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Welcome to BBC Channel Islands on Friday, February 10th.


Here are tonight's headlines: Children's Services sees a big


increase in the number of calls about vulnerable youngsters,


The alternative to being locked up, how electronic tags could cut the


number of prisoners. My caseload is quite high at the moment so there is


a need to prioritise at the moment but that is the case no matter how


many cases you out. And Huanying, a special message


for young visitors forging a special Electronic tagging is being


considered in Guernsey It's thought it could help reduce


the numbers of people in custody, particularly those


on short sentences. It's one idea mentioned


in a new prison report which looks at some of the changes over the past


year, as Penny Elderfield explains. The start of another


day at Guernsey prison. I've been here for 18


months, it's not too bad. You wouldn't choose to be here,


it's hard emotionally and mentally. I've focused on what I'm


going to do when I leave, and how this might be a change


in my life. Michael's one of around


90 prisoners here. And whilst focusing on how


he could change, there've been quite New security measures,


training opportunities and now this. This is the new wing area that we


were talking about. This new female wing


is the latest development. We had an external inspection that


said we needed to separate the female to male areas that is exactly


what we have done. Even though the numbers are low this wing will hold


six women and it will safeguard if the numbers ever-increasing gang.


Generally the number of prisoners is down.


Around 30%, in fact, on 2012 figures.


And the Prison Governor does have a plan to cut that further.


Electronic tagging, allowing people to serve their sentences


It's widely used in other jurisdictions for low-risk prisoners


Imprisonment is very expensive and you have to question the benefit of


that to the island if someone is sent here for a very short time.


So it gives an alternative, should the courts wish to use it.


It's a change Home Affairs will consider to help reduce


Although realistically it'll take more than just


A lot of people come and you won't see them again.


Sometimes it's for people's life experience to bring


about that change rather than the prison itself.


Meanwhile, a report into conditions at Jersey's prison says its taking


too long to repatriate prisoners who aren't originally


The prison board of visitors highlights the case


of an 18-year-old from the UK who's been an inmate at La Moye


for more than a year without a single visitor.


