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These are Friday's headlines: Protecting food supplies -


Jersey looks to update its contingency plans.


It is five years old, it needs updating, and what we are going to


do now is look at the numbers and update the figures because the


population information is out of date as well now.


Plus, one of the biggest home


games in their history - Jersey Reds gear up to host


And happy 80th to Jersey Airport - just don't mention the fog!


And for the weekend ahead, better visibility. This was today in


Guernsey with the fork which has now cleared. Just the risk of it coming


back briefly but the weekend would generally much better full is --. .


A report making several recommendations aimed at helping


secure Jersey's food supply has not been adopted by the States


The draft food security strategy was created in December 2012


The Environment Minister now says it already needs updating,


This community garden at Le Marais has been up and running


The fruit and veg that's grown here is given to local residents


Back in 2012, a draft food security strategy recommended


that the environment department develop plans for more community


But it's founder Nigel James doesn't think that's happened


and says the island has become less self-sufficient.


Since 2012 - we've pretty much lost our on island


organic growing community - they've collapsed due to various


reasons and this has meant that even since they started writing this -


we've become much more dependent on importated


The draft food security strategy was created in December 2012.


It made 13 different recommendations.


Such as establishing a Food Security Board.


Five years on and that board has never been created.


The Co-op has also closed the last remaining warehouse that stocked


they have been addressing the key issues in the report.


What we have done is that we have looked at the Condor situation,


we have looked at the freight situation, we have looked at


the situation with local produce - more recently we've invested


government money into a local packhouse that allows local produce


Deputy Luce says the 2012 report will now be updated and he's hopeful


that it will be officially adopted in the near future.


Jessica Banham, BBC Channel Islands News, Jersey.


The number of racial hate crime incidents reported to Jersey Police


There were 23 reports of hate crime last year -


These records have been increasing year on year since 2012.


Guernsey's most senior politician has called for an overhaul


of the island's code of conduct system.


It comes after a recent complaint against these three


deputies was made public before an investigation cleared


Policy and Resources President, Gavin St.


Pier, says details of complaints should remain private


until a decision's been made to protect people's reputations.


The Deputy has also questioned the transparency of the panels


appointment by the presiding officer.


Wholesale milk prices are increasing by 7.5%


Guernsey Dairy are blaming the price hike


on increased farm costs, reductions in subsidies


As the States don't fix the retail price, it will be up


to distributors and retailers on whether the increased milk prices


will be passed onto customers when they come into affect


Rugby now and Jersey Reds hope to beat Cornish Pirates to book


a place in the semi-finals of the British and


It's one of the biggest home games in their history -


the first time Jersey have ever hosted a knock-out cup match.


Our sports editor Tim Pryor joins us live from St Peter now -


Tim, there was a bit of uncertainty the game may have not gone


We're expecting a wonderful atmosphere here tonight.


This British and Irish Cup competition represents a real chance


for the Reds to lift some silverware at the end of the season.


This is the second year in a row that Jersey have made it


through the group stage to these knock-out games.


Jersey's first few seasons in this competition were forgettable,


but last year the club and their fans suddenly


After edging through to the knock-out stages for the first


time, the islanders found themselves away to Bedford Blues on a memorable


With the quarter-final all square at 12-12 at half-time,


flanker James Freeman was the star for Jersey, with his hat-trick


of tries taking them through to the last four


The Cup run, though, was to come to a heart-breaking end


With a place in the final on the line, Jersey scored six tries


in a thrilling match, but were beaten by a single point.


Both of those games were away from Jersey -


now tonight comes the exciting opportunity to play knock-out


rugby on home turf under the floodlights at St Peter.


Let's speak to the head coach of the Jersey Reds.


How excited are you and the players about tonight's challenge?


Fantastic location tonight. I think it shows how far the club has come


in a short space of time and to be playing knockout rugby on the


island, what a fantastic occasion it is going to be.


How special is it for you to be coming up against your former


club in what should be a really exciting night?


We have had games between jersey and the Pirates and they always been


very tight, closing is. This is different. This is rugby. Even


though there is a history, it is definitely all about jersey tonight.


