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Good evening, I'm Charlie McArdle welcome to BBC Channel Islands.


Giving back to get more - farmers will need to look


They can give it to us this year or three years' time and take it away.


They weren't more than three years ago, why are they so worried about


it now? There is no cross left. -- trust.


Jersey's Education minster avoids punishment over claims of misleading


The final furlong for horse racing in Guernsey -


There is a problem. They might have to run this race once every two


years or something. Farmers in Jersey will no longer get


government money based on the size of their farm,


but instead will have to prove they're meeting


sustainable farming standards. The new plan - released today -


will change the way Some say it will bring


more help for businesses but others believe it's too


little, too late. It's no longer Jersey's


most important industry. But farming is an inescapable part


of the island's identity. And it's that impact


on our landscape the government farmers in return for public tax


payers money that they'll receive, to give back to the community


some environmental gain. To show that they're looking


after the countryside, that they're thinking about energy,


water pollution and a whole And in exchange for receiving


public money, farmers are going to demonstrate that


they're looking And that's the big change


in this big document. Farmers will need to reach certain


standards to get grants. The higher the standard,


the bigger the grant. And it's hoped in ten years' time,


all Jersey farms will have met what's called the Leaf standard -


which would be a world first. to the challenge and gets


accreditation for their farm - whether it's cattle,


whether it's sheep or chickens or just the growing side -


if everyone steps up to the Leaf mark challenge,


Jersey's in a great place to market itself as an island


that is producing sustainable food, and that's going to


be a great message. Although Peter admits


the plan isn't perfect. He's worried there isn't more


to help young farmers Something dairy farmer


Darren knows very well. He gave up his organic


status two years ago Now he thinks the strategy


is too little, too late. Organic farming was


obviously the benchmark of all sustainable environmental


farming worldwide. We as an organic association


on the island asked government over three years ago to fund it,


otherwise it was in serious decline, they didn't do it, it has


had serious decline, and now they're out there


championing the fact that they're going to look


after the environment. It seems a little


too late in my book. And with the financial pot not


getting any bigger for farmers, the government hopes the subsidies


will be a big enough But Darren says while the States


is making the right noises, Securing reliable, sustainable,


and affordable air and sea links - that's the main priority people


in Guernsey want the Government to focus on when detailing


the islands future plan. That's the feedback from a series


of drop in workshops to help the Policy and Resources


committee decide the 20-year strategic vision due


to be debated in June. But Deputy Le Tocq told


BBC Radio Guernsey today that they can't focus


on immediate concerns. The a dichotomy if you like between


us fixing things that are a problem and the moment and being able to


look at things, step back and say, we might fix it at the moment but


there will be a novel problem next year and a view yet down the line.


We need a broader look to see what we might have, to make it more


sustainable and warm to map a solution.


The cost of water is going up in Jersey.


Prices will increase by two percent in April -


that's around two pence for the average household.


The rise follows one of the driest winters for years and the extra


costs Jersey Water have had to incur for the treatment of supplies


Jersey's Education Minister has survived a motion of censure over


The motion was called for by a politician who claims


the Minister used misleading information in presenting his


Like many other departments, Education is having to make savings


whether through means-testing free nursery places or reducing grants


But plans to cut the pay of newly recruited teachers got


the Education Minister into hot water.


Backbencher deputy Geoff Southern called for a motion of censure


against the Minister - that's a reprimand by the States


accusing him of using misleading figures.


Teachers in Jersey currently start on ?38,000 a year.


it to just under ?34k, which the Minister argues


teachers in the UK - the least experienced


and qualified - with level three teachers in Jersey -


those with at least a 2:2 degree and post-grad in education -


because the island doesn't recruit below a level three.


But Deputy Southern says that's comparing apples and oranges,


the Minister however says it still adds up.


Jersey level three teachers would still get more than level


three teachers in the UK - including those in better paid


But the motion of censure was defeated overwhelmingly.


So was it all just a waste of States' time?


Well you can argue that but I believe ministers


in particular and their assistants should listen carefully


to the will of the States that we're given open,


straightforward and honest answers and information.


And though the Minister survived the motion,


does the whole debacle throw doubt over his plans to cut pay?


No, I don't, not at all, it goes with the territory,


you have to make difficult decisions, we have to make


budget requirements, we have to make sure


we are operating fully, so we protected our front line


services and are still on track to making education a top priority'.


The question now is what impact any pay cut would have to teacher


Over 900 people have signed a petition


against Jersey's Chief Minister receiving a pay rise.


