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Welcome to BBC Channel Islands on Wednesday 15th March.


The teacher guilty of abusing children in his care. He was told he


committed a gross betrayal. Natural collapse -


the pines prone to fall at The Guet, but can


nature hold it up? It is not just the Monterey pines,


it is the whole aspect of trying to get some more life, both flowers,


and actually make it more enjoyable for people to come in and walk.


The link between Jersey's iconic lighthouse and your everyday


A 74-year-old former teacher has been sent to prison for 5.5 years


Christopher Roy Bacon had previously been found guilty


of eight sex offences, dating back more than 30 years.


Julie Flanagan was at the Royal Court for his sentencing.


The offences for which Christopher Roy Bacon were being sentenced


here today were all committed while he was a teacher at D'Hautree


secondary school in the late 1970s and the early 80s.


He'd been found guilty of the historic abuse


Today, the Royal Court commissioner Sir Michael Birt told Bacon he had


committed a gross betrayal against boys who were entrusted


to his care, and psychological reports suggest two victims


in particular have been significantly


Sir Michael said: "You pleaded not guilty and forced your victims


to come to court and relive what happened."


Bacon, who was wearing a dark suit, showed no emotion as the


A restraining order has also been made to prevent him


contacting one victim when he is released from prison.


He will also remain on the sex offenders register for ten years.


The Channel Islands are sending ?500,000 to help the famine crisis


The UN has warned the world is facing its largest humanitarian


crisis since World War Two, with millions of people facing


starvation in Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan and parts of Nigeria.


Guernsey's giving ?50,000, while ?200,000 from the Jersey


Overseas Aid Commission will pay for food, hygiene kits,


These are parts of the world that have faced all sorts of destruction


through internal crisis and conflict, but are also facing


environmental issues including drought. What we are facing now is a


catastrophic situation where people are dying, and it is going to get


worse for stop it really is incumbent upon the people of Jersey,


frankly as part of the wealth that we have here in this place, to be


sharing that with people in other countries that are facing this kind


of tragedy that is destroying families and societies.


A 60-year-old British photo-journalist has been jailed


for two-and-a-half years after admitting defrauding


five Guernsey businesses to the tune of ?50,000.


The Royal Court heard Adrian McKenzie came


to Guernsey in 2015, claiming to be a multi-millionaire


looking for a home for his retirement.


Over nine months, he ran up debts with architects, an estate agent,


an accountancy firm and a local hotel, while developing lavish,


but ultimately false plans for a property on the west coast.


The woodland at one of Guernsey's most popular


scenic spots is crumbling and in danger of collapsing.


But local conservationists have come up with a plan and are launching


a project to develop the woodland at the Guet.


It's one of the most popular parts of the island for walks and one


of the rare areas of woodland in Guernsey, but the future


of the Guet is in doubt, with its iconic Monterrey Pines now


exceeding their natural lifespan and no plans in place


for when they literally begin to collapse.


Groups of local conservationists are developing plans to rejuvenate


the area and breathe new life into the natural


The trees were planted 80 years ago, and the life span of a Monterey Pine


is about 70 years. You know, eventually, if we did not do


anything, they would all come down anyway. But it is not just the pine


trees, it is the whole aspect of trying to get some wildlife, both


flowers, and actually make it more enjoyable for people to come in and


walk and play and picnic. A project's been launched


introducing new plants and wildlife and making it an even more


attractive and appealing place This woman is from the Guernsey


Trees For Life group is one She's appealing for


the public to help. With this project we are starting


right at the beginning with public engagement. Over the course of the


week, we have delivered invitations to 160 households around this


particular oddity. I did not realise there were quite so many. And


action, to bring them in and say you are the neighbours, you are the


community, you probably love and use this place, what are your thoughts


question mark this is a new, different approach.


So, the message for the public is don't take a back


David Earl, BBC Channel Islands News, Guernsey.


There are plans to open a hostel in Alderney to help


pay for the restoration of a 2,000-year-old Roman fort.


The States wants to turn part of the site known as the "nunnery"


It has a wealth of military history, which politicians want


In time they hope the building will pay for itself with plans


What do you do when you need to replace part of Jersey's iconic


The original chain that made the light flash


was replaced at the landmark from an unusual source.


