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Put the brakes on. A senior politician calls for delays in


implementing Guernsey's new population law.


Dog owners told they won't go unpunished


Imagining the worst - the emergency services


One of Guernsey's top politicians is calling for a delay


to the island's controversial new population management law.


It's due to come into force on 3rd April.


But, after concern from the business community, Deputy Peter Ferbrache


says waiting may be necessary until Guernsey knows where it stands


It's taken six years to decide how to manage Guernsey's population.


A new law's due to come into force on 3rd April.


But not everyone's convinced it's the right thing to be doing.


The Chamber of Commerce and Confederation of


Guernsey Industry are urging politicians to delay


its introduction, until Guernsey is more certain of its place


And, one of the island's top politicians has said


I see that as a possibility. I'm not saying it is absolutely my view, but


it is more likely than not. I would like to discuss it with my


colleagues. We have then got to decide if we are going to, either


some of us or as a committee, they do the site on March 29 -- say to


the states, whether we want to say and we delay it, or can you amend


it, or whatever. But the politician responsible


for driving through the new law says So many people have planned for


April three, thousands have planned for that date, and a small minority


who are quite vocal at the moment, are quite detrimental against those


who have engaged. But as I said before, there will always be people


that you can't please all of the time, that is the way it goes,


really. So I hope it will go through, but we will have to wait


and see at the end of the month. The States is due to meet at the end


of the month to sign off the law. But, with so much concern


from the business community, it'll be a nervous wait for those


behind the new regime. They will face prosecution -


the words of a Jersey politician who has promised to ensure


the new dog law will be enforced. It comes after hundreds of people


shared an image of a recent dog Jersey's dog law was updated last


year, so it's now an illegal offence if a dog causes serious injury,


but does it go far enough? It's an image that caused shock


and outrage among dog owners in Jersey when it was posted


on social media. It's claimed these injuries


were sustained during an unprovoked attack by another dog


on an island beach. And it's not the only dog attack


posted online recently. This boxer needed seven visits


to the vet, costing up to ?1,000, when it was set


upon outside its house. The owners say they are still


in a legal battle to claim the costs Until recently, an offence was only


committed under Jersey's Dog Law if a dog worries livestock


on agricultural land. Now owners can face an unlimited


fine and/or imprisonment of up to ten years if their dog has caused


death or serious injury. The Minister says he


will ensure the new law It's not fair on the animals,


and it's not fair on the owner of the animals, and it's not


fair on society. I want it understood by people that


aren't so responsible that if they are not acting in a manner


to protect their own dogs and other dogs, if they have a dog


that can be dangerous, But experts say dog aggression can


be caused by various emotions, and this law


won't address underlying issues. We need to learn how to reduce


future incidents and we can't do that just by slapping fines


and putting dogs on muzzles and short leads - it


doesn't tell you anything, you're not learning


anything from it. So we need to learn more about these


incidents so we can educate owners and teach them what to look out for,


and what we can do in But, while moves have been made


to try to protect dogs from other dogs when they are out and about,


it's the responsibility of the owner to understand


why their dog may attack, and to spot the signs


before it happens. Carbon monoxide tests


are being introduced to help pregnant women


in Jersey stop smoking. Latest figures show one in six


mums-to-be in Jersey smoke. Carbon monoxide, produced by tobacco


can reduce the amount of oxygen the baby gets,


affecting its development. Midwives will offer the test


to all pregnant women We know that babies born to women


who are smokers can be underweight, or not so vigorous for coping with


Labour, and so it is important that we help women in as nonjudgemental a


way to give up smoking in pregnancy, and indeed their partners as well


because passive smoking can also influence them.


Jersey's new police headquarters opened for business today.


After two and a half years of construction,


reception officially opened at 8am this morning.


The Green Street police station cost ?21 million,


?14million of which came from money which had been taken from criminals.


Guernsey police are warning islanders to be vigilant


after reports of heating oil being stolen from homes.


Officers suspect individuals have been going into gardens


in the Castel area and taking oil from tanks.


They're urging people to be on the lookout for suspicious


behaviour and report it to the police or Crimestoppers.


The organisers of the Channel Island's biggest emergency exercise,


which took place in St Helier today, say it was a success.