The board says the UK must comply with its obligations to take


A 55-year-old man from Jersey who admitted posting a highly


offensive comment on Facebook about Syrian refugees


Dale Minikin from St Peter was sentenced


An online discussion on Facebook page centred on a play at the Jersey


arts Centre featuring Syrian refugees. There were a number of


posts but the short comment from Dale Minikin was singled out by the


police because it suggested violence against the cast members. It


accepted that he had no of violence against the cast members but the


magistrate called to delete -- fleeting moment of stupidity but he


should've realised it was grossly offensive and could have encouraged


violence by others. Jersey's Children's Services


has seen a big increase Last November, 244 cases


were reported to the department responsible for protecting


vulnerable children. That figure is double


the monthly average. Usually this department sees around


100 children a month who may need protection,


but the end of last year saw what officials are calling


an unprecedented rise in calls. It may well be that there's been


an increase due to the white ribbon campaign that ran in November


about awareness Other things as well,


we had some other risk assessments that we were doing,


and we were also doing some assessments of children with quite


complex needs so a few factors but hard to pin it


on one particular thing. And the rise has also been noticed


this children's charity. We have children from all different


aspects, from the Bosdet Foundation through social services


and children's services and other I think we had a 20-30%


increase last summer, and Christmas again there


was another increase so it's definitely been increasing


as the months have gone on, To cope with the demand


at Children's Services, social Plus the department is looking


to recruit another 20 professionals. But this is during a national


shortage of social workers. My caseload is quite high


at the moment, so there is that need to prioritise but that's the case no


matter how many cases you have. And we're fortunate to work


in a profession where people It's also hoped a social work degree


will become available in the island. And ?6 million will be injected


into the department this year. But officials admit coping


with such a high number The club at the centre


of a dispute in women's football in the Channel Islands has written


to the Jersey and Guernsey Football Associations to try to get this


year's Muratti re-instated. The 2017 match between the two


islands was cancelled because the Guernsey FA couldn't


convince enough women to register. Many of the top players represent


Ormer Ladies in the UK. But now 18 Ormer players have agreed


also to sign for Guernsey-based clubs Sylvans and Rovers,


making them eligible If the GFA accept their applications


and I can't see any reason why they would not want to, then they are


eligible to play I believe unless the rules have been changed, so


hopefully the issue that they raised on Wednesday we have gone some way


to solving. You're watching the BBC


in the Channel Islands. Later in Spotlight


with Justin and Natalie: The amateur actors from Devon


nominated for a prestigious film 150 students from China


are in Jersey for their annual As well as joining in lessons


and visiting historical sites the Beijing visitors


are here for the formal opening of the Confucius Classroom


where Jersey students can now learn I want everyone to come


up with four moves. Confucius said all men's


natures are alike, and in this drama class it certainly


doesn't seem to matter the students In fact, for one student,


the island's differences don't lie The air off the sea


is really fresh and I think I can't watch the


scenery in Beijing. Staff hope by sharing their lessons


with their Beijing guests Hautlieu's students will be better at forming


relationships with new people And pupils admit they could learn


a few things from their visitors. They actually work a lot harder


than English people. It sounds bad to say


but they would go to school really early in the morning and then come


home at like five o'clock at night whereas we finish


school at, like, 3.20pm. Hautlieu are hoping to impart


at least a little of that work ethic For the first time they're offering


Mandarin as part of the curriculum. There's a whole stack


of neurological evidence that tells us that learning completely


new languages really works parts of brain that we can neglect


if we're not busy and engaged in those sort of


intellectual challenges. There's something really beautiful


about Mandarin as a language. The way the characters are formed


and presented and I think it's And it won't be long before


the Hautlieu students get the chance to test out their new skills,


they'll be visiting What a great way to learn a


language. The entrepreneur behind


a new airline connecting Alderney to Jersey and Cherbourg has


pledged his commitment to making Air Alderney Limited is the States


of Alderney's preferred bidder Director Julian Storey


believes he can succeed It is going to be Alderney -based


and for the people of alternate. Initially we will do routes to


Jersey and Cherbourg and we would maybe like to expand on that in the


future if we can make those roots work. We will have two aircraft


based on the island and crew based on the island and eventually we hope


to have an line maintenance capability based on the island.


The temperature's falling again and the wind is feeling quite


biting, but will any snow be on the cards?


Thank you. Hello. Good evening, it is cold enough for most of us today


and even colder tomorrow but there is a hint of even less cold air


arriving next week. We have to be patient. This weekend will be cloudy


at times and it will feel cold and wintry showers and a very low chance


I think of some of those showers giving any appreciable sloth --


snow. They will most likely be rain and sleet on Saturday and Sunday.


The detailed forecast has an area of low pressure of Spain and Portugal.


There is pretty awful weather in Spain and Portugal. The high


pressure to the north of us means an easterly flow which will not change


in the next 24 hours and if anything on Sunday the winds are even


stronger. The wind chill will make it feel even colder and then on


Monday and Tuesday of next week we draw a pair from a different


direction, coming from Spain and Portugal it is warm and it will


eventually get our temperatures back up to double figures. Saturday and


Sunday are pretty raw with the easterly wind staying with us and


the temperatures for us and across a good part of France. Showers are


possible and as we have seen today and this evening there a showers


around tonight with temperatures down to just one sole risk of frost


and icy patches in the morning. Tomorrow is a predominantly cloudy


day with a few showers, especially in the morning and the afternoon.


Some of those could be sleet or snow and three degrees is the top


temperature. A keen wind will make it feel bitterly cold. Anywhere


exposed to the breeze will be choppy and the winds are from the north and


the north-east. Wintry showers with moderate visibility. By Sunday the


easterly wind is still with us but slightly less cold air as we move


into next week. Have a nice weekend. The weekend looks chilly. That is it


from us here in the Channel Islands. If you missed anything you can watch


the programme on the iPlayer. We will be back at ten 20 5pm and I


were leaving now with the rest of spotlight.


And this is how cold it is going to get tonight,


Also, more cloud coming in from the east.


The Devon composer who wrote the music to one


of the most watched - and poignant films in the country


has today been back to the Teignmouth School that helped


Laura Rossi was asked to compose the soundtrack


to the Imperial War Museum's film, The Battle of the Somme.