Reform Jersey launched the online petition


following a recommendation from the States Members Remuneration


Review Body for the island's most senior politician to be paid ?7000


more than the flat line rate of ?46,000


currently received by all politicians.


Most politicians aren't worth the money they are paid because they


don't act in the interest of ordinary islanders and our


democratic system does not give the right level of accountability to


politicians. If you are going to be a small, you should be held to


account by the public more so I would be good any pay rise until the


proper checks and balances included in our political system.


Guernsey's biggest horse race could be cancelled this year.


Organisers are struggling to put on the event and are looking


The May Day bank holiday flat race draws crowds and competitors


But as Mike Wilkins reports, increasing transport costs


What this man doesn't know about horses isn't worth knowing.


Thadie Griffith is one of a handful of farriers in Guernsey.


He also helps run the annual horse racing event.


But this year he says it may have to be cancelled


The event draws thousands of spectators


Unless he can find people to help us with the course and financially,


yes, there is a problem and it could be that they might have to run this


race once every two years or something just to keep it going.


The event draws thousands of spectators


but rising costs are forcing the organisers to think again.


It costs ?30,000 to host and the transport links are not helping.


They are going down fast, Jewish great, because people cannot get


here quick enough. -- tourist rates. This has provided a national


grandstand to watch the races. The question is, will there be anything


to see on the 1st of May? Well, romances in the air but are


things hotting up in response to the let's find out.


Through the morning, quite cloudy but a lot of missed is perhaps. Some


stealth of rain around at first and that rain will bring some thunder.


That cleared in mid to late morning. This is the weather front


approaching. Coming into was denied. Clearing eastwards. Heading through


due tomorrow. Thursday, high pressure. Dry and bright with some


showers. High pressure more or less. David more cloud. Through tonight,


we have starry skies initially but that cloud does tend to build. A


view mist patches and the risk of some forward. Coming in a


south-easterly direction. Could be quite a wet start to think tomorrow


morning. Rain could be quite heavy. Some thunder. As that clears, we see


some sunshine and temperatures of around 11 Celsius. Quite a mild day.


These are high times -- times of high water. Southward and east for


the forecast for coastal waters. Quite moderate visibility. This is


the picture to view next few days. A bit brighter on Wednesday, quite


picture on Thursday. Glad beginning. Some rain as he heads to the Kent.


Not too bad. -- the weekend. Thank you.


And here's something to make you smile this Valentine's day


Mother and Daughter orangutans Dana and Kea puckered up


for the most romantic day of the year - showing love is all


Full marks to our graphics department there. If you got any


great pictures, we want to see them. I was them on our Facebook page. Any


pictures at all. You are up to date with the latest news from the


Channel Islands. I'm back at 8pm and again at 1025 B M. Until then, good


night. And made a man of me. The only one I


ever loved. The letters from the front line


which reveal how love endured And if roses aren't your thing,


choose from 1,700 other species, for the St Valentine's Day flower


count. Now do you enjoy a trip


to the garden centre, a visit to a gallery,


or just chatting over a cup of tea? If you do you might be exactly


the kind of person needed by They're calling for more volunteers


to buddy up with someone with dementia in a scheme


to help tackle loneliness. Harriet Bradshaw has been to Newquay


to find out how it works. She's got Alzheimer's,


which affects her memory and her thinking, and the knock-on


consequences can leave There you go, Pam.


Nice and gentle. For Pam, she's getting out


more and more now thanks Yeah, we do.


Yeah. We are a good


partnership, aren't we? Yeah, yeah.