This is the second match between the sides


How much could your narrow win over the Pirates at the weekend fire them


Last week was dictated by the weather conditions in the underfoot


conditions, where tonight it is a perfect night and I know the crowd


will get behind us and we will put on good performance.


How did it feel to miss out last time? It was tough. We have the


opportunity for tonight so we have to focus on that and then get


excited about the next stage after tonight.


Thanks, Tim - and there's coverage of the game tonight


And of course we'll have the highlights in our late news.


Condor ferries is not for sale - that's the message


It follows comments by Guernsey's President of


Economic Development Peter Febrache, who speculated the current


shareholders, the Macquarie Group, were looking to sell.


But the head of Condor says that's totally incorrect.


It is not for sale. We are not in a sale process. There is no decision


about a sale and of course any company can be bought and sold, but


it is simply not the case. It was an inaccurate statement that was made


for some reason. What do Vera Lynn, Des O'Connor


and The Beatles and the Jersey Cow It's Jersey Airport's eightieth


birthday today and Julie Flanagan has been looking back


at some of its highlights. 80 years ago today,


visitors to Jersey became airborne for the first time,


and although the airport has changed since those days,


it hasn't looked back. Despite a thick blanket


of fog delaying flights, We are making the most of the foggy


weather and enjoying the cupcakes that the airport has laid


on for us today. Even though I'm sitting on a chair,


having a nice cake and drinking, It's a lovely day actually


to be stranded in Jersey. Even though it's really foggy,


we're here for the eightieth birthday party and we've had


a wonderful time in Jersey and could quite happily stay


for a little bit longer. But for those that have worked here,


its more than just a party. 79-year-old Fred started working


at the airport back in 1957. He met his wife here but he also


holds a fond memory of another lady One that comes to mind


especially is Dame Vera Lynn. have a conversation with her is just


like you and I talking now. She was so natural. No errors are grazers.


-- airs or graces. And usually escorted the celebraties


out to the aeroplane before the rest of the passengers


and to have a conversation with her, And for the airport's longest


serving staff member Stephen, There's been an enormous change,


I mean, we're done a lot of work here over the last forty odd years,


lots of rebuilding work, lots of infrastructure work,


lots of investment in our assets. The past eighty years have flown


past for Jersey airport and thanks to the party atmosphere,


it's a celebration staff Well, all of that fog disrupting


travel today which was not the best birthday present for Jersey airport.


Will we see any more of it? You is David with the weather.


Hello, good evening. For the last two days, we have had this. That has


now cleared and I think there is a brief bit of mist and fog around


tomorrow, but nothing compared to what we have seen recently. This is


a shot taken by one of our weather watchers. Our weekend will have


better visibility. It will be cold with the chance of some showers


around, especially on Sunday. At the moment, we have an area of high


pressure. Just a chance tomorrow morning, late morning, around


lunchtime, of the Mr Fogg appearing again. The general trend is to see


this area of low pressure and this weather front become quite slow.


Another one comes into the back of it and introduces some quite


frequent and heavy showers and also introducing more of a breeze,


north-west winds, fresh breezes and much better visibility. It looks


like high pressure will be around for the start of next week as well.


Let's look at the detail. Not a great deal of breeze overnight


tonight, but most of the mist and fog has moved north away from us.


Overnight tonight, there will be some shallow mist patches forming


but nothing compared to what we have seen recently. Temperature still


relatively mild. Dipping no lower than nine Celsius during the night.


Tomorrow we have a reasonable start to the day with perhaps some


sunshine. Does the risk of some Mr low cloud coming out of France


briefly around the middle of the date and then that will move away


from us in the second half of the afternoon. 13 Celsius the top


temperature tomorrow. Wind eventually becoming south-westerly.


Still light. These are the times of high water. These are the coastal


waters. Eventually becoming a bit more southerly and then


south-westerly with generally better visibility out at sea. On Sunday, we


have got bad weather front coming in, in a lot of cloud around and the


risk of showers. Monday and Tuesday looks a lot brighter with some


sunshine. Have a nice weekend. Now before we go, do


you remember Sausage? He's the Staffordshire Bull Terrier


we met earlier this week at St Elwolds Nursing


Home in Jersey. They nominated him for the national


pets as therapy dog of the year at Crufts and I'm pleased to say


he won! Congratulations to both Sausage


and his owner Angie. That is all from me for now. I will


be back at 10:30pm happy good evening. Good night.


