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European Union after 44 years of membership. That's all from


Welcome to BBC Channel Islands, I'm Charlie McArdle.


With less than a week to go concerning confusion about Jesse


brand population laws. -- Jersey's. Calls for tougher rules forcing


Guernsey taxi drivers to provide aren't happy, and a famous car flies


in for a starring role. New laws governing who can live


and work in Guernsey are being debated by the States -


less than a week before they're Some businesses and property-owners


want the laws to be delayed, claiming that they'll harm


the economy and that most islanders Mark Inchley has


tonight's top story. Well, Mark's outside


the States Chambers now. It will dictate who can live in


Guernsey and for how long. Conditions are local properties and


much more. They have been used in the making that late attempt to


derail the new laws seem to have fallen on deaf ears. The deputy


suggests just a few tweaks. To add and is understand how the changes


will impact on them? I know they will affect but I'm not sure. I live


with my boyfriend is why on his licence. I know the licence regime


has to change. Seems to be quite a sensible option. You can't just keep


people out and people need security. There's still plenty and 70 about


what the changes will mean for Avenue and that will remain to that


list the end of this debate which tonight is still far from over.


Well, Mark's outside the States Chambers now.


Then five proposed changes and just to have been dealt with today. The


first review of the laws which will happen by early 2019 and be carried


out by the quality resources committee alongside their home


affairs committee. The bulk of this afternoon has been spent discussing


what birthrights children born in Kent it should have when it comes to


living and working in the island. In the last half hour that amendment


has been thrown out. It was calling for all children to have the same


rights. There they will go with the original plan which sees children


born in Ireland with a print and Grampian to the island with more


rights than others. There had been an attempted throughout the whole


package despite consent from the business community it would be


damaging to their quarrel economy. Clive, are you disappointed this has


not happened? The debate has gone towards a review allegedly after the


law has been passed which everybody expected to be. -- and regionally.


-- immediately. There's an amendment to the short-term licence which we


have been arguing for. How it will pan out and affect the economy going


forwards in the future we're not quite setting it. We will wait till


tomorrow. -- not quite certain yet. We will willingly be part of that.


Three amendment still to discuss and we will bring you the latest nose as


they happen. -- the latest on that. Jersey Dairy is the latest company


to put its prices up due to the weakened pound


following the UK's Brexit vote. The cost of milk will go


up four pence a litre Other Jersey Dairy products such


as butter and ice cream The exchange rate between the Yale


and the pound is dead by over 22% since this time last year. -- Yule.


That has had an affect on costs and services to Jersey dairy.


The States of Guernsey says Prime Minister Theresa May has


assured it of the full support of the UK Government


as Britain begins the process of leaving the EU.


It follows a letter from the States to Mrs May about Guernsey's


External Affairs Minister, Jonathan Le Tocq says


the Prime Minister's response is timely.


She has given assurances her Government will work on our behalf


particularly where the responsibility of the UK Government


in negotiations on Brexit. Jersey is going to look at the


potential opportunities and challenges of the UK leaving the EU.


Meanwhile the external affairs Minister has responded to concerns


that Palin will become more vulnerable. The other thing we can


do is convince people that we are an open jurisdiction and were not a


threat to Europe in any way. Quite the contrary, we actually contribute


to Europe in the sense of supporting employment and supporting tax


revenues in European Union states. There are calls for tougher laws


forcing Guernsey taxi drivers At the moment there's no


legal requirement for car But today the States urged


parents and taxi drivers to use common sense,


as Jessica Banham reports. It's something many of us do every


day, strapping the Cheltenham for the school run and you would not use


a car seat. -- strapping the Cheltenham. -- Child N.


We ordered a taxi when my son was probably 18 months


and I had my own car seat but there wasn't enough room


for all of us so the taxi driver explained that we could put my son


on my lap with the seat belt which I wasn't


Over in the UK, taxi drivers are exempt from having


And here in Guernsey, there's currently no legal


requirement for drivers to use them IF there isn't one available...


It's something that parents have been criticising


After a local mum struggled to find a firm that


Samantha Bisson commented that this is so not OK.


Young children need to travel securely in a car.


While Liz Taylor-Kerr called it ridiculous and said she'd faced


a similar problem elsewhere But Kirsten Jameson


to fit suitcases in the boot of a taxi, even without a baby seat.