All of Jersey's emergency services were involved with 80 volunteers


playing passengers on board a ferry that had collided


It's all hands on deck as Jersey's emergency services deal


with the biggest incident they've ever faced.


First, the island's fire-fighters must contain a blaze that's broken


out on board a ferry, before local paramedics


can help the passengers who are seriously injured.


But these casualties are actors and this is just an exercise,


all designed to help the blue light teams prepare if the


Hopefully we never get an incident of the scale we have tested today,


but by doing this test we can have confidence in the individual plans


and that the individual agencies can all work together. It is a five-day


exercise testing a range of emergency skills, and yesterday


group work practising being load the macro lowered onto a boat.


I'm currently in the Survivor's Centre set up


You can see behind me a queue of passengers who all need to be


Officers were in charge of taking down all their information


before deciding if anyone needed further assistance.


Like 73-year-old Susan who'd suffered a blow to the head.


They're brilliant, they always are, they're so caring and they really


make you feel, although you know there's nothing wrong with you,


You have to think, right, I've got a bad head so I've got


to make sure everyone knows I've got a bad head.


Those in charge of the exercise say it all went to plan,


and they're confident that if a major catastrophe ever does


happen, the people we rely on the most will be ready for it.


Jessica Banham, BBC Channel Islands News, Jersey.


Les Quennevais was full of splash and cheer this morning as the annual


Pupils from Haute Vallee were first to dive in and with the largest


number of teams registered to date, it could be a record breaker.


First the hooter, and then they're away.


The 46th Lions Club Swimarathon has 465 teams registered,


and if they all turn up, this could make for a record year.


About 25 more than we have ever had, so we're thrilled and it hopefully


will mean that we will help us to raise more funds for the five


charities that we are supporting specifically and this is really


Swimmers will be making the splash for charity


for the next four days and, due to the inclusivity of the event,


everyone can participate, including the man signalling the opening.


I had a break for about ten or fifteen years, but I've swum many


times and it's always very invigorating, it really gets people


And it could be these young people who benefit from this year's event.


We're supporting five charities which look after young people


literally from birth to young adulthood right across that spectrum


and we believe this is one of the reasons why we've had many


more teams supporting us because this is a theme that


So, on Sunday night when the event finishes, they'll be hoping


David brain has the forecast. Good evening. There is a good chance


the fog will linger. The breeze has helped to keep some of the low cloud


away, but it has now eased off and overnight we will have more local


out, missed and whistles. Dash-macro drizzle. The fog is again going to


be a problem. Still mild first thing, still the risk of drizzle and


the pattern doesn't change a great deal. This probe of cloud needs to


be to the south of us for us to see an improvement. That ripple in the


cloud moves along the English Channel, and it does not play us so


we stay in the same type of mild, moist air. On Friday, a chance of a


view holds developing in the cloud as slightly drier air comes out of


the Nick Compton. By Saturday and Sunday, we are back to North or


north-westerly winds, so much fresher air, and better visibility.


The visibility issues may with us the again -- may be with us again


tomorrow. It will be a mild night with amateurs no lower than 10


Celsius. Dash-macro temperatures. Tomorrow, more low cloud, drizzle in


the wind, and not as windy as it has been. More of that low cloud sitting


close to the sea, close to the ground, so murky conditions with 12


degrees the maximum. Friday is similar, perhaps a bit


brighter as the winds become south-easterly.


Showers and cooler for the weekend. Thank you. That is it for us. Now,


the rest of Spotlight. Police searching for a 26-year-old


missing woman in North Devon have confirmed she's a junior


doctor from Bristol. Lauren Phillips' car was last seen


in Woolacombe almost two weeks ago. Dozens of women from the southwest


born in the 1950's, have been protesting in London today angry


about changes to their pensions. They say they've had up to six years


added to their retirement age Devon Councillors are threatening


to refer plans to close 71 Community Hospital beds


to the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt. They want health commissioners