We have a lot of fun. They've been paired


through a new scheme giving people with dementia the chance to continue


the hobbies they love in the community, but there


is a shortage of volunteers. The demand is so high


for the service in Newquay and St Austell where it's currently


being provided, that we've had to close waiting list,


and at the moment, for everyone volunteer we have, there are three


people waiting to be matched We would like to be able


to provide the people with dementia on the waiting list


with a volunteer, but also eventually to expand the service


across the rest of Cornwall, so that the more people that we have


who want to have one to come on board and make a difference,


really, the better it is for I find, as well, I've gained more


confidence volunteering. I am not one to go out


and about much on my own, but, As I say, it's given me


more confidence, and, Pam had stopped playing bowls


when her husband died, but picking it up again has


given her a new lease of life. It's changed my life, getting out


of the house and meeting people. The Alzheimer's Society says by 2021


more than 1 million people will be living with dementia,


so volunteer work is Harriet Bradshaw,


BBC Spotlight, Newquay. Next tonight, love and loss -


and today of all days is the perfect opportunity to marvel


at the enduring power of love with the release of letters home


written by soldiers fighting They've been made public


by descendants to mark the forthcoming centenary


of the Battle of Passchendaele. John Henderson's been to meet


the great-granddaughter of a soldier who wrote to his wife,


telling her: "You were the only one


I ever loved, the one My darling, if this should ever


reach you, it will be a sure sign that I am gone under, and what they


of view do not know, but there is one above that will see to you and


not let you starve. The language of love undiminished


after 100 years. You have been the best and are you


deeply. How much, you will never know.


Like thousands around him on the battlefield, Private Albert Ford


thought constantly about home and his wife and six children who he


left behind. The youngest was born in June 1917


and he had already gone to the front so he never saw her. A photograph


was taken of the six children to be sent to him, but I do not know


whether he did or did not see it. Private Ford was initially a


merchant seaman and that his ship was torpedoed and the letters


revealed a coach of guilt about taking part in the greatest war.


He volunteered to sign up and I think that is why there is this


tinge of regret that goes through the letter.


It was posted to the front -- he was posted to the front and was killed


in action on the 26th of October 19 17. The last letter home was made


public and in it he tells his wife Edith to marry again if she ever


gets the chance. She never did marry again. She kept


all of his letters together and died in 1956. Shortly before her death,


she claims she saw him in her bedroom. She was certain he had come


for her. His great grand daughter who lives


in Dartmoor, and do her the latter home is the ultimate love letter.