She's been holding workshops with music students to help them


understand the film ahead of performances with a live symphony


After its release in 1916, The Battle Of The Somme quickly became a


must see film. It remains the biggest box office success, it was


seen by over half the population, and in the first six weeks it was


seen by nearly 20 million people. It was a box office record which wasn't


beaten until Star Wars in 1977. Just over 100 years on, it is as relevant


today as ever. Over an hour and a quarter of life on the front before


and after battle. This film was before censorship came in, so it is


the only footage of the British dead and wounded to this day. We still


don't see any at all. I actually went to the school long time ago, so


I'm from Teignmouth. It is really great to be back. Ten years ago,


Laura was commissioned by the Imperial War Museum to score the


film for its 90th anniversary. A year after its Centenary, it is now


being screened 100 times around the country. The film screenings are in


partnership with the Imperial War Museum, through the First World War


Centenary partnership. Today, Laura was back at her old school, having a


workshop with people. Sometimes, they might have been in a more


high-spirited moment. It isn't necessary because it's the war that


you want to write something very does present. You want to fit the


scenes, and when I was scoring this, there are busy some winded, but in


this team they seem quite happy. So let us think how we can relate that


-- there are obviously some winded. I was convinced that I'd found my


relative who was injured in the Somme, and the War Museum says that


they are inundated people thinking it is him, but it is probably not


him, so I'll keep looking. Will be a chance people into mass on Sunday to


see a screening of the film and here it with the orchestra at Exeter


Cathedral tomorrow evening. In the cathedral, be absolutely wonderful.


You have the have the acoustic, the space and that whole idea of course


with the Cathedral itself. And when this film was originally made. I


think the music at a tremendous amount. With many people watching


the film and perhaps going away from its thinking what it was about.


Though often remember they were moved by piece of music that appears


and is suitable for the picture didn't. -- for the picture it is in.


There are performances of the Battle of the Somme film with live music


at Exeter Cathedral tomorrow and Teignmouth Pavilions on Sunday.


It's time for the sport now, and Andy's been going to great


lengths and heights to find out about this weekend's Devon derby.


Some people are calling this game the biggest match ever played


between Plymouth Argyle and Exeter City.


It's no surprise to hear it's another sell-out at Home Park


with around 15,000 fans expected tomorrow.


Local bragging are always at stake when these arch rivals meet,


but with both sides in the top four of League Two, they're vying


for something far more valuable in the long


And both were playing their cards very close to their chests.


Well, you can tell this is a big game.


We're not even allowed to see Plymouth Argyle training.


And it's not just Argyle: Exeter City have been just as cagey.


And they're the form team in the whole of the country,


12 games unbeaten, seven wins in a row and a player whose form


in front of goal has seen him break a record that stood at the club


I didn't know until I'd equalled it, you know, what the record was.


So, yeah, there was a bit of pressure before


But yeah, it strange pressure, because, you know, you can't


Despite five goals in five wins in January, it was his team-mate


Ollie Watkins who is named league two Player of the Month.


Yeah, some of the lads give him a bit of stick, but no,


Loads of assists and a couple of goals.


So I don't begrudge him, but I think scoring every game in a month,


It shows you how well we've done the last month.


Good form in January, great, but it's about


And we're all focused on getting to the end of the season


The end of the season, the chance to relax.


Well, the Argyle squad couldn't wait that long and jetted off to Spain


His plan was a bit different to the one you would think,


so it was a lot of training up there.


Just nice to train in warm weather, really.


So does the form Exeter's players are showing at the moment hold any


They're not looking as dangerous as us.


You know, we've got, you know, a lot of dangerous players,


We're obviously ahead of them in the league for a reason.


You know, we'll have to be playing at it some more.


-- we will have to be banging at it tomorrow.


Neither side giving too much away here.


For Argyle, they'll be hoping 13 is unlucky for Exeter


is the Grecians look to extend their unbeaten run.


For Exeter, they'll be hoping Argyle are still in Siesta


It's good to see you starting to branch out with your reporting. I


think we'll have to move on quickly from that!


Exeter Chiefs' Jack Nowell and Tomas Francis will line up


against each other tomorrow when England take on Wales


in Cardiff, in round two of the Six Nations.


The 23-year-old Cornishman will be hoping to add to his nine


international tries when he replaces Jonny May on the wing.


While Francis has also been called up to the Welsh starting line-up.


On Sunday, their club team-mates are back in Premiership action


The Chiefs beat them the last time the two sides met at Sandy Park


in the Premiership semifinal and with Wasps providing five


of the England squad, it looks like a good time to play


You know, you can't run away from it, they've got a few


But I think regardless of that, everyone's where they've got


You know, they've got numerous international


So it'll be a tough game whatever happens.


That match kicks off at one o'clock on Sunday and Radio Devon will have


It's a rest weekend for the Championship,


but Plymouth Albion are back at the Brickfields -


Finally, our south-west sports personality of the year is one of


five gold medal winners from Rio to be named in England team for the


upcoming tour to South Africa. In four Riaz, hopefully another gold


medal. Thank you very much, Andy. I hope you filled in a health and


safety form when he climbed the tree. I'm going to take myself back


a few years at home and play hide and seek. Thanks, Andy.


A film self-funded by a group of amateur actors from Torbay has


been short listed for a film festival in Los Angeles.