It would be very awkward to carry one round with you -


you'd be limited to do other fares with car seats in the back so it


Over in Jersey, legislation brought in last year means taxis now have


But today Guernsey's States said it was unrealistic to expect


all drivers to offer a range of child seats, and that


some do own them and can provide one when asked.


Jessica Banham, BBC Channel Islands News, Guernsey


A review has made 26 recommendations to improve the way


Jersey Police work with children in domestic violence cases.


They include changes to how centres are staffed and calls are recorded.


The review, by a small islands forum, is based


Police say investing in staff is key.


It is looking at the end it to enter process. It is looking at how we


take initial receipt and record details of reported incidents and


how we respond and how we investigate and how we risk


assessed. And ultimately how we step away.


Over ?100 per tonne of solid rubbish,


and water bills almost doubling - those are the new charges facing


The waste tax has been agreed in principle as part


It is an incentive to stop the growing amount of rubbish thrown


away. But a new commercial waste charges worrying industries,


especially hospitality. We can't pass this tax onto peoples of


widgets that was to come from? I was supposed to absorb visitors put up


with it? I think it is quite harsh and I think it is unfair. Despite


their concerns The States gave the new waste tax the green light


without knowing what the cost would be. Southern waste will be charged


around ?150 per turn. -- solid waste. It will be more for a bulky


rubbish and cheaper for recyclables. Liquid waste will be calculated on


the boy and used to post 27 parameter which will be applied to


95% of metered water going into business as it is assumed that is


how much goes out and waste. The minister behind it says they're not


making a profit. They say it is fairly paid for them. Those EU


services on the island, use the disposal services, each paid a fair


amount. It is creating a level playing field between those


businesses and it means the general taxpayer, yourself and other


islanders, and not cross subsidising businesses. The charges still in the


consultation stage could be passed by The States this summer.


An exhibition about Jersey in the 1980s is opening


at the Jersey Museum, and here's one of the star


The car belonging to the island's famous TV detective


The Triumph Roadster was hoisted onto the second floor of the museum,


ready for the exhibition this Saturday.


And we'll be having a look and taking you back


Ah, the '80s, I remember it well and appeared in a few


We have some decent weather on the way the next few days. Today has not


been too bad. We saw blue skies around at times. We saw 18 degrees


in Jersey and could get higher tomorrow. A warm feeling day with


good spells of sunshine and largely drives well. Low-pressure dominates


the Atlantic. But it is high pressure sitting over France that is


more or less controlling our weather and keeping weather fronts at bay.


Into tomorrow slightly more south-easterly will bring drier and


one process. Into tomorrow night the one process. Into tomorrow night the


cold front works his way through which means fresher conditions as we


head into Friday at the weekend. Through the night tonight it is


fairly quiet with a bit of a breeze and staying largely dry with good


spells coming and going. Lows of around 10 degrees are 11 degrees.


Tomorrow there will be some close here are their button generals and


isn't bright weather was good spells of sunshine. It should be mostly


drive for tomorrow. Temperatures easily getting into the mid-to high


teens. It is pretty warm for the sale of year. Fairly big waves for


tomorrow. 29 feet. We should have clean conditions. This is the


picture I did see. Winds south-easterly of three or four and


a case for getting up to five. As shows but mainly drive. Visibility


mainly good. -- a few showers. Not looking too bad over the coming


days. There will be showers of rendered time and I think tomorrow


night will bring some rain on Saturday could bring some heavy


showers but overall business buzz of sunshine and a good amount of dry


weather. The showers will turn fresher as we head towards the


weekend. We'll be back at eight o'clock and then the slightly later


time of quarter to 11. say, like everybody here, we will be


following this step-by-step over the next two years. Thank you very much.


Now a brief roundup of other stories making the news in the South West.


John Earle, a former BBC TV presenter and Jackanory storyteller


has admitted sexually assaulting a boy almost 60years ago.


87-year-old Earle of Upton Pyne near Exeter carried


out the offences between 1957 and 1961 when he was


He has been told he could face prison and must sign


The Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust says admissions are up ten per cent


and it has a hundred patients who cannot be discharged as care


Its advising people to use GPs, minor injury units


Derriford Hospital in Plymouth says its also busy and is


using its social media pages to ask people to consider other


services if its not emergency care they need.


Exeter based Flybe has been fined ?70,000


3.3 million unwanted emails to people who'd opted out


They were sent last August asking people to update


marketing preferences and personal information.