It may have been a long time off our screens but their legacy


The children's charity WellChild and local tradesmen have


worked their magic to help a little boy with a very rare


Emma Thomasson has been to meet Curtis and his family.


SS Curtis' favourite place. He has a rear condition which means he has to


spend a lot of time in hospital being treated for a life limiting


heart condition. It has become increasingly difficult for his


mother to take him out, until now. It may only be small in size but


this new safe place to play will mean the world to Curtis and his


family. It will give them a better quality


of life. We are very housebound so we can get outside more. He has got


a perfect space made for him. His life will be short and we have got


to make the most of it and having this will allow us to do that.


The garden looked like this before. The garden was unfit for purpose.


There was roughcast render on the walls. We had to put artificial


grass in and decking with sensory things to play with.


Local workmen volunteered with the charity WellChild.


To actually have a space there they're fun and development and to


spend time as a family makes a massive difference to their lives.


Curtis' communication may be limited but in him I been here I know this


smile says 1000 words. It's time for the sport now,


and Natalie is here for a look The Exeter Chiefs are ready


for battle in the Anglo Welsh Cup. They're in the semi final


against a strong Harlequins side, which will be played


at Sandy Park on Sunday. In the Chiefs team are brothers Sam


and Joe Simmonds from Teignmouth. They're hopeful they can make


the final and are always chuffed It's nice to just line up together


before we run out and give each other a look and see look


what we're doing, it's pride. Not a rivalry but proud


of what we both did. When we get the team sheet out it's


always great and we say well done but in the game I never really


think of it too much. We just focus on ourselves and focus


on what we have to do. But after the game,


especially with our family, is a great achievement for us both


and we will look back on a couple of years on what an achievement


we've done but at the moment it is good but just focusing


on our game and making sure we're playing good week


in, week out. Tonight's big game sees Jersey host


the Cornish Pirates in the quarter We'll have the result


in our late news. In National One it's second plays


fourth tomorrow when Plymouth Albion Plymouth Argyle face crucial back


to back away matches at promotion rivals Mansfield tomorrow


and Wycombe on Tuesday. After three defeats in their last


four at home it must be a relief They'll be trying to


maintain their second place Exeter City remain in the play off


pack and will be hoping to consolidate that position


when they host lowly Accrington. Yeovil are at Morecambe trying


to stop the rot while Torquay face another relegation six pointer


at bottom side Southport. It's a sport that can be played


at any age and that's the image one group of young people think


bowls should have. At the moment they're in the middle


of a world record attempt in Dorset Our sports reporter Tony Husband


is in Weymouth this evening to see how things are going for the team


whose average age is 29. We are watching just one of what


will probably be 500 odd ends this weekend as these guys try and get a


place in the Guinness book of records. The countdown clock is on.


72 hours they want to play for to get into the record books. There is


only six players. Big challenge, how will you do it?


We are for and half hours into its own not feeling the strain yet. The


first day will be the hardest -- the hardest part will be halfway


through. Some banter and jokes will keep us going. Once we're on the


home straight we will see finish. It is raising money for charity and


changing the image of the sport. A lot of people see this as an older


person's sport which is not true. Anybody can play it, from four years


old up to 90s. You can play it socially or competitively.


Where will it all end? 1pm on Monday, hopefully.


And if you want to follow their progress live you can log


onto our Facebook page and see how they're getting on.


Cornwall has a brand new team of world champions!


Four youngsters from across the county have won the under-12


World Association of kick boxing Organisations World Cup.


They beat 32 other teams in the competition


David George has been to meet the team.


Leah, Oscar, Aaron, James, number one in


It's taken months of training, sometimes four


times a week, to bring them to their world-beating standard.


Yet they've all only been taking part in the sport


12-year-old James is doing some pad work with their coach.


So I can move that around a little bit.


And here they are at the big competition in Dublin.