Know that my last were of you... Now it wouldn't be Valentine's Day


without flowers, and, if roses aren't your thing,


there are plenty of other More than 1,700 different species


of flowers have been counted blooming at National Trust


properties across the south-west. It's the 12th year for the annual


flower count, and although numbers are down on last year,


they're still very high and suggest Clare Woodling has been to one


of the counts in Saltram. "A flower blossoms


for its own joy" - And this year they are in abundance


on National Trust properties There will always be


the staple things in flowers, things like the snowdrops


and camellias at this time of year, they are always in flower,


so there's always the familiar things, but with a garden


like this, there are 1500 That's not different plants,


that's different types of plants. And there are always


going to be surprises. There is always something that


has tried to throw up a flower unexpectedly,


and that's always As you can see, there are lots


of crocus here in front of us, but they are all the same type


of crocus, so although there are hundreds of the plants here,


this all only counts as one So you do not have to


count every single head? No, otherwise I would be


here for weeks if I had to do that. This is a carefully planned


and it is the only such It originates from Nepal and has


a lovely sweet fragrance. Because it blooms in February,


it needs all of the ploys it can get to attract bees and other insects


in to help the flowers pollinate. Cataloguing all of the different


varieties each year offers a moment to reflect on how


the garden is evolving. The chance of doing this flower


count is a chance to really be able to focus on that,


because we are so busy trying to keep on top of the practical,


day-to-day gardening, that it is a really nice opportunity


just to slow down a bit and focus on what is actually


going on in the garden. These are Helleborus,


which are otherwise known They are a really, really


lovely looking flower. As the years go on, the data may


give an insight into changing weather patterns on native


and exotic species, and also what needs to be done to keep


these gardens coming up roses, and camellias and snowdrops and


crocuses and daffodils and tulips... Now, let's set the scene -


a spray of flowers, a nice romantic light,


after all, this is But in Somerset a romantic light


to rival even this has been lit The St Valentine's Day


lamp is the county's only working gas lamp,


and every February 14 it's lit by the man who spent


months restoring it. The ceremony has seen at least one


proposal over the years, but, as Michelle Ruminski reports,


the gas lighter is now looking for an apprentice


to take on the role. Reg's love affair with a Valentine


lamp all began when he found Over nearly three decades,


he has put his heart and soul into restoring it,


decorating it with symbols of love, All I know is I got carried away


and, I think, anyway, I fell in love with the lamp


by accident, and it controlled me Because I often say,


why ever did I start? But having started,


rather like in a romance, And it's fair to say


that the Valentine gaslamp has a special place in many


other people's hearts as well. I think you can't fault it,


and I'm just hoping that people will take good care of it,


because you won't find anything How many years have you been


going to the ceremony? So it really does mean


something to you? Yes, no, it does, and a lot of other


people around here as well. None more so than Dave


and Sue, Reg's daughter. It was here two years ago


that I proposed to sue, It was here two years ago


that I proposed to Sue, and they brought with me


a heart-shaped red cushion and got down on one knee


and popped the question. A great shock, but wonderful shock,


and now we are planning to get married and live the rest


of our lives together. We will always have that history


with the Valentine lamp. But, with Reg growing older


and with his family living up north, he is urgently looking for someone


to replace him. You see, I am looking


for a lamp lighter. Tonight, Reg has done


the honours for the 23rd time. Many turned out for this Valentines


tradition. Who knows? Maybe it will spark someone else to fall in love


with it as well. Michel Ruminski, BBC


Spotlight, Frome. Let's hope they keep that tradition


going. I hate to spoil the romantic scene here, but there was a risk


assessment had to be filled in for this lit candle and we have a man


standing by, the editor, to put the candle out if it gets dangerous. But


that spoils the romantic ambience. We need someone to fan the flames.


Do not do that. It is time for the weather forecast. What is it looking


like, Holly? Don't worry. Good. I thought you had


left me out. I will say that to the end of the forecast. Yes, do not


touch the candle. It is Valentines evening and how lovely. Happy


Valentine's Day. Roses are red, violets are blue, and for some of us


today the sky was to. Here in Cornwall, a lovely picture and


springlike. For many of us it was more grave. Low cloud around and a


bit of mist and hill fog as well as outbreaks of rain. And it gradually


works its way eastwards and improves from the West. Amazingly, tomorrow,


we do it again. Another weather front approaching with some styles


of heavy rain in the morning. That rain could be quite lively but also


possibly bringing thunder. Brighter in the afternoon, much like today,


and a bit less breezy than today. This is the weather bug affecting as


earlier and that pushes eastwards. You will see this next weather front


waiting in the wings. That will go through to the second part of


tonight into tomorrow, and it will clear and then higher pressure


building its way in on Thursday. It will settle. Comes with a mist, but


first I should break. Light winds, dryness, and brightness. That


high-pressure doing its best but we have got a weather front


approaching, and then it does start to bring you a bit more cloud and


maybe just a little bit of rain. More so later in the day. This great


stretch of cloud associated with our weather fronts and patchy rain


underneath it. This cloud also quite low but it way eastwards. That rain


is coming in from the West. Also these showers working their way


towards us. That is the picture through this evening and tonight.


Quite heavy showers working their way around midnight, and further


ease some starry skies initially but some low cloudy mist and hill fog


re-bonding. In the early hours some more persistent rain is working its


way in across or more. Some odd rumbles of thunder but also a mild


night with loads of seven or eight Celsius. Heading through tomorrow


morning and a bed of a wet start. Rain could be heavy through the


course of the morning. It worked its way eastwards, good news, becomes


showery and those showers peel away. Some sunshine coming out. Quite a


springlike look into tomorrow afternoon and the wind will be that


bit lighter. Initially a brisk southerly but eases into the


afternoon, I ran to the south-westerly. These are top


temperatures. Height of ten or 11 Celsius. As high as 13 or 14


Celsius, so not a bad look for things at all and much milder than


we are used to operate the several recent days, especially last week


into the weekend. For the Isles of Scilly, early heavy rain should nip


through quickly during the morning and much of the day will have


sunshine. The risk of some heavy showers. Not too many. Usual times


of high water. For servers, the waves are not looking too big. It


could be cleaned along the north coast I suspect at first, but went


veering around to become choppy. -- file servers. Coastal waters


forecast, Winter southerly at four or five, and using a late into the


afternoon. Rain or showers visibility moderate or good and


light but moderate at times. Overall, not looking too bad over


the next few days. Although we have got a view things to watch out for,


early rain through tomorrow morning and quite heavy and thundery. Could


improve come the afternoon. There looking like the most promising day


of the next view, with high pressure in charge and winds lighter than


they have been. A bit of mist and fog early on should clear and then


persistent sunshine on Thursday. Even though that high-pressure stays


in charge for Friday, some cloud working in the risk of a bit more


rain by day and perhaps more persistent rain into the evening.


Into the weekend, I think it tries to stay settled, and a bit of rain


but hopefully not too much. Generally a reasonable picture.


You have not even have any fizz. Come and join us. This is for


Valentines night. Thank you very much. Happy Valentine 's night. See


you again tomorrow. Cheers. Cheers. Cheers.


# I knew you were trouble when you walked in


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