to assure them it's good for the local health service


and the consultation Investigators believe plastic


packaging accidentally left on a sauna heater caused a major


fire in Exeter. The Riverside Leisure Centre


was severely damaged in the blaze A University for Somerset has taken


a major step forward today. Bridgwater and Taunton College


is launching what it's calling From fine art


and design to nursing, it'll offer degree level courses


in a range of subjects. Our Somerset reporter Clinton Rogers


has been to meet some of the students already working


towards their degree. The educational landscape


in Somerset is being redrawn. Their own promotional


video is nothing if not dramatic. But what exactly is


going to change here? Sculpting, fine art, textile design,


all these students are already studying for a degree, though right


now this isn't a university. The courses are


accredited elsewhere, In future, their degree certificates


could be branded Somerset University I think it does because I


think then we can go on and we have that


status a bit more. The University Centre Somerset,


the college insist this is For one thing, they plan


thing to launch new degree courses from nucluear


science to nursing. We won't be offering traditional


history degrees, and geography degree than things like


that, this is very much about a shop focus on industry and


the type of people that industry needs today,


so it won't be an the additional


University format. There are many hoops to jump


through yet, but it is now a declared aim, part of


a campaign to persuade more higher The use of music to help people


with dementia is not a new concept, but changing the lyrics of well know


tunes to help them is. Including subtle verbal hints


within music tracks, memorable to the listener,


helps remind people living The idea was devised by a Torbay


organisation and is now Johnny Rutherford has been to see


the system being installed in a house in Threemilestone


near Truro. A lot of people like Frank Sinatra


or celibacy and what we have done we found the person who is living with


dementia, we asked the family lots of things to like and we chose for


three or four of them and during the break and the vocals we have


actually added our own message. So you could be relaxed just listening


to some music and get a gentle reminder. Have you had something to


eat? Heard that? Think I'll have something to eat. This is a new idea


trials in Cornwall. The audio is set up each day and runs for 24 hours


only coming on for an hour or two at meal ordering times. It has shown


some positive results, from a man living with dementia. Since this has


been trials, we have noticed that he is eating the food that we leave for


him. Beside his meals, we don't need to be there saying you've got to


read this and drink that he is doing out automatically. And this is


really early dales, at the moment, so we're quite pleased at the


success already. So far the experiment has shown that the music


machine needs to be hidden. If they've got some ornaments on the


mantelpiece, that would frustrate them if you are to move the ornament


so if they see this piece of equipment that hasn't been there


before, for them, they would wonder what it is, why it is there and I


don't think they probably would accept it in their house as well. As


well as a voice speaking advice between lyrics, Michael he has


rewritten some famous songs, unchanged lyrics to form reminders.


For example coming to come fly with me and getting tired and weary eyes


can off the fire, that's all that's required, and its most part of


something where I'm helping people that are sick filled out of


themselves, not just singing at people of parties. The developers


hope to rule out the system throughout south-west.


And staying with music, later this month, Dartington hall in Devon is


to host a concert to fund raise for Sands School in Devon, run by the


students and staff to make the students -- decisions together. The


student council sought out day-to-day issues, and there is no


headmasters. The alternative education supporter, David Salone


macro is supporting. He is one of the founding members of dire


Straits. You have now been so low for three decades. I left in fairly


early days, around the three albums and I was done. I am going on tour.


I 40th anniversary tour, quite frighteningly. We have just finished


one June and will dovetail into another one. The cusp of the last


concert of the previous two, then the first concert will be the next


one. Why are you keen to do this? My daughter was at the Sands School and


my wife teaches there, so... It wasn't too hard for them to persuade


me. Do you many concerts like this? I don't do lots of benefits, I think


the other one was years ago in the Roundhouse in London. A rare


opportunity for people in the south-west. That's kind of you to


say so. I am a big fan of progressive education, and I read at


a very early age as a result of impressionable teenage age you were


reading philanthropists and such, there was a bit in this book when


they were talking about a mother coming in, the care other side of a


S Neill, and the mother comes in and the child dances around all over the


furniture and she says look out free my daughter is to a S Neill, and he


says to add your child isn't free, your is ruined. It isn't really as


free-form as it looks from the outside. Your songs are described as


songs of substance and do did write a song of the great nowhere, and


arrives in saying that construct but mother memory loss. I did indeed.