They faced 32 other teams over three days


Oscar's dad was so chuffed he couldn't hold the camera still.


I'm really proud, really happy for the whole team.


They've spent a lot of time getting there and all the


organisers of it, yeah, it's really good.


There was quite a lot of shouting and jumping around and we were all


They get points for kicks and punches which make contact.


They do wear helmets in competitions.


Myself and Bradley, the other coach, had a real strong feeling beforehand


of how well they would do and they proved us right.


So how does it feel to be world champion?


We had all our parents shouting, we were shouting on the mat.


I was running around the mat screaming my head off.


I just like knowing that I'm good at something


and that I have a hobby, not just sitting at home doing


And I told them that I won the teams' and


And this is the magnificent World Cup they won.


I think they should hold it, don't you?


And a quick update on the 13-year-old Cornish cyclist


who's making his way across Australia


Siam Juntakeret from Bodmin started his challenge a week ago


He's got nearly two and a half thousand miles to go and hopes


to finish in 32 days and break the world record.


Apparently he is missing home of thought. But he is doing so well.


Some inspiring young people in sport tonight.


From a speed record on two wheels to one involving four.


The Bloodhound Super Sonic Car is hoping to break the World


The challenge has inspired school children to make


And today their building skills were put to the test.


At a playground in Plymouth pupils lined up their vehicles for a race


Spotlight's John Danks was there for us.


Three, two, one, go. Forget Bunsen burner, this is rocket


science. They have been given basic materials


to put together a designer over several weeks and come and compete


with rockets and see who can get the fastest speed as they launch across


the playground. The car is our all fitted with a BBC


Micro bed computer to measure speed. The army were on hand to set them


off. The cars are propelled by rockets,


many fireworks, so we fire them off and record the car is' times.


There were really good times today. The fastest was six miles per hour.


It might go wrong. I enjoyed making it. It was fun


watching it. We tried shipping it so that he


would flow over it so it wouldn't hold it back. -- shaping it.


How did you feel when setting it off?


Is it going to work? Did it? Yes. If they get through


that, they will be moving onto the national finals and then they can go


to South Africa if they win that we're the Bloodhound cars be racing


to beat 1000 mph. That will require some proper ear


protection. That looked great fun. That remains


me of you leaving the car park. And it's not just these


children in Plymouth getting People all over the country have


been throwing themselves And if you'd like a little help


with getting started, the BBC's Terrific Scientific web


pages have all you need Let's race across to the weather and


see what is happening this weekend. Try not to thump him well I'm doing


the weather. We have had that mist and fog over the last couple of


days. The good news is there is a more promising story to be had but


be patient because it is probably not till later on Sunday that we see


increased visibility. The fog has been pretty much all the way along


the south coast but there has been some holes.


There is some mist around tomorrow morning but not as thick fog as it


has been. Turning colder but brighter with some showers on Sunday


morning and then on Sunday afternoon. We can see that weather


on one satellite picture. The weather front that brings the


showery outbreaks of rain and this is the clear sky heading our way for


Sunday afternoon. Quite a lot happening. The little area of low


pressure that has developed is making it slow-moving. Ahead of it,


more -- moist and mail bear. A lot of sunshine to be had. High pressure


starts to come back next week so something to look forward to. But we


still have the mist and fog to contend with and that would be a


problem overnight. Thickening by the morning particularly in western


parts of Cornwall. You can see the layer of cloud is pretty low.


Relatively calm conditions but those on their way out will notice how


poor the visibility is. Even the seagulls have given up and come


inshore. It will be a mild night. Slightly cooler than it was last


night and tomorrow some brightness, some greyness. The best of its in


parts of North Devon and Somerset. Light winds tomorrow mainly from the


West. There could be problems with flights in and out of the Isles of


Scilly. Most beaches clean. Not much of a breeze. After some showery rain


on Sunday, the sunshine comes back. Have a nice weekend. And we are all


back on Monday but there will be bulletins across the weekend. I'm


going to duff up just and for that comment. Good night.


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Let's Sing And Dance exploded onto our screens,


setting the stage alight...literally.


Stars were a-swinging... Could somebody help me?


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