in harms is the strength of the easterly wind as we move through


into the weekend, and we will remain with those easterly winds through


the weekend, but with slightly less cold air by Sunday and Monday of


next week. The cold will be with us for Thursday and Friday, so expect


to see a lot of clear skies overnight tonight. Still the risk of


the odd passing shower, but most will be very isolated. A touch of


Frost is possible with three or four the minimum temperature. More cloud


coming from the east through tomorrow. The showers will be quite


isolated if they do occur at all, but look at those temperatures, just


6 degrees the maximum. With more of a breeze, it will feel quite cold.


Friday and Saturday, both days at risk of seeing the odd wintry


shower, and definitely feeling cold. No need for the snowplough just yet.


I am back at 10:25pm. Good night. Plymouth-based Royal Marine


against his conviction for murder have said they will announce


a decision at a later date. Sergeant Alexander Blackman's QC


told the Court Martial Appeal Court that the conviction was unsafe


because psychiatrists said the soldier was suffering


from a mental illness when he killed an injured Taliban


fighter in Afghanistan. The judges will take time to review


the evidence and the law before The Conservative MP for Torbay,


Kevin Foster, is seeking an urgent meeting with NHS bosses after plans


emerged yesterday to close 32 He says there hasn't been


enough consultation. The hospital says it will treat


patients elsewhere and says patient In a moment we will be catching up


with Sir Ben Ainslie to find out why he is training in Bermuda.


And some early spring colour in the sunshine today,


Children with life-limiting illnesses have released their very


own CD to mark the 25th anniversary of Children's Hospice South West.


Music therapy is one of the highlights for many


of the children at the hospices in Devon, Cornwall and Bristol.


Yes, and now, with a little help from family and friends,


they've chosen and performed 30 tracks for the special CD


which will help raise money for the charity.


Spotlight's Andrea Ormsby has the story.


For Sam, he doesn't have any vocabulary, he can't say words,


but with music he seems to come alive and Carolyn's just been


amazing in that she has worked with him for so long she's got


to know him, what he likes and what actually will get him to open up.


I think I've got the best job in the world.


To be able to offer children a space in which they can actually really


Sam's song is the first of the 30 tracks recorded by the children


It's just amazing to think that my son is on a CD.


But the fact that it's something that we can treasure forever,


it's a memory that is there forevermore now and we can share


that with all our family and it's just been so special.


For Sam to be involved and for us to be part of that.


Singing Bridge Over Troubled Water is the Children's Hospice South West


Joint Choir, singing together for the first time after just


It's one thing that we can do to add to that precious treasure chest


of memories that families accumulate while they're staying with us


It has been absolutely tremendous and the CD,


we just want to share with everybody because it's got some


Windchimes are her favourite sound ever.


The children have chosen the songs because they have a very significant


meaning for them so it might be that it's their sister's favourite song,


it might be a song that a parent has written in memory of their child


who has died, so the booklet really, I think, has to be read


alongside listening to all the beautiful contributions.


Even a world-renowned countertenor is on the CD.


Iestyn Davies said he was delighted to contribute.


The CD costs ?5 and can be ordered from the Children's


All proceeds go to the charity, which needs to raise


nearly ?10 million to keep the three hospices going.


Sir Ben Ainslie started sailing at Restronguet Sailing Club near


Little did anyone know then that he would become the most


successful Olympic sailor of all time, first winning a silver


and then four gold medals at consecutive games.


After the London Olympics he switched his attention


to the America's Cup - the oldest international sporting


trophy - and he tasted immediate success the following year on board


Now he's aiming to do something that's never


been done before and win the America's Cup for Britain.


Tony Husband was in Bermuda as Sir Ben and his team launched


the boat they hope will sail them to victory this summer.


Around half of the America's Cup team have left their main base in


Portsmouth and here at the Royal Navy dockyard. The temporary help


officially opened on Monday. It coincided with the launch of the


boat in which Britain will aim to win the America's Cup for the first


time. They will hope this was the only force start -- is the only


false start of the campaign. A pivotal day for the team. Lunch hour


race boat, get it in the water, -- launch our. It is many man-hours in


terms of design and engineering and our note builders who have done a


fantastic job to get it in the water. Land Rover BA are have been


training here since November in their testable and their rivals are


all around them so it raises the state 's. Full is -- we are


developing our report very well but we don't know it all so we can learn


a lot from watching techniques other boats sail weather and other


components they have stopped we are a long way from the end product. The


boat will have a crew of six led by Sir Ben Ainslie but also current


Olympic medallist Giles Scott. The hydrofoils can see the boat reach a


top spiral of 60 mph. They will get the idea of the kind of catch up


that they face as a start-up team. The establish likes of Artemis


aboard are strongly fancied to do well in this year's qualifiers but


there is so much optimism around Land Rover Bar and they really feel


this time Britain could bring the cup home.