Annie Knowlson was there during this morning's fog to find out more.


Today it's driven by a motor, but previously a five meter long


chain was used to drive the cog which rotated the shade that


The lighthouse keeper found the old one, tried his best


to restore it, but couldn't, and sought help at the best


place he could think of - the local bicycle workshop.


The gentleman turned up with an extremely


My first thought was, how big is this guy's bike?!


Considering the length of the chain, there was basically 20 or 30 stiff


links in the chain which he'd worked quite hard to try to retain


the original chain, but I think it was getting to the point where it


wasn't functioning properly any more.


And now the new chain has been fitted in place,


returning some aesthetic authenticity to the internal


But this isn't the only improvement needed.


Inside, the paint work is coming away, but more


important is the steelwork which is being currently maintained.


What we've noticed after the last painting is that the paint has


deteriorated quite quickly, and internally there is an ingress


of water which is causing concern for some of the steel work


That problem has now been identified and rectified


but we'd still like to clean the outside of


Repaint it with a product which stops the ingress of water,


seals the lighthouse completely and then once that's sealed we'll


allow the internally for that to dry out completely before we recoat it


again and resolve the rust issues on the steelwork.


It may have been replaced by modern mechanisms,


but today's weather conditions, show why this lighthouse has always


played an important role on Jersey's west coast.


Jersey's Les Quennevais School has been named as one of the top


three fundraising schools in the British Isles


After raising ?6,000 last time, they've been given the title


of "Super Fundraisers" and they're super proud of it.


They may have something fuzzy on their noses,


but these students have the warm fuzzy feeling from being super


It's the best feeling possible, just knowing were part of a big


community which is doing something good raising money for


Because Jersey is such a small island, it's not just the top


fundraisers in Jersey, it's the top fundraisers in the UK,


and it's a really proud feeling to know our school can do that.


It's amazing to be recognised actually for the fundraising,


Gunging, gallopathons and talent shows contributed


Their record Comic Relief fundraising total was ?13,000.


Everyone in the school is pleased with this success.


Absolutely so, so, so proud of our school.


That it's on the map in the UK, that our students raised that money,


all whilst having a really good time and making incredible


With so much to look out for on March 24th,


hopefully Les Quennevais will continue to be super


Super fundraisers indeed, well done. Now 28 super weatherman, with


hopefully a super weather forecast. Yes, great to see such great


efforts. It looks like we will see some changes in the weather forecast


over the next few days. We start to lose some of this misty nurse and


low cloud, something we have had to get used to this week. Tomorrow, the


risk of drizzle, rather cloudy and feeling mild, and problems with Fox


first thing in the morning. But the high pressure is moving away from


us, and that is when we start to see a change. Tomorrow, this weather


front will creep eastwards, probably not getting to us until it is a weak


affair. On Friday, a more definite change. Stronger winds, and those


blustery conditions continuity of the weekend, hopefully listing some


of the low cloud. Another misty night tonight, relatively mild with


eight or nine the minimum temp shut. Tomorrow, the cloud will list a bit,


with more of a breeze developing. There is more of a breeze, and 12


degrees the top temperature with even a bit of drizzle in the wind.