When I phoned up and said mum I'm currently see you, oh, David, why


didn't you phone, she says. Why do you think of the idea we have just


seen there, using to adapt lyrics and help people? I will be needing


it pretty soon myself. I work lyric sheets for my work on stage and even


for this little two-minute song that we're going to do I am nervously


thinking I have no way to remember this because that is so used to


having the lyric sheets to help me, even though we did hundreds of


concerts a year. It shows the power of music, doesn't it? It is


wonderful stuff. I never tire of it, it excites me all the time. And you


will perform for us in a moment. What will we hear customer a song


for true north, if I can remember. We will look forward to it. In a


moment. Thank you very much for coming in and


well done on the concert on the 19th.


Now, time for the weather. David, what is it


looking like? It looks like we will continue to have some problems with


mist and low cloud. That continues overnight tonight, drizzle which


will eventually clear southwards giving a hint of some slightly


brighter conditions. Less breezy tomorrow, but still feeling quite


wild. The biggest point tonight is going to be the mist and fog, quite


extensive and a problem along the coast or over high ground if


travelling. Poor visibility overnight, easy local radio of


course has updates if it causes problems. It's weather Brand is


going to lie draped across Cornwall for much of the Daisy Murray, with


little movement on it, and meaning Cornwall will suffer again with the


weather we have seen today, drizzle, low-power, fog. Friday, that weather


front will have moved a long way north but we are still in the type


of air. Mile, humid, and the continued risk of low cloud and


mist. I'd no definite change to the pattern until the weekend, a cold


front sweeping through from Saturday introducing fresh air, but


availability, and by the time we to Sunday we have quite a rush of


showers developing around the Midlands, and some sunshine. The


week and not too bad, but somewhat fresher, somewhat cooler. We have


the mild air overnight in a south-west winds continued to drop


through the nights to come, meaning with the air much stiller, the


ability of the club to be a bit lower as it sinks means poor


visibility for all of us and as you can see there is a great cover of


cloud over the most of the south west at the moment, producing a ski


spots of light rain and drizzle. Through the evening and night there


is not a great deal of change in that, winds falling light, and


variable by the morning meaning there is a lot of low cloud around,


greeting us early in the day, but mild overnight, temperatures below


are done for most of us 10 degrees. 15 in Fahrenheit. -- 50. By what had


been good in the day a few weeks ago, so it is mild, some mist, but a


clearance from the north, so during the course of the date gradually


this guys will brighten, across the north of Devon, northern parts of


Somerset and especially part of Dorset where here we should start to


see some breaks in the cloud and sunshine coming through. Contrary do


that, though, the layer of cloud across the good part of Cornwall


continues with the mist and fog, and spits of drizzle, for all of us


being a mild day, 11 or 12 typically for most of us and if the sunshine


is out, temperatures up to 13 or 14 degrees. For the Isles of Scilly


Dumais here, cloud or mystique for most of the day, lighter winds and


we have seen today, and generally feeling pretty mild. Onto the times


of high water and there we are for the ports and harbours. Far


south-west, say Mary's 204 and 1438. Plymouth, 257, and 1536. For


surfers, still quite messy. Big waves to start with but quite


quickly those ways quietened down because there are lighter winds


tomorrow, a variable three or four, eventually becoming south of


south-westerly three Dutch War, occasionally drizzle, moderate that


poor visibility through the English Channel, but better visibility along


the north coast across the weather front stalling across Cornwall.


Friday a similar day, temperatures 13-14 degrees, briefly some


brightness, maybe some sunshine, and temperatures as night still quite


high, but by Saturday into Sunday, slightly fresher air, cold at night


and the risk of a view showers around, some showers on Sunday


turning out to be quite heavy. Have a good evening. The Justin, back to


you. As promised we leave you tonight


with Dire Straits founding member You are my true north, my dreams, my


truest, true north, the one that I love best. I will remember this, our


perfect knife of perfect place. Yes and your soft caress, I will


remember this. I will remember all of this, how we burned, how we


kissed, after all this loneliness, I will remember this. I'm the one that


blessed. I'm the one that blessed. You are my true north my true east


and my true west. Honey, you're my true north, the one that I love


best. I will remember this, my love beyond the leaf of death, the


passion and the truth at last. I'm the one that blessed. I'm the one


that's blessed. You are my true novel, my true east, my true west.


Oh, honey, you're my true north, the one that I love best. The one that I


love best. The one that I love best.


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