Looks horrible in Bermuda! Much nicer here!


What fruit do you think we're talking about if we mention


Some of you may remember them as old fashioned


These types of heritage apples are being planted in a bid


to save some of the more unusual varieties from extinction.


It's all happening at the Royal Horticultural Society's


Lucie Fisher has been to take a look.


The first blooms are breaking the ground here at Rosemoor, an


And one of those is an orchard dedicated


to protecting rare species of Devon apples.


So this is one of 90 trees that is to be planted


here in what is to be the heritage orchard,


and one of the people planting those trees is Pete.


It's incredibly important to maintain


this amazing kind of diversity of varieties,


Hollow Core, Crimson Queen, Johnny Round.


I mean, some of these names, you know,


people will remember from their childhood and they're


And they are evocative for Pete, too.


Down in the poly tunnel he showed me some of their


So, you won't see any of these apples for sale in the shop


They are all very unusual varieties, which is the whole


We want to ensure that they continue and don't get lost.


There is one here called Pig's Nose, which


is very descriptive of just the shape of apple,


So these are the kind of apples, then, that you wouldn't see


in a supermarket if presumably they looked like a pig's nose.


No, we wouldn't see any of these in a


Which is kind of the reason we are creating this heritage


Everyone wants a perfect apple or a perfect piece of fruit


or vegetable and the ones which might be less


than perfect to look at are probably better tasting.


This attempt to protect an older, quirkier specimen


from more dominant others could end up being the difference between rare


And you never know, the gardens here at


Rosemoor may actually end up encouraging a resurgence in demand


What a good idea. Good to see some signs of spring as well.


You grow apples? I have an apple tree. And I saw some


crocuses. I love the snowdrops.


I hadn't -- a hint of spring. Let's see what the weather is going to be


like. Apple trees like some cold weather?


Yes, not while they are in blossom. We have had plenty of sunshine


today. It makes a huge difference. A lot of sunshine for most of the


south-west of all a bit more cloud creeping in from the east. We start


with a look across Plymouth Sound where we had an unusual visitor.


This is a South African frigate coming in for exercise during the


course of the day, and from here we go to some spring bulbs. These


crocuses look great. Also beneath the trees some beautiful shots of


flowers coming out. Spring is starting to show. Sadly the frost


and the cold is going to come back. We have easterly winds developing


over the next 24 hours. We have hardly had any today but those


easterly winds will develop and continue to give us some pretty low


temperatures over the next ten days. Perhaps a hint as we move into next


week of some slightly less cold air but the cold is already upon us and


temperatures are falling. Overnight tonight, a widespread frost.


Temperatures could get down to zero, even -1 overnight. A widespread


frost but not much moisture so I do not think we will see too much in


the way of ice. The only chance is on some of the minor routes over


high ground weather has been water coming out of the hedgerows. A


frosty night, reasonable start tomorrow with some sunshine but we


are going to continue to see more cloud creeping in from the east


during the day. With such cold air there is a chance of a few wintry


showers from the East and they could produce some showers in parts of


Dorset and Somerset. Along the south coast, the chance of a few showers,


mostly of rain, affecting the far south of Cornwall and the southern


half of Devon but we should get some sunshine tomorrow and perhaps 6-7 -


eight Celsius. A cold wind coming in from the east south-east. The


easterly breeze will continue on Friday. We will all see frost and


quite widespread. For most of us it will be dry but a cold wind and that


cold wind, the source of error, part of Scandinavia, will make it feel


pretty raw. By the time we get into Saturday and Sunday, the


Scandinavian areas across us and it will be a cold few days. There was


some speckled cloud around today, not much through the night, clear


skies, so frosty in places, as low as -1, minus two. Showers on the


south coast. There might be a wintry flurry across parts of Dorset and


Somerset. Struggling temperatures, feeling colder because of the


strength of wind. The Isles of Scilly, bright and dry but quite


windy with Southeast winds. Times of high water. Some good surfing across


the North Coast but it is pretty cold. The outlook is continuing


frost at night, a lot of cloud from Friday through to Saturday and


Sunday and the cloud is thick enough for the odd flurry in the winter but


I have to say it isn't much to appreciate.


We had our weather symbols ready in case you needed them.


What is that supposed to be?


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