Like we have seen today, some good surfing conditions. The biggest


waves will be around Guernsey. This is Friday's forecast. We should


have a reasonable day on Friday, we might even get some sunshine. More


of a breeze around, so better visibility in general, but the blue


to the north is heading our way for the weekend ahead. Changes as I


mentioned, not really what we are but certainly brighter on Friday,


but cloudy on Saturday and Sunday. David, thank you. A quick recap of


tonight's. Story: A former teacher has been jailed for 5.5 years for


abusing children in his care. Christopher Roy Bacon was told he


committed a gross betrayal. There is more News online, as well as your


local BBC radio station from 6am. Now, the rest of Spotlight. Good


night. There were some good results


for our football sides last night - She's riding high -


the top jockey hoping to make a bit of history at the Cheltenham Gold


Cup. And the young scientists in search


of proof after deadly intent Technology used for gaming


is being harnessed to try to cut the number of people


who accidentally drown There were more deaths


from water-related incidents in Devon than in any other county


in England in 2015. 321 people died in the UK,


with 231 of them in England. By county, Devon had 19,


Cornwall had ten, Dorset Across the UK, most


of the deaths were men. Now a virtual reality film


is being made to show the risks and Clare Woodling has been


to find out more. People are taking chances,


and that's why more drown in Devon Today we're shooting


a virtual-reality on the issues of drink-drowning,


peer pressure and cold-water shock. This water rescue is


an exercise done with actors. It will make a virtual-reality film


warning people about the risks. The Fire Service want it to save


lives, particularly young ones. Why is it the service is not


handing out leaflets So, for me, the issue with having


leaflets is that actually you can hand them out but people may not


necessarily read them, they may just get thrown


on the side, put in a pocket, whereas with this technology we're


engaging with people, we're sparking a conversation,


we're being able to show them just how dangerous this water is visually


through the virtual-reality goggles and being able to go


into schools and colleges and starting that debate,


really, to stop people The virtual-reality headset allows


the wearer to live in the scene Up, down, left, right,


the vision is 360 degrees. While no film can share


the chill of the cold water, If you were falling


in and it was sort of not planned, you didn't have anyone with you,


the initial shock of being I noticed when I had just got in,


your breath is like... and you're quite gasping for air,


to try and keep the blood It's this helmet covered in cameras


that will provide the footage from different angles and make


the viewer's experience Most people don't find themselves


in a boat like this unless It's hoped that these will bring


the dangers of rivers, canals, lakes and the sea closer to home


for more people before they find It was a good evening


for our football sides last night. Plymouth Argyle and Exeter City


kept their promotion hopes alive and Torquay United did their plans


of avoiding relegation Exeter City put the recent losses


to Hartlepool and Accrington behind them with a comprehensive win


at home to Cheltenham. They went in front


on the stroke of half-time. David Whelan was brought down


in the penalty area by Cheltenham And then it was down


to Reuben Reid to do the rest. The striker then doubled his tally


for the evening, combining with Jake Taylor on the right-hand


side before showing a quick turn of pace and rifling the ball


into the back of the net. Double figures now for


Reuben Reid this season. Taylor then turned from creator to


finish with this fine solo effort. It sealed the points


for the Grecians and extends their gap to eighth in the table


to three points. Plymouth Argyle picked up a very


useful point on the road The hosts took the lead


through Myles Weston's But super sub Nathan Blissett,


on from the bench, rose highest to head in his first Pilgrims goal,


and in doing so sent Torquay United held promotion


hopefuls Tranmere Rovers to a 0-0 draw at Plainmoor,


and in doing so they remain a point clear from safety


in the National League. And Yeovil Town are in action this


evening, when they take She's from Devon and will become


only the second woman ever to ride in the Cheltenham Gold Cup


on Friday. Jockey Lizzie Kelly will be


on board Tea for Two, trained by her stepfather Nick


Williams. Damian Derrick has been


to the family yard to I wanted to dress like a male jockey


with all the right gear, proper riding boots,


proper brooch and everything. I had to do more to fit


in and look right and look Lizzie hasn't just fitted


in, she's stood out, making her own piece of history


along the way. COMMENTATOR: A first ever grade


one win in Britain over That win at the highest level


in jump racing 15 months ago The confidence side


of that was massive, you know, it really set in stone sort


of where I was going and what I was capable of,


being able to say I have won a grade one to myself, when


things are a bit bleak. Despite her success, opportunities


are limited for Lizzie. Many owners and trainers


are still reluctant to expose women The vast majority of her rides come


from the family yard. Not that she is getting


any hand-outs. She rides for us and we run


a business and if we don't get the success, then we won't be


here in years to come, I feel very proud that somebody


can be that dedicated And it is that sheer hard work that


Lizzie says is behind her success. Although long used to being