Flybe has apologised and said it has taken action to ensure it


Persistent wet weather has delayed the start of swailing on Dartmoor.


The controlled burning of overgrown gorse can only take


place between October and the end of March.


At Haytor its only just got underway.


Rising costs have forced changes to a major Royal British


The Devon Festival of Remembrance has been held for 25 years but it'll


be replaced by a concert at a smaller venue in


As Hamish Marshall reports, the main reasons are reduced ticket


sales and the cost of hiring both Exeter Cathedral and the Band


It is one of the most high-profile ways that Devon marks the sacrifices


of those who gave their lives in combat. But there will be no Royal


British Legion Devon Festival of Remembrance in 2017. The band of Her


Majesty's Royal Marines is a big attraction at the festival, but it


comes at a cost. ?1800 as the Ministry of Defence charges


organisations including the British Legion for outside appearances. It


says that is according to Government policy, but it contributed to the


festival making a loss. ?1800 is a lot of money, especially for


remembrance. If it was for a flower show or for a county show or


something like that, I could understand. But not for remembrance.


It is really not in line with the idea of remembrance. Another big


cost is the new ?3000 to hire Exeter Cathedral. The cathedral, which has


its own well-publicised financial issues, told as it works very hard


to keep costs for concerts and other events held here to a minimum. But


staffing and other costs involved in keeping the building open beyond its


normal opening hours do have to be covered. So in November, the smaller


venue will host a lower budget concerts, focusing on youngsters.


The young people of this country or the people who are going to continue


and we looking forward to a terrific concert with a lot of participation


of children. And the hope is to reinstate the larger scale festival


in 2018. To mark the centenary of the end of the Great War.


The wife of a former Plymouth-based Royal Marine


convicted of shooting dead a wounded Taliban fighter says he has always


regretted his actions and if he could turn back time


Alexander Blackman is to be freed after his murder conviction


Today his wife Claire told our Somerset Correspondent


Clinton Rogers they wondered if the day would ever come.


The whole four and a half year journey has been a bit of


a rollercoaster and we have obviously had some wins along the


way but we have had a lot more let downs and disappointments and those


were the days when we really wondered if we would get here.


When you spoke to your husband after the


He is a man of few words and I think, to be fair,


it took most of the day for the decision to really sink in.


Obviously, in prison he's had time to reflect on that day.


He has always wished that he could turn the clock


back and act differently in that situation than he did.


He has always regretted his actions and he


has always held himself accountable for them.


How hard you think it will be to adjust for both of you?


I listen to people who advise me that there will be a readjustment


period and I am sure that is true, but I suppose over many other


couples we have the advantage of readjusting from every tour he's


ever been on, albeit this is a considerably longer


tour than the others, but neither of us are


We are very much looking forward to it.


He is coming out largely because of what you have


I've heard the title lioness applied to you.


Does this sit comfortably on your shoulders?


I haven't really had a chance to think


And people ask me often why and how I have done what I have


And I don't really have a good answer.


And somebody needed to fight to get the justice


that he received yesterday and if that has to be me, then so be it.


Some sports news now and almost a decade after the race,


Devon runner Jo Pavey has been awarded a World Championship medal.


The 43-year-old finished the 2007 10,000 metre


However she's now set to receive the bronze medal after the athlete


who finished ahead of her was found guilty of a doping offence.


More south west success now and the Thomas Hardye School


who we featured on Friday has produced an incredible


performance today to win the National Schools Vase final.


The team were clearly not suffering any Twickenham nerves.


The under-15 side from Dorchester blew their opponents away running


in seven first half tries to lead 45-0 at the break.


The second-half was a more even contest and the Thomas Hardye School


eventually ran out winners by 67 points to seven.


In Plymouth, the count down to Armed Forces Day began


when the flag was presented to the city in an unusual way.


Former Royal Marine Mark Ormrod, who lost three limbs in Afghanistan,


accompanied the standard by landing craft across the Sound


Then, by way of a weapons vehicle and zip wire, it was handed


This year's event on June 24th will include parades,


displays and an air show and is expected to attract more


An 11-year-old boy from Cornwall has become the youngest person ever


to be chosen to represent Great Britain in the


Yes, Will Bacchus and his best friend Aston are


Earlier this month they got to the finals of their category


at Crufts and in July they'll be in Luxembourg as part


of Team GB in the European Junior Open Championships.