It's about the life of Mordred - the illegitimate son of King Arthur.


It's been filmed at locations around the South West


Spotlight's Janine Jansen has the story.


One day my father will rule these lands, as well I. Who needs a


multi-million pound budget? This group of South Devon amateur actors


had a dream and just ?3000. And to act as he would, not to make your


own rules. What am I supposed to do now? Dan Leavy has now impressed


Hollywood. Mordred is short listed for a film festival in Los Angeles


-- their film has now impressed. You don't have to look hard to see it


was filmed entirely on location in Devon and Cornwall. I play


Guinevere, and basically when Mordred arrives, I don't trust him


at all and I have a bad feeling about him. I can't put my finger on


it. But I feel like he's going to be a danger. His idea of what's right


isn't necessarily the same as one as's. He sees it black and white,


whilst they will see the shades of grey. With no grant funding, the


South Devon players didn't give up. Through blood sweat and tears,


panicking, we have done car-boot sales, jumble sales, crowdfunds.


Some of us did a burlesque night, including Mordred. With such a tight


budget, everyone mucks in. One of the most brutal characters also had


the job of teaching his colleagues how to fight. How hard is it to drum


fight? Did it come quite naturally? fight? Did it come quite naturally?


I think for a lot of people it came naturally. I think everyone was


enjoying it, they were having a good time. They're already psyched up


anyway. It was a very brutal style of fighting, so, you know, a lot of


shield grubs and kicks and very sort of violent stuff. It's going to look


very impressive in the film. Could the Southwest's answer to Game Of


Throwing take these budding actors all the way to the top? -- Game of


Thrones. A lot of violence, and that's just in the studio! A very


chilly weekend. It is cold outside. You need to


cuddle up this weekend because there is a very cold easterly wind and low


temperatures, some of the coldest it has felt so far this winter. Very


chilly. There will be a breeze, and wintry showers around. So those will


leave some snow over high ground. At the moment, we have high-pressure --


low pressure over Spain and Portugal, dreadful weather.


High-pressure to the north, easterly High-pressure to the north, easterly


winds. One weather front trapped in the flow. It has the can of cloud to


produce snow showers at the moment. They're coming through central parts


of Britain and will travel towards us by the end of the night. The risk


of a few flurries in the wind, certainly for Dorset and Somerset.


By Sunday, the wind is stronger. A similar setup, with a lot of cloud


and potentially more wintry showers, too. We continue to see some pretty


low temperatures over the next couple of days. We can is definitely


a cold one. There are showers and more cloud coming in from the east.


In the second half of the night. Some clear skies, and certainly


frost possible. This was earlier today on the south coast of


Cornwall. Call having some of the best of them join today, will hazy


in places. There is quite thick haze, so reduced visibility because


of that. For all of us, it is the wind that makes it feel bitterly


cold. It will be with us on Saturday and Sunday. The holes you saw in the


cloud are already out there, and that means many of us tonight that


temperatures will fall very quickly indeed. Possibly as low as -2, if


not -3 overnight tonight. For all of us, bitterly cold, in places rusty


start to the day. If you are on the terraces watching that important


football match, need to wrap up warmly -- frosty start. The showers


falling readily as sleet and certainly over high ground, falling


as snow. The amount is likely to be small, but you will notice what is


falling out of the sky. Temperatures no more than three or four degrees.


If you add wind strength, it will feel a lot colder than that. That is


the forecast for the Isles of Scilly. A cold wind and wintry


showers, quite blustery wind across the island here. Times of high


water, here they are for ports and harbours. Portland at 6:47am,


Penzance at 440 7p. If you're brave enough to be at the the show this of


year, these are the temperatures. That us look at the coastal waters


forecast, pretty lively winds. From the East and North East, Force 5-6.


A few showers around, Margaret visibility. There is thick haze at


sea at the moment. It is the wind direction that dictate our


temperature as we move through the next few days. This is Tuesday.


You'll notice we have changed the colour. It has been very blue over


the last couple of days. By Tuesday, there is some yellow. Those at high


temperatures, temperatures in double figures. You'll notice that the far


south-west of England has some as well. Be patient, because will lose


the court, it will warm up eventually. It may take all the way


through to the middle of next week before we get some appreciable


sunshine and higher temperatures. The next two days are bitterly cold,


exacerbated by the strength of the wind. You will need to wrap up very


warmly. Have a nice weekend. Thank you very much, David. Wrap up only


if you are going to the Devon derby tomorrow. If not, full match


commentary on BBC radio Devon from TPM tomorrow. From all of us on the


programme, have a good weekend. Goodbye. -- from two PM.


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