outnumbered in the weighing room, she does understand the significance


of being the first female jockey I think more than any other


girl reference, I really Riding in the Gold Cup is massive,


because it's such an elite race, reserved for the best horses,


the best trainers And in such illustrious


company, Lizzie has already Now, as crime mysteries go


it was perhaps one of the more obscure whodunnits facing boffins


at the University of Exeter - But for the 200 young


sleuths trying to unravel the Great Bideford Bake Off mystery


it was an illuminating insight into the world


forensic investigations. John Henderson joined


the budding detectives. It is how they find out DNA strands


and CSI stuff and how they catch James and fellow super sleuths


are on a mega serious case - who and what is making


bread taste mega sweet? So, here on this screen we can


see the yeast that you prepared on a microscope slide,


so these are the cells that you have stained with the dye,


so your job is to see amongst all these yeast cells if you can


spot ones that are different, because those


are the ones that we think that are the mutant yeast,


that carry the DNA James is one of 200 pupils


from around the region playing forensic detective


at the medical school laboratories at the University


of Exeter. They are using state-of-the-art


microbiology and They are looking at


mutated cells under the microscope. And strictly in the interests


of the medical research, So, it is showing them how


we take the research that we do in the lab on DNA,


on people's genetic samples and we carry


that right through into understanding how


organs work, understanding how that affects the individual and


ultimately how that affects society when it is a serious health issue


like the link between diabetes and Though only 20% of


science professors are women, event is designed


to prove that science isn't PhD student Hannah Jones


is a willing white coat and has this advice to women


who want to give science a spin. Just remain excited, inquisitive and


don't worry about looking geeky. I think sometimes the look of things


might put people off where people think you wear a lab coat and that


is not a bad thing. A little genetic genius helped the pupils work out


which culprit had spiked the bread. A taste of science at may well lead


to more successful experiments in future.


And we're hoping there will be no spiking of baked goods next week,


when BBC Radio Devon and Cornwall, Spotlight, Inside Out


and the Sunday Politics will be competing in their very


They'll be pitting their best Victoria sponges against one another


And you'll be able to see how they get on and how much they raise


In the meantime, it has been so mild, hasn't it? It has been nice.


Other places have had the crowds. It is going to change, because it turns


unsettled as we head into the week ahead. More cloud and more breeze


developing. In the still air we have had the leader two or three days it


is about to change but we have had some lovely sunshine in place of.


This this was the sunset in Somerset. The beautiful end to the


day here. Some sunshine coming in across other parts of Somerset. This


is hovered in the sunshine with just patchy cloud. The change will happen


through the day tomorrow. Generally for all of us rather a cloudy day


tomorrow. The risk of drizzle as well as hill fog. This weather front


is a bit closer. It also marks the boundary between the very mild air


and slightly colder conditions. Once that moves across southern Britain


temperatures will come down and then it opens the door to several weather


fronts queueing up to affect us and that will arrive at the weekend so


the weekend looks like it could be quite windy and at times also quite


wet for Saturday and Sunday. Risk winds. Perhaps Sunday afternoon in a


bit brighter with some sunshine but also some sharp showers. You can see


how we have had a fair cover of cloud today in places but others


have had the glorious sunshine. It is mainly be the more eastern parts


of Devon in the Dorset and Somerset where we have seen likely clear


skies to date allowing the sunshine to come through allowing


temperatures to get up quite high. He can see where Cornwall and west


and south Devon have been rather cloudy. Parts of North Devon,


Somerset and the North Dorset have had glorious sunshine. Overnight


tonight the holes were filling with mist and low cloud and it will be


very similar to what it was last night. A few spits of drizzle but


possible in the far west and temperatures no lower than between


six and nine. Tonight the cloud figure capable of producing drizzle


and few holes in that cloud so we returned to other great day tomorrow


stores. Temperatures not as high as they have been. Ten or 11 the top


temperatures. Here is the forecast for the Isles of Scilly. For much of


the date we have mild there. Bits of drizzle in the wind. Still feeling


quite mild but the will feel cooler into credit. Good surf today, bigger


than predicted. Not quite so high waves tomorrow but still some usable


served. As the breeze comes on the waves will become slightly choppy


especially towards the end of the afternoon. Westerly 3-4, fearing


north-westerly four. Occasional drizzle with moderate occasionally


poor visibility. Friday isn't too bad to start with. We might end up


with a bright start to Friday. Brief sunshine even through the morning


but then clouding over with patchy rain turning up. But rain keeps on


coming through the weekend. Generally quite cloudy weekend but


also quite windy at times. Thank you. And our News at 10:30pm an


update on that meeting which is about to get underway about


Holsworthy hospital but from all of us, good night.


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