Our reporter, Andrea Ormsby's been to see them in action.


So I'm going to send him into the tunnel.


Run this way and then I'm going to pull him


And then I'm going to send him through here.


five-year-old cocker spaniel Aston have been training together for four


He will eat whatever he can get his paws on and


he is just very cuddly, noisy, and a lovely friend to have.


And they are doing very well together.


They got through to the finals of their


category at Crufts and now they have been chosen


by Team GB, making Will


When it came through, I started welling


up, so I feel like pretty proud of me and Aston, so yeah...


But Aston hasn't always given him cause for


He used to run out the ring and go to burger vans and the worst


one was when he ran out of the ring and destroyed a cake stall and he


So my mum had to go and pay for them after we put him


He's prepared to take on a challenge.


A lot of people may have given up, but having


worked through it, he has actually got a very strong bond and a lovely,


And it is that bond bringing success.


He has tried so hard to get this far.


He never gives up, even when the dog was raiding cake stalls and burger


He kept on going and perseverance has paid off now.


In July, Will and Aston head to Luxembourg for


Can really see the love and affection they have.


Congratulations to Will and Aston, but also a special mention


for our reporter Andrea who was also the camera operator racing


That's our very own North Devon reporter Andrea Ormsby -


there she is, with her camera following the action


We should enter her into a competition!


Give Aston a run for his money. Let's see what the weather is like.


We saw some very blustery conditions.


It looks a bit rough. All very disappointing today. We are not the


only ones who have experienced it. Across the region, it has been great


and dismal. We that low cloud and health and mist and Mark. Our


cameraman went to Dartmoor today because you can see the low cloud


and rain and drizzle as well. Quite a brisk wind around as well.


Beginners for tomorrow is that we lose the moist south-westerly flow


that we had today and we start to produce a little bit more of a


southerly wind. That should help to bring some slightly drier, slightly


warmer air across us. Hopefully some improvement for some others tomorrow


and hopefully for many others losing scenes like this. Work tomorrow,


slightly warmer. There will be some rain around. Western fringes are


most likely to see rain. For many others, a dry day and a brighter day


as well. Low pressure is dominating in the Atlantic. High pressure sits


across France and that is how we keep those weather fans at bay. This


is today. This is tomorrow. Not a lot of change but slightly more of a


southerly as opposed to a south-westerly. Hopefully a better


day on the cards. Into Friday, the cold front moves through. Pressure


conditions for Friday and we keep the pressure conditions into the


weekend. The risk of some heavy thundery showers on Saturday but


with high-pressure developing by Sunday it should help to clear off


the showers and it should be dry. As it has not been out there for today.


Spells of rain coming and going, heavy bursts in some places. Cloud


as well. We continue to see rain on and off through the night tonight as


well. Some of it could be quite lively. The brisk wind continues.


Bob around tonight as well. All of that keeps it mild, with


temperatures staying in double figures into tomorrow morning.


Tomorrow, it could be down early. The good news is that with that


southerly wind, the brain wants to work its way further westwards all


the western fringes will have a disappointing day. But in general,


for many of us, a dry day and bright and also warmer. Medium and high


level cloud around at times. A warm feeling day. 16-17 C. Except where


you keep that rain and the Isles of Scilly is likely to be one of those


places. A blustery day with that rain at times and temperatures here


is a good bit lower, I suspect. These are the times of high water.


And these are the waves for surfers. Fairly big. Clean conditions here


with that southerly wind coming in. For the coastal waters, the wind


will be southerly. Some patchy rain around at times. A largely dry


picture for many of us but we have got a moderate to rough seas state


and that could increase to very rough later on in the day. This is


how it is shaping up over the coming days. Not too bad overall. For many


of us, a decent day for tomorrow. The further west you are, you will


have those outbreaks of rain. Mostly dry on Friday. Just like showers.


Temperatures taking a tumble. Heavy and thundery showers on Saturday.


Some sunshine away from the showers. Openly drier and brighter for


Sunday. Back to you. More on some of her stories on our


Facebook page including Aston and Will and also dog agility. Good


night. I expect you'll want to become


a schoolmaster? That's what most of the gentlemen


does that get sent down for indecent behaviour.


Evelyn Waugh's classic novel. Have you ever been in love,


Mr Pennyfeather? No, not yet. The fire escape is very dangerous


and never to